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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • A man briefly grabs woman's clothed butt, and she beats him up.
  • No sex or nudity in any of the scenes in this movie.
  • There are several posters of women wearing sexy lingerie in the background, but they are barely noticeable.
  • While working their way through Amsterdam, Michael and Kincaid end up in that city's infamous red light district. This is only hinted at, as a few women in tight clothes can be seen running through the streets during an action sequence, but besides that, this aspect is barely prevalent, and not referenced by any of the characters.
  • A woman's butt in a thong is seen for a couple of seconds as she runs.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a large-scale car chase in Amsterdam and several bad guys chase Bryce and Kincaid through the streets. Lots of shooting and destruction. A car crashes into a river at one point. Bryce jumps his motorcycle off of the street, onto the top of a boat, off of that and onto a bridge where he knocks out a bad guy.
  • 67 people are killed during this movie mostly by shooting, but also stabbing, strangling, beatings and being thrown off a building. Multiple instances of people shot with blood shown.
  • One scene depicts a man taking a bullet out of his leg (not graphic, but may be hard to watch)
  • There's a montage of Bryce fighting several hitmen and beating them at the beginning.
  • A mother and child are shot in front of the father, though their deaths are offscreen.
  • Near the beginning, a transport dragnet is attacked, and a car explodes and flips. The people inside fire at the attackers, and many people are shot during this scene, often with graphic blood spurts. Kincaid escapes and shoots many bad guys attacking him, but gets shot in the leg, and some blood is seen. A woman then shoots a man behind him.
  • Bryce and Kincaid get into a fist fight in an apartment room. Bryce kicks Kincaid in his bullet-wounded leg, and the leg begins bleeding profusely.
  • A man is shot in the head through an airplane window in the beginning, and blood spatters all over the window.
  • Three men ambush Bryce and Kincaid on a country road, and the two take cover behind a car. Kincaid shoots the three men, all in the head, with brief blood spurts seen, and then their car blows up and knocks the two to the ground. They get up, but fireworks in the trunk ignite and hit another car, blowing it up too.
  • There's a scene in which Bryce follows Kincaid around Amsterdam, silently taking out assailants as they attempt to get Kincaid.
  • Kincaid shoots and kills a group of bad guys in a stairwell, and he and Bryce make their way through the building, and Kincaid shoots another man while Bryce beats up several others. They get to the roof, and Kincaid jumps off, hitting the nearby scaffolding and falling through it, landing in a dumpster.
  • There's an intense car chase in which several cars full of bad guys chase Kincaid. Lots of shooting and destruction. Several cars are rammed, crashed, and smashed, and it ends when the last car of bad guys is hit by a truck and explodes.
  • In a flashback, a woman gets into a brutal and bloody bar fight with several men, and she punches and kicks them, and stabs them with broken bottles. One man is stabbed in the arm pit with blood spraying, and another man is stabbed in the neck, and blood spurts and pours. Probably the most graphic/gory scene in the movie, though it's played for laughs.
  • Kincaid accidentally hits a sign while driving, and Bryce flies through the windshield and lands in the street.
  • Bryce is tied to a chair, and a few other men put a wet rag over his face, and electrocute his head with cables. Kincaid arrives, and fights and kills all of the men, electrocuting the torturer to death, stabbing another man in the back, and beating the last one. He carries Bryce out of the building and shoots a few other bad guys who try to follow.
  • A man is stabbed in the distance, blood is seen spraying from his neck for a moment and he is also seen spitting up blood.
  • A man head-butts another man.
  • Several men pursue Bryce into a kitchen, and a brutal fist fight occurs in which a man is burned twice on a grill and others are punched and kicked. The last man pursues Bryce into a tool store, and a brutal fight takes place in which the attacker is stabbed with a fire axe and shot in the head with a nail gun, and finally choked out with a chain and shot through the chest several times with bloody bullet holes and blood spurts seen.
  • A man is kicked off of a building and lands on top of a car, and dies.
  • A truck with C4 crashes near a building in the end, and the truck flips, causing a massive explosion. During this sequence, Bryce is shot and blood is seen, and Kincaid takes down several soldiers and chases a man to the roof. A woman and man fight in a hallway and Bryce shoots the man, and Kincaid shoots the man in the shoulder on the roof. A helicopter shoots at him, and something on the roof explodes, and he shoots one of the men in the shoulder, and blood spurts, and he shoots the pilot, and the copter crashes into the roof resulting in a massive explosion.


  • 104 uses of 'f**k', 62 uses of 'shit', 21 uses of 'ass' (4 used as 'asshole'), 8 uses of 'dick', 7 uses of 'bitch', 6 uses of 'damn' (5 paired with "God"), 9 uses of "Jesus Christ", "Jesus", and "Christ" collectively as an exclamation, 3 uses of 'hell', 1 use of 'cock', 1 use of 'pussy', 2 uses of 'crap', 2 uses of 'piss', 1 use of 'tit', and 1 use of 'retard'.
  • 1 obscene hand gesture (middle finger).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks shots to drown his sorrow at one point.
  • Two instances of cigarette smoking.
  • Cocaine is mentioned throughout the movie, though it's never seen or used.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The torture scene and subsequent fight scene is pretty intense.
  • The violence can be surprisingly graphic and brutal at times, and occasionally gory.
  • This is an action/comedy. This isn't meant to be taken seriously.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Micheal shares a story of how he met Amelia. A make-out scene is shown.

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