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Exactly what's expected.
funtasticfour23 April 2018
A lot of good action, a lot of bad language and a few laughs. I guess I expected maybe a few more laughs, but this movie is fun, just very typical. Sam Jackson seemed like he was having a great time. An interesting/fun role for Salma Hayek as well.
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Reynolds and Jackson were born for this moment
allstarrunner9 August 2017
Wow, I was so impressed with this movie. I will admit that the first 20 minutes were pretty generic for me and I found myself thinking, "This is pretty much what I expected, but it's a free screening so just enjoy it." However, once Reynolds and Jackson team up on the screen the entire chemistry of the movie changes and it ended up being one of the funnest "buddy cop" movies I've seen in quite a while. (I know it technically isn't a buddy cop movie, but it really is for all intents and purposes.) The movie doesn't take itself seriously (were you really expecting that with Reynolds and Jackson?!), and just like any modern action/comedy the plot isn't meant to be something like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. This movie is 100% worth spending the cash to go see in the theater with a group of people. I can also tell you this, the atmosphere leaving the theater was great; this movie is a lot of fun!
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Silly, funny, fun.
s_launder14 April 2018
Don't expect clever conversation, or a thoughtful plot line. It's just funny, action and it really works.
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Great fun
gingerob120 June 2018
Pulp fiction meets deadpool, not as intense as both films, but a great watch and very funny. Sarcasm all the way.
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Not everyone will like it, but I did.
GrantTDawson10 August 2017
The Hit-man's Bodyguard is a movie I never knew I wanted to see until I saw the first trailer. I was instantly hooked, and couldn't wait to see it on opening day. Well, I actually got a bit lucky for once as I was invited to see the movie almost two weeks before it opened. And I gotta say, it's one of the best action/comedy movies I've watched in quite a while...perhaps since Deadpool.

So what's this movie about? Well, it's about a guy (Ryan Reynolds) who used to run a protection agency before he lost a client and his business failed, forcing him to become a personal bodyguard. He is tasked by an Interpol agent to get a witness who is a former assassin (Samuel L. Jackson) to a courthouse to testify against a dictator. Craziness ensues.

While the story sounds interesting, it plays out in a pretty typical and predictable way. Not that I should have expected much more. It is an action/comedy film, after all. But predictability aside, the story does get the job done. Yeah, you'll be able to figure out how the film will end within the first 30 minutes or so, but that's not all that important, because it's all about the journey to that very predictable, and satisfying, ending. And boy, the adventure that Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds go on is extremely entertaining.

Being a comedy, you'd expect some good comedy in this film, right? Well, The Hit-man's Bodyguard delivers on that expectation and then some. Once you get past the movie's slow start, it's pretty much an all you can chuckle buffet. (The chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson is incredible!) Of course there are a few jokes that fall flat, but they are few and far between. Oh yeah, if you're a fan of Deadpool humor, you'll really like this movie. It's not full-blown Deadpool, but it's pretty damn similar.

Now, the biggest surprise for me with this movie is how great the action sequences are. The team behind this film definitely drew some influence from movies like John Wick and Jason Bourne for both the combat scenes and the chase scenes. They're riveting, with some great humor sprinkled in.

Overall, The Hit-man's Bodyguard is one of the biggest surprises of the year so far for me, and will definitely go down as one of the most enjoyable films of the year. It's funny, it's action packed, and the story is interesting enough to keep it all moving towards a satisfying conclusion. So yeah, I guess you could say it's pretty dang good. Go see it when it comes out on August 18th.
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Jackson and Reynolds are the new double act in Hollywood
stevenrotherforth6 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The Hitman's Bodyguard

Coming off the huge success of Deadpool it was only natural that a movie studio would want to capitalise on Ryan Reynolds wise cracking wit. This buddy cop -esque style movie is the perfect vehicle to further show off Reynolds talents. Except he doesn't play a cop. Hilariously he's a Triple A rated executive protection agent. (If there is even such a thing!) His job is to get the worlds most lethal Hitman (played brilliantly by Samuel L Jackson) to The Hague so he can testify against evil dictator Vladislav Dukovich for all the evil stuff he's been up to. Dukovich is played superbly by the fantastic Gary Oldman. A role he could deliver playing it in his sleep. There's something deeply satisfying about seeing Oldman play the villain. Anyone who has seen Leon will know immediately what I'm talking about.

Director Patrick Hughes has taken the experience gathered from helming The Expendables 3 and delivered a cracking action movie that never lets up. Released around the same time as Atomic Blonde, Hughes film is superior due to the perfect blend of wise crackery and ballistic action. In some case even the action is funny. Reynolds and Jackson have excellent chemistry but surprisingly it is Salma Hayek that steals the show as Jackson's foul mouthed long suffering wife. Elodie Yung's performance here as Agent Rousel is much more enjoyable to that of her Elektra role in Daredevil. It really is hard to fault this movie in terms of pure entertainment value. Sure they'll be critics out there that will over analyse. In a nutshell The Hitman's Bodyguard is a lazy Sunday afternoon movie. Go microwave some popcorn, turn your Home cinema system up to eleven and sit back and enjoy. Bullets wiz, explosions bang and Reynolds and Jackson bounce off each other like they've been doing this together forever. Like all the best buddy/partner movies, Lethal Weapon immediately springing to mind this was an unexpected hit and I'd pay to see them together again. Who knows this could be the start of a new franchise?
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Great Action & Greater Laughs!!
jmbousman9 August 2017
I just saw a preview of "Hitman's Bodyguard" last night with my wife. We are both fan's of action and comedy and went into this hoping it would be as good as we hoped from the actor's involved. I am a HUGE Sam Jackson fan and an equally big Ryan Reynolds fan. I'm glad to say that this movie did not disappoint!

I would've given this movie a 10 if only voting on the action and comedy but there were a couple of plot points that were slightly predictable. I don't feel these couple of things hurt the movie much due to what the movie is being advertised as, which is an action comedy and this is by far where it shines. I laughed harder during some scenes of this movie than I've laughed in a long time during a movie. The last I remember laughing harder is last year during "Deadpool".

If you like lots of action and great comedy with actors with plenty of chemistry and don't mind a significant amount of f-bombs, which if you're a Sam Jackson fan I'm guessing you don't, then drop some cash for a ticket. You won't be disappointed!!
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Funny and well acted without a story
Moody20085 September 2017
I gave this movie such a high mark because it made me laugh like I haven't laughed in a while at a movie. It does not have an intricate plot-line, it is predictable but has great lines.

I will say this. With any other actors than Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson this would have been a flop. You can see the humor that Reynolds has in Deadpool and that Jackson has in Django Unchained here. I think this is what I liked the most.They also have great chemistry together, I personally would not have guessed this, but now it makes a lot of sense.

It has interesting action scenes. I personally am not really into that so it makes no difference to me, but they seem pretty good.They also don't go overboard to make it not credible, but exaggerated enough that it is funny.

It is easy, it does not make you think a lot afterwards but it entertains you and I think this was the role of this film.

Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.
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Great action comedy
scmcgraw-232498 August 2017
Just watched a sneak preview of The Hit-man's Bodyguard. I had high expectations given the cast of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson. The movie exceeded these expectations! Over the top comedy and action -- best combination since Deadpool last year. Definitely worth watching!

I'm a long-time IMDb user, but this movie was so good, I felt I needed to get an IMDb login so I could review it!

Top movie I've seen this year, edging out Baby Driver!
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Why all the bad reviews? Just sit back and enjoy this action/comedy!
rogerarreola28 August 2017
I read some reviews that trashed this movie and I'm wondering if these are the same people that thought that Birdman (worst movie ever) was the best a couple of years ago. OK...I get it and I understand why people are hating on this movie. The movie is violent, predictable and has a script that is full of foul mouth language. But the beauty of the movie experience is that when you walk into a theater, turn off your brain and enjoy this movie for what it is. I laughed out loud and enjoyed this from beginning to end. Yes it is full of unrealistic stunts, bullet dodging and perfect aim by the "good guys" but that is what makes it enjoyable. Of course it is it is full of "F" words but that is what makes this movie fun.

Samuel L, Ryan Reynolds and Selma Hayek (who played a surprising role) are fun to watch. Trust me don't go in thinking that this is some type of Jason Bourne or Jack Ryan spin off because it's not. Just sit back and watch it with the intent on being entertained by this funny action/comedy. There are some references to some old movies so you have to be keen and recognize them.
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The film would have fallen flat if not for the efforts of Reynolds and Jackson
tlrg-legend18 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There was a time when the buddy movie formula ruled the Hollywood cinematic universe. We loved the brashness of such films as Lethal Weapon or 48 Hours. But then the formula fizzled out and filmmakers moved to other things. To cite an obvious example, The Nice Guys (2016) starring such acting heavyweights as Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling was smartly set in the '70s but despite its okay plot, and superb acting by both Crowe and Gosling, wasn't a big box-office hit.

The Hit-man's Bodyguard looked like a great idea on paper – bring together Ryan Reynolds, fresh off the boat from his profanity-ridden Deadpool and Samuel L Jackson, who is known for his on-screen cussing, and wait for the fireworks to start as the duo at first go all out to murder each other and then develop a mutual respect that borders on friendship. And, for most part, director Patrick Hughes, of The Expendables 3 fame, gets it right. The best scenes in the film are when Reynolds and Jackson are pissing each other off. Reynolds doesn't roll off expletives like he does in Deadpool but Jackson does go over the top. Reynolds smartly plays the straight guy to Jackson's more gregarious character and it works.

The plot of the film is explained in its title itself. Reynolds is a down-on-his luck private security agent, who is cajoled by his girlfriend Elodie Yung, an Interpol agent, into making sure an ace hit-man, Samuel L Jackson, reaches the international court at Hague alive to testify against an evil dictator of Belarus – which is an actual country, by-the-by . The creepy dictator is played by Gary Oldman who gets to ham to his heart's content. Now, the bodyguard and the assassin have a history – it's revealed that Jackson tried to kill Reynolds some 28 times in the past – so one can see that their relationship isn't going to be easy. In fact, they start of by trying to kill each other and only Jackson's injury prevents him from killing his would-be bodyguard. The rest of film is devoted to the banter between them and how they defuse the tension and reach their goal.

The film's chief flaw is that director Hughes just doesn't get the tone right. Instead of concentrating on making a buddy movie with a smattering of violence, he goes for the overkill, piling up bodies by the dozen at every action set piece. Then, there are a couple of gory scenes as well that jar. Gary Oldman executes the wife and child of a rebel in cold blood and Reynolds is tortured through electric shocks in a graphic manner. The action scenes too don't have a fluid intensity that we have come to expect from Hollywood blockbusters. Then, while we get that Reynolds' motives for helping his ex is to get her back, there are too few scenes between him and Yung to get the chemistry going. Compared to that, the scenes between Jackson and his wife, played by Salma Hayek, are epic. She out-cusses him in a scene set in a jail and we see a nice montage of her fighting off guys in a bar and Jackson mooning over her as she uses the jagged edge of a beer bottle to open up a man's neck… that's love at first sight served with a Gothic twist.

The film would have fallen flat if not for the efforts of Reynolds and Jackson. We can see they are enjoying working with each other and it's their camaraderie plus some crazy-ass dialogue that saves the day. Watch the film if you are a Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson fan. Watch Midnight Run instead if you want to watch a real buddy movie…
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Good action with some laughs and a great cast.
seanoneill199113 April 2018
Reynolds and Jackson are brilliant. Of course the story line is a bit generic. It's far from being a classic, but decent enough to watch once. a few good laughs, some good (albeit far-fetched) action.
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Great entertainment
thembipearl5 September 2017
Watched the movie about two weeks back. I must say that initially it was not my first choice. I am a big fan of action and looking at the showings it was too scientific and didn't interest me that much but nevertheless I ended up watching it because my first choice was? not available at a time.

I liked that it kept me intrigued and almost was wondering how Samwell and the most respected body guard are going to cross their paths. It was interesting, entertaining, funny, memorable and full of action. Probably one of the few movies I would like to watch again. Big up to the producers.
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Great story line and laughter
ryukimah16 August 2017
Might be a little rough to the ears with all the "MF" swearing but overall is very enjoyable.

Gives you great laughs and excitements throughout the movie... Oh ya, the love from both the male actors are shown quite confusing at the start but they do have good reasons
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Very mediocre
chazzy186418 November 2017
Honestly, this movie was a let down. I love Ryan Reynolds, to the point that I'm very biased. I was bored throughout this movie.

The premise is somewhat close to Safe House (2012). Not exact by any means, but close enough that it made me draw comparisons within the first 30 minutes and from that point on, I just kept wanting to stop the movie and turn on Safe House.

I'm not lying. The movie had its moments, but more often than not,I thought it was ridiculous in a bad way and never all that good. Safe House is a movie that has Ryan Reynolds protecting a highly valuable, highly capable target, and is exponentially better.

The problem with this movie, is it is so ridiculous, it is supposed to be funny, however there is only a handful of times that actually made me laugh out loud. More often than not, it seemed to try to take itself seriously, especially when it shouldn't have.

The gun play tried to portray itself as realistic, but fell very short. At times the characters were so amazing they could pull off ridiculous shots with no effort, then couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. While the movie wasn't horrible, it wasn't great. It made me think of better movies that I wanted to watch, while hoping better moments came. Occasionally a better moment would come... I'd laugh out loud (genuinely!) and then it'd pass, leaving me bored again.

You won't hate yourself for watching, but you won't be happy about it either. 5/10
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An Endless Fun and Full of Action Movie
michael_sujantono17 August 2017
It had been a while since I was totally enjoying a funny comedy action movie. This was by far the most exciting old fashion action movie I have seen in the past few months. It was fun, got lots of funny moments especially when we saw the interaction between Ryan Reynolds (Bryce) and Samuel L. Jackson (Kincaid). It was actually not a new recipe where two people of different background had to work together to be safe from the bad guys (a little bit similar formula in the movie Bulletproof with Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler). However, this movie was having a lot more awesome ridiculous stunts and a lot more brutal. Yes, the killings were pretty violent but not up to the level of horrifying.

The movie had got an R rating mostly I think due to the profound language (countless times we would here the "F" word being used in here) and some of the action sequences. The main attraction in this movie was definitely the amazing chemistry between Bryce and Kincaid's characters. It was really wonderful to see how difficult Bryce who was a methodical full of planning type had to deal with Kincaid who always did anything based on instinct. Surprisingly also, Salma Hayek's character as a totally violent person was very fun to watch.

Did I mention also about this movie being very funny? If I had not said it enough, I will say it again that this movie was very funny. There were so many moments that my wife and I and the rest of the audience would really laugh out loud. And the action sequences were sooo many in between. I felt there was no dull moment in the movie at all. For a movie of almost 2 hours, it sure filled us with lots of entertaining scenes. Just when you thought that it was over, there seemed to be something else again. And if you wait till the end credit scene, you can see a quite funny scene before it ended.

Another factor that made the movie so fun to see was the use of some 80s songs to accompany the "romantic" scenes such as Hello by Lionel Richie or I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner. The explosion effects and the sound effects were great. All in all this film was a really entertaining movie that gave us lots and lots of fun. I would really really recommend this one for you to see in the cinemas near you. Please be sure to watch this one with your friends and family (minus the children as it was not for their consumption). If you are longing for a good fun comedy action movie, then you have got to see this.

For my other reviews, pls have a look at
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Excellent, from start until the end!
marymeehollywood17 August 2017
Perfect dosage of humor and action. Not the typical comedy that goes to far and that feels like the jokes are forced. The action scenes were crazy and really intense whilst the relationship between Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and Kincaid is to die from laughter. I have to take 1 point because some scenes are really blurry. At first I thought it was just because I was siting in the second row and we were to close to the screen but after reading some other reviews I was I wasn'nt the only one who noticed. Overall, I was expecting to go see a funny movie and enjoy myself, this one delivered and more.
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Extremely enjoyable
mihaivl7 April 2018
Usually I don't write reviews, but for this one I had to because it has a low rating here and that's not fair. Except the cliche idea and some unnecessary dialogues, it's perfect for an action movie. Lead actors play great and the fight scenes are exciting (if you don't mind the idea that they are godlike, though they get quite badly injured). If it wouldn't be for John Wick series, this would be my favorite action movie.
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When the chemistry is's just there.....
wizbeeward16 August 2017
This is the first review i've written on here, but felt i had to for this film. Watched last night and can honestly say my favourite film of the year, and the first film, other than a musical, i cant wait to go and see again. From the opening scenes you love the characters with all their faults. Ryan and Sam just must make more movies as Hit-man and Bodyguard, the chemistry is undeniable. Salma Hayek was a great casting for Sams wife and her scenes add even more to the OTT nature of the film. The soundtrack was great. This may all seem a bit over the top for a review, but that's how good it was. Do not miss.....
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excellent sense of humor
drvanrossum17 August 2017
This was one of the most funny movies I have seen in a long time. There's a decent amount of violence and bad language, but the special taste of humor made me laugh like I hadn't in a year or more. Samuel Jackson is hilarious in his role! Chases through Amsterdam are cool. It did not seem realistic that the bad guys in cars can keep up with Sam in a speedboat though the canals.
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Adrenalize by Hit-man's Bodyguard
ElliesWonder18 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Cinema review. Spoiler possibly included.

I was adrenalized by The Hit-man's Bodyguard, I thought it would just another popcorn movie, my mood was short earlier. However, this action movie way much exceed my expectation!

Every minute is intense and thrilling, my attention was totally captured throughout the entire movie. Samuel and the guy from Deadpool have a great chemistry, their fighting and argument amused every audience in the theater, it was so enjoyable to watch. This is the funniest comedy and exciting action movie in 2017 so far.

The story is about an 3A protection agency (Ryan Reynolds) failed his career and become a bodyguard because his client got killed, and he believed his Interpol agent girlfriend sold him out. Yet the bodyguard still loves the agent, so he agreed when the interpool agent asked him to protect a witness to the international court in 24(?) hours because she needed a system outsider to help. There were spies inside the interpool, and huge groups foreigner hit-men wanted to hunt down the witness. The witness is the most notorious hit men (Samuel L Jackson) in the world, killed 250 targets in his career. The protection delivery journey is thrilling and funny, hit-man and protection agent is natural enemy, and they usually fired on each other before; their personalities also stand opposite, a planner elitism and a freehand unkillable hit-man. I laughed so hard with every argument they have.

9/10 Take one point off to their horrible destroying, they destroyed everywhere with all the fire, bombs and cars turnover, if this truly happened, poor Europe government going to have a huge debt.

Lastly, RIP to these few days terrorist attacks in Europe. Every human is a matter just like the movie scene. It is unforgivable to those who hold the power and use it against innocents. Peace.
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Rating: C+
msbreviews10 September 2017
This is the type of film from which I always expect to receive a fun bit of entertainment. I know that I'm not going to watch a masterpiece, but I also hope it's not a waste of my time. Well, The Hit-man's Bodyguard isn't exactly a good movie, but it's also not a major letdown.

Easy to say that the standouts are undoubtedly the performances of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. As a film critic, there are always some aspects of a movie that I already know that they're going to be great. I mean, who goes into a film with RR and SLJ and expect them to shank their acting?! Fun fact: their chemistry is awesome and it carries the whole thing.

Samuel L. Jackson might even have the best lines of the script. It's funny how he plays a more relaxed and cool guy, while Reynolds portrays a very meticulous and careful type of special bodyguard. Usually, they play the other one's role so it's somehow interesting to see the relationship between their characters evolve. Ryan Reynolds is also hilarious, as he has been in his most recent movies. Honestly, they basically play an exaggerated version of their public personas in real life.

Nevertheless, their characters are surprisingly well-developed. Their backstories are compelling and they justify well enough why they followed their respective career paths. They're mostly showed in well-edited and captivating flashbacks that never seem out of place, so kudos to you, Patrick Hughes.

Elodie Yung (Amelia Roussel) proves that she deserves more roles in big-budget features because she's really great in this one. Gary Oldman is good as the villain, but here is where the screenplay starts to crumble. It's yet another cliché villain with no real motivations to do what he's doing and he doesn't even appear in the film that much. In addition to this, he's the main reason why the tone is so unbalanced since it feels a completely different movie every time he shows up. The script quickly jumps from a "buddy-cop" comedy to someone shooting a child ... Off-screen. Still, that happens.

The humor has its ups and downs. There are some good chuckles here and there, but some jokes just fall entirely flat. When they do work, it's mainly due to the excellent job of the cast that is able to pull them off. The action is fine, there are a bunch of cool chasing scenes (the ones through Amsterdam are indeed pretty great), but their editing lacks quality. In some shots, I can even see the stunt man driving the car, but thankfully the sequences are long enough to make me kind of forget those mistakes.

I praised Elodie Yung's performance and I keep that compliment. However, she's connected to one of my main issues with the protagonists' essence. Both Darius and Michael are who they are due to the love that they had in their lives, but once they show how the romances started, everything stops making sense. It's so cliché that it even becomes unrealistic and it's by far the laziest section of the screenplay in the whole film. Literally, it's like they "bumped into each other and fell in love" kind of romances.

Following that train of thought, this isn't groundbreaking. It's an action-comedy in its raw, predictable form. Fifteen minutes into the movie and I already knew the entire plot, so obviously every attempt to elevate the suspense or tension in a scene, fails miserably, also due to extreme foreshadowing. Consequently, the first half of the film drags a lot and it becomes a bit boring, but the action-heavy third act partially compensates the previously wasted time. Patrick Hughes should have reduced the runtime by 20-25 minutes, at least.

All in all, The Hit-man's Bodyguard doesn't disappoint me, but it also doesn't exceed my expectations. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson carry the whole thing, either by pulling off some fine jokes or by perfectly portraying some surprisingly well-explored characters. However, both the plot and the villain follow every cliché in the book, as well as the unrealistic love stories that are so important to the main characters' personalities (Elodie Yung is great, though). The first half of the movie drags too much, consequently stretching the runtime too much, but it's still a movie that most audiences will fairly enjoy.
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A Very Underrated Action Comedy
jonathanmark-7704815 August 2017
Plot: The world's top bodyguard gets a new client, a hit man who must testify at the International Court of Justice. They must put their differences aside and work together to make it to the trial on time.

This is a very underrated action comedy, this is more of a throwback to 90s action comedies which I love to death. I just came out of the screening of this and can't wait to see it again and pay for it. The story is well told and well written. Ryan Reynolds gives his best performance as Michael Bryce (yes I like this more than Deadpool),Samuel L Jackson gives one of his best performances in a long time, I was worried because I thought he would go overboard with his famous curse word but he didn't and I'm glad. The supporting cast are also very good especially Gary Oldman reprising his Air Force One performance but not as over the top, Elodie Yung who was very likable, and Salma Hayek who is just as funny as Jackson. The action is mostly well handled especially the chase scenes which were very exciting and fun. The fight scenes were decent but they used too much shaky cam at times which are the main reason why I gave this an 8 and not a 9 along with them maybe cutting out 10 minutes but that's it.

Overall, The Hit-man's Bodyguard is a very good and underrated action comedy that deserves to be seen if you're a fan of 90s action comedies because this is a love letter to them. It has a good story, a good heart, mostly likable characters(you can't say that Jackson is likable along with Hayek but that's the point.), really good action, and a good soundtrack. This is what I want Hollywood to make not a lot of the franchise movies, more movies like this which didn't need a big budget to be exciting. Go see it if you have a chance, you won't regret it.
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ayayayseba24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well what a waste of my time. I don't know if the movie is bad or not, but i have seen this type of movies a 100 times. Very cliché, very embarrassing to look at times. Ryan Reynolds performing as a unsuited Deadpool, cause that's what his character is, Deadpool without a suit. We get it, he is suppose to be funny and sarcastic, but come on, not in every single line of the movie. There is a scene "spoilers" Where he is being torture, that it has the same feeling as when Wayde Wilson was being held in the mutant x underground laboratory.

On the other side, Samuel L Jackson, must have signed a contract to say motherfuker. every time he can or the producing company made that, because, well he says it at least 20 times. Really hard to finish movie. Is a movie that you wont even remember that existed a couple of moths from now. Watched in the cinemas. PLEASE Don't, wait for DVD release or stream it.
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Really Good
rimagage20 August 2017
It was really good. Although I didn't find it as hilarious as my sister did, I still loved it. Okay if your not a fan of lot of blood and violence steer clear. But despite that it was funny. The cuss word MF was used EXTENSIVELY. If you had even a penny for every time the word was used in the movie you'd be rich. But unlike some movies where all the funny parts are in the trailer and the real movie is boring. Not here. It was non stop action and lots of humor. Even the ending was funny.
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