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  • Meredith invites her new boyfriend, Frank, and his teenage daughter, Vanessa, over for dinner in hopes that the four of them can get to know each other better. Although Vanessa initially wants nothing to do with the Kings, she eventually confides in Chloe about her blossoming romance with an older guy. Reminded of her situation with Brian, Chloe encourages Vanessa to be open and honest about her feelings. Unfortunately, Chloe's good intentions backfire when Vanessa's relationship puts her in grave danger. Will Chloe be able to save Vanessa before it's too late?


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  • Chloe returns to her bedroom to find fresh roses on her desk. "You like?" asks Alek, who appears seemingly out of nowhere. Chloe is startled -- and pricks her finger on the flower. Alek declares that he is "starting over" and wants to know if it is over between Chloe and her "human," Brian. "Yes, it's over," she responds. "Brian is my friend ... that's all. Like it or not, he's part of my life. You just have to accept it." Just then, Chloe's mom, Meredith, knocks on the door. Chloe panics ... and Alek hides between the bed and the wall. Mom notices the flowers, but doesn't see Alek. Chloe lands on her feet once again.

    Later, Brian and Chloe hang out at the park. Brian shows his friend the love letters that his father wrote to his mother. "I feel like I know less than when I started," he complains. Chloe vows to help her friend continue to look. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure takes snapshots of the pair. Chloe sense something ... then lets it go. CUT to the Jasmine and Chloe. The latter helps the former prepare for a big date. Apparently, Jasmine doesn't go on many dates thanks to the very intimidating Valentina. The beau is from the "New York pride." In the meantime, Whitley discusses his plans to kill Chloe -- and finally take revenge for his family. "I want to be there when she breathes her last breath," he growls.

    Later, Jasmine is out on the street when her super Mai hearing picks up the sound of a camera. She chases the mysterious gentleman, who drops his camera. Jasmine picks it up and takes it home. CUT to Chloe's house, where Frank and his teenage daughter Vanessa have arrived for dinner. Frank is clearly interested in Meredith, but Vanessa is surly -- to say the least. It's awkward. Jasmine then shows Alek the digital camera, which contains photos of Chloe of Brian. Alek is clearly bothered, but announces that he will continue to make sure that Chloe is safe. Meanwhile, Chloe and Vanessa are alone when Chloe uses her superpowers to discover that Vanessa is in love with a guy named Cody. Vanessa immediately melts -- happy to be discussing her BF -- but warns Chloe not to tell Frank. Chloe returns the favor by confessing that her own love life is complicated. She has trouble expressing love. "He told me once ... and I couldn't say it back," Chloe says.

    The next morning, Meredith awakes with bad news: Vanessa has gone missing. Chloe believes she might know where the girl has gone. Chloe tells Meredith all she knows about Cody, which isn't much. Later, Chloe and Amy walk the pier. Amy comforts Chloe, telling her she shouldn't blame herself for urging Vanessa to go to Cody. Once again, Alek appears seemingly out of nowhere, presenting Chloe with the mysterious camera containing pictures of Chloe and Brian. Once again, Chloe defends her close friendship with Brian. Once again, Alek seethes, but doesn't stand in her way.

    Chloe and Brian then meet for lunch. "I think I might have finally found something," Brian says. Apparently, Brian's father always told him that his grandmother died a long time ago -- but Brian has found recent letters written by his granny. Chloe then gets a call from Amy: Vanessa is online! Chloe borrows Brian's laptop and sets up a meeting with Vanessa. Frank's daughter is fine, but has no intentions of returning home. "They'll never let me see Cody again," Vanessa argues. "Cody has it all figured out." Turns out Cody is 27. "I know it sounds stupid, but we're soul mates!" Vanessa says. Just then, Frank appears. Vanessa races toward Cody's sports car -- and the two escape.

    Little does anyone know that Alek was watching the entire scene from behind a tree. He finds the empty sports car parked on a city street -- and busts out the window looking for clues. Jasmine, meanwhile, cozies up with her date, Zane. Soon, the two are making out. Vanessa and Cody, meanwhile, walk toward some storage containers on a dock. Vanessa says something "doesn't feel right." She's correct. Suddenly, another large man appears and grabs Vanessa, who is thrown into a giant storage container with other young girls. Uh oh. Later, Alek returns to the coffee shop with all of the materials from Cody's car. They might provide some clues to her whereabouts. "I could tell it was important to you," Alek says. Chloe melts. "You are so sweet!" she gushes. Of course, Brian immediately appears and asks for a few minutes of Chloe's time. And, of course, he goes on and on about his grandmother. Apparently, he has found a return address.

    Alek, Paul and Amy, in the meantime, find parking receipts for a nearby cargo dock. "What if he's into human trafficking?" Paul says. "It happens all the time." They jump on the computer and discover a cargo ship leaving in one hour! Alek rushes in to tell Chloe, which angers Brian. The two boys have a brief shoving match that Chloe breaks up. "What is the matter with you!?" Chloe says to Brian. He is hurt. "I thought he was hurting you," Brian says before slinking out. Later, Alek and Chloe arrive at the cargo dock and search for Vanessa. The pair sneaks up on a few burly men and quickly dispatches the punks with their cat-like reflexes. A slow-motion montage of butt kicking ensues. Lots of flipping and kicking and full-sized men falling down like bowling pins.

    When it's all over, Chloe and Alek free the captives and lock the bad men in the cargo container. "Enjoy your cruise," Alek sneers. On the walk home, Chloe asks Vanessa to tell the police everything ... except for the small fact of how she was rescued. Vanessa happily agrees. "I owe you my life," she says. The next day, Brian visits Chloe at work and apologizes to her for acting like a super-macho jerk. Chloe accepts his apology by offering to go out to the mysterious return address to try to find grandma. Later, Meredith breaks some bad news to Chloe: Frank broke up with her. "He needs to make Vanessa his priority and they have a lot of work to do," mom says. Mom is sad, but feels good about getting back into the dating scene. Mom has another surprise -- this time good one.

    Chloe heads outside to find a new car! She has earned enough at work to put up half the down payment. Chloe is overjoyed. The episode ends with Simone meeting Zane (!) on a darkened street. Apparently, Jasmine's date has been busy collecting intelligence, including pictures of Alek and other Mai. Uh oh ...

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