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  • The reported production cost was around $160 million which is probably just for the film alone, not including marketing costs and distribution. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They are fallen angels called Watchers. Their history is explained by the Watcher that befriends and protects Noah and his family when they journey to see Noah's grandfather, Methuselah. The Watchers had aided humankind & they were punished by God. Their spirits were imprisoned in lava-like rock for eternity. They were very distrusting of humans because they were hunted by Cain and his descendants but decided to help Noah because of the miracle they witnessed when Noah planted the seed from Eden and the water spring and forest grew, telling them that Noah was indeed chosen by God to save the fauna of the Earth. When they protected Noah, his family and the Ark when Tubal-Cain and his hordes attacked, they redeemed themselves and were allowed to return to Heaven by God. More info on the Watchers can be read here.

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