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A delightfully ridiculous screwball action comedy.
Village Voice
It’s exactly the movie it promises to be, but more so. It’s wilder, more hilarious, more giddily irresponsible — it’s the hard R action comedy that kids sneaking into it might imagine it’s going to be, minus Seventies- and Eighties-style nudity.
The film knows what it is, and lives in its ridiculous skin with an infectious, gleeful attitude. Unfortunately, The Hitman’s Bodyguard also doesn’t know when to say goodbye, and as a result, overstays it’s welcome.
Hitman's Bodyguard offers more than enough shoot-'em-up to keep multiplex auds munching their popcorn, but sharper talents behind the camera might have made it considerably more enjoyable.
The Hitman’s Bodyguard is strictly an Economy Coach experience, but it’s brainlessly fun enough in a late-’90s Brett Ratner buddy-comedy kind of way.
The cast seems game, and perhaps they realize it’s on them to elevate the material, so the scenes between Reynolds and Jackson have some genuine snap to them, even though the dialogue and characterization are barely memorable.
By betting everything on the chemistry between its two leads, a tired formula and by-the-numbers action, The Hitman’s Bodyguard misses the mark.
A half-assed action-comedy that lacks the courage to commit to its own premise.
Two characters, who you won’t like, insulting each other for two hours. Give it a miss and rewatch Midnight Run instead.
Slant Magazine
Because it so consistently fails to meld its comic sensibilities and love stories with its generic action premise into a seamless whole, The Hitman's Bodyguard sometimes just appears to be parodying the sort of mess it ends up being.

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