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Decent Sart for the Series
Unknownian19 April 2012
The Season opener centers around a Miami Beach Hotel 1/2 owned by a Jewish Business man (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) his two sons, one who has eyes for anything in or out of a dress; including his stepmother (Olga Kurylenko) and Morgan's pre-teen daughter; just before New Year's eve 1958; through New Years morning 1959. I was hoping for a thicker plot, but the era is so appealing, I was satisfied with the visuals enough to hold me tight to the screen. The show seems to imply that Morgan's character is involved with the Jewish Mob. The name of the Mob Boss played by Danny Huston is Ben Diamond. Could be Jewish Mafia; his Character closely resembles Ben Siegel (Bugsy Siegel). Morgan is terrific as the Lead; and Kurylenko is so beautiful, she doesn't even have to open her mouth. Danny Huston as the Mob guy and 1/2 silent partner in the Hotel is so over cast, his characters seem to be crashing into each other. I think the Producer's could have found a more appealing, mysterious and perhaps even unknown actor rather than Danny Huston to play this mob boss role. If you like pretty ladies, you will not be disappointed. Don't take the period too seriously, because the Producers certainly haven't. The jargon, hair and dress is far from authentic. Perhaps that's why it's called "Magic City". It's an extremely surreal version of Miami in the late 50s. For a Season Opener it was decent, and I'm hoping the plot and scripts catch up to the visuals. It was a beautiful thing to watch in HD on a wide screen.
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The Miramar Playa
jotix10017 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
New Year's eve 1958 was a fateful date for Ike Evans, the owner of the new Miramar Playa in Miami Beach. Everything was going to be great, if all his plans worked out, but there were clouds threatening to ruin the festivities. A powerful union boss was all set to spoil Ike's big night with his demands for unionizing the hotel workers. It could not have come at a worst time.

At the same time, in Cuba, dictator Batista decided to leave his country and fly to the safe haven of Miami with a large entourage of his cronies. The hotel employed a great number of Cubans so the atmosphere of that day was charged by the reports of impending changes in the neighbor island that would impact Miami in the following years.

We are introduced to Vera, Ike's second wife. We also meet the children, Stevie, who shows all the makings of being a problem, his brother Danny, a law student, and the younger sister Lauren. There is also the older father, Arthur, an old rebel now enjoying his retirement.

There are also secondary characters that will play a big part in the series. Ben Diamond, a man with ties to the underground, proves to be the man Ike needs to see tonight festivities go as expected, for a price, of course. His beautiful, and much younger wife, Lily, will also have an important role in the story as Stevie Evans takes a shine to her charms.

Carl Franklin directed the first episode. The series is a combination of the successful "Mad Men" and other shows like "The Sopranos", "Boardwalk Empire" mixed in the action. The end of the fifties are given a sleek look by Mitch Glazer, its creator, who also wrote the first installment where the main characters are introduced and the tone is set for future episodes.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a virile Ike Evans. He kept reminding this viewer of an older Don Draper, but of course, it is only our opinion. Danny Huston appears as Ben Diamond the man with the underground connections that will probably play a big part in the story. There was lots of sex in the first episode, so that appears to be the norm for the next chapters.
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The Magic Needs to Be Developed Even More ***1/2
edwagreen8 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I rate this show highly because there are some very good plots ahead from what I see at the opening episode.

We see crime, the Miami Hotel scene in 1959, as Fidel Castro is about to seize power in neighboring Cuba, and a family caught up in strife, as well as general mayhem with internal problems as well.

The show opens with the union on strike as Frank Sinatra is about to appear at the hotel to sing along with other celebrities.

The goal becomes one of trying to find a settlement to this strike, the latter can only bring disaster to all concerned.

We're also seeing quite a family here as the owners of the hotel.
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