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  • Delgado's ruthless, previously unknown eco-terrorist organization takes everyone hostage at a Mexico city energy conglomerate board meeting, including CIA undercover Megan Wilkons. They want to give an interview to a local cable station, so Annie has to interrupt mountaineering with Dr. Scott Weiss to pose as reporter, accompanied by Joan as producer and Ben as cameraman, while Jai gets his father Henry Wilcox to use his influence as US board member. Arthur only authorized an observation mission, but action becomes unavoidable.

  • Eco-terrorists hold a group of oil executives hostage in Mexico City, and Ben Mercer re-emerges as part of Annie's team sent in to assess the situation.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Seneca Rocks, West Virginia: Annie rock climbs with her guy Scott (the doctor).

    GG & E Headquarters, Mexico City, Mexico: A man (Yancey Arias) named Delgado checks in with security, saying he's late for a meeting. They wand him and check his briefcase.

    Meanwhile, upstairs, the boss welcomes people on a Saturday for a meeting. The man takes the elevator up. Three more men get on.

    A janitor mops outside the meeting room.

    As the men get off the elevator, the janitor passes out guns. A woman in the meeting room sees the men coming and quickly sends a coded text.

    Delgado and the men enter the room and politely ask for everyone's cell phones and ID. He hauls George, the Senior VP up off the floor. He knows everyone's names, including the woman Megan. He brought an inhaler for a man who he knows has asthma.

    Delgado says they have no chance of escape because the building has steel reinforced walls and bullet proof windows. He points out that no one knows what is going on there. He takes out a phone and takes a video of the room and sends in his demands, saying that they are ecology activists.

    Meanwhile, Annie on her cliff wall gets an emergency call from Auggie to come in to work. She kisses Scott good bye and rappels off.

    At work, Auggie explains there's a hostage situation with the group is claiming to be eco-terrorists. The CIA hasn't heard of them. Auggie tells her Megan is a deep cover operative who's been under for two years and they got her emergency text. The confirmed the situation with the company.

    Joan requested Annie specifically to go in on an intelligence-gathering mission.

    Auggie briefs her on the info so far, including that they've never heard of Delgado. The Mexican authorities haven't been notified and the CIA would like to keep it that way. Delgado sent his demands to the head of GG & E directly. He wants $83.5 million to an off-shore account.

    At home, Arthur worries about Joan going on the mission. Megan has a meeting with a high-value operative tonight and if she misses it years of work will be blown. Joan says the plan is good and she's going.

    After she leaves, Arthur makes a call to someone, telling them to pack their bags.

    Jai comes in the kitchen of his parent's house and says hello to his dad, Henry (Gregory Itzin), who is reading Liza Hearn's article calling Arthur a failure. Jai says the eco-terrorist group has requested a news crew from Eco TV and it's the perfect cover for a CIA group. His dad is on the board of GG & E and can get the team in. Henry just sees it as Arthur needing to be bailed out.

    Jai glances at his dad's security monitors and sees Liza Hearn (Emmanuelle Vaugier) leaving through a back door.

    Annie meets Joan on the tarmac. Joan's going as her producer. The camera man is on the plane. Annie gets on. It's Ben.

    Joan immediately knows it's Arthur's doing.

    Annie reads her cover on the plane. Ben goes to talk to her. He starts to explain, but she already knows the drill.

    She says she understands now that being pulled away and not being allowed to make contact is all part of the job.

    Joan interrupts to remind Ben she's in charge and it's not a rescue mission, just intelligence gathering. They're going in without guns. Megan is a friend from The Farm.

    Scott brings Annie's climbing gear back to her house and runs into Danielle (Anne Dudek). Her kids grab him to play board games.

    Joan, Ben and Annie land in Mexico. Joan isn't pleased Ben is along and won't even let him open the car door.

    At GG & E, they have two hours. Security checks Ben's camera. They submit to patdowns.

    Delgado greets them. Annie tells him she won't do an interview until they see the condition of the hostages, but he tells her she's in no position to make demands.

    Ben sets up his camera, sending video and audio back to Auggie at Langley. Annie starts to go into Ben's camera bag, but he warns her not to.

    "No cowboy crap," she tells him.

    At Langley, Arthur joins to watch the feed.

    Delgado and his men lead Annie, Joan and Ben into the conference room. Ben takes footage of all the hostages and Meg notices Joan. Meg tells the camera to tell her Owen she hasn't been harmed and the terrorists provided food and water.

    Auggie listens to her comments again. They figure out the first sentence had seven words for seven hostages, the second had five for five terrorists. Food and water means they're armed.

    Delgado talks to Annie and points out he watches her network often but doesn't remember ever seeing her before. He points his gun at her. Joan stops Ben from making a move.

    Then he shows her his Colt revolver, made with Mexican silver. She asks why he wanted a news crew. He calls for his iPad and looks her up. He finds a news report she did that morning in front of a green screen. She asks if that's enough to satisfy his paranoia.

    Scott plays "Operation" with Annie's nieces. They ask if he's going to marry Annie. Danielle says she's just happy Annie seems happy. Scott comments on her hours, saying "who knew working in a museum could be so demanding?"

    Outside GG & E, a Mexican police officer notices the SUV Joan left parked there. He gets out to inspect and calls in the license plate. The terrorists hear the broadcast upstairs.

    Delgado sends one of his guys down to deal with it. The police officer says one guy's wife is worried because she can't reach him. Delgado's guy puts on a badge and says he's on the same call and the guy is upstairs in his office screwing his secretary. Satisfied, the cop laughs and leaves.

    Delgado lets the women use the bathroom. Meg hugs Joan and asks why she's there. Joan reminds her that when she woke up in the hospital, Meg was there. Meg saw a gang prison tat on one of the hostage takers. They don't seem like eco activists.

    Jai finds Liza in a café. He tells her he knows she was visiting his dad. She gives him a place and time to meet.

    Henry visits Arthur, who isn't glad to see him. Henry says GG & E has expedited the ransom through their hostage insurance, but they should make sure it gets there.

    Arthur tells Auggie the money should be coming through soon. The $83.5 million is just under the insurance cap, which means Delgado has access to proprietary company info. Arthur wants to talk to Joan, but Auggie reminds her they can't communicate with them.

    Ben checks on Annie and suggests this time tomorrow, they could be on a beach in Belize. She says that sounds nice.

    Delgado gives Annie a list of questions to ask him. She reluctantly conducts the staged interview. He says the government is in bed with the company and they're hurting Mexico's natural resources. He cuts the interview short when he gets a text that the wire transfer is complete.

    Annie needles him, asking him to make a statement about his group. Watching the feed, Arthur gets nervous that Annie isn't following protocol. Auggie assures him she must have a plan.

    Annie asks why he picked GG & E if it has the best safety record of any oil company. She says he doesn't care about Mexico, he's in it for the money.

    Delgado grabs the camera and smashes it.

    He gets in her face and orders his men to put Annie, Joan and Ben in with the hostages.

    Joan asks what she's thinking and Annie says they have to get close to the hostages because Delgado has no intention of letting them out alive.

    Delgado quietly tells his men to kill them all after his helicopter leaves.

    He grabs Megan for insurance, but the Senior VP George steps in and offers to go instead. Delgado grabs him. The men leave.

    Joan immediately tells Annie she was right, that Delgado was distracted during the entire interview and this isn't about making a statement. They don't think he's the one running things.

    Joan tells Ben he's up and asks what he snuck in.

    Arthur freaks out a little at Langley, but Auggie tells him to trust that Joan will get through it.

    There are four men guarding the door and Joan and Megan think they can take them. Ben brought something tiny that will shatter the windows to get them out. He suggests they head for the roof.

    He arms the blast. The windows shatter.

    The guards come to investigate. Ben and Annie climb up outside the building from 30 floors up. In the conference room, Joan and Megan engage the armed guards ands after a succession of whacks and chops, subdue them.

    On the roof they see a window washing rig. Annie gets it ready while Ben disables the elevator from a fuse box.

    Delgado and George get out of the elevator between floors.

    Joan and Megan are leading the hostages away when one comes up behind them with an automatic weapon. He yells at them to stop and has them trapped. But Ben comes up behind him and takes him out with a fire extinguisher.

    Joan leads the hostages away and tells Annie and Ben to stop Delgado. They hook into the window washing rig and then jump from the window.

    They perform a forward rappel on the ropes down the side of the building. Delgado and George come out the front door. Delgado sees him and fires. Ben throws himself in front of her but he misses. Ben runs and takes out Delgado, who drops his gun. George goes to thank Ben, eying the gun. George dives for it and points it at Ben, but Annie runs up and whacks it out of his hand. Now they know who hired Delgado.

    Back at the airport, Megan thanks Joan for coming for her.

    Ben tells Annie that the agency pays for two week vacations after hostage situations. He suggest beaches and cave diving. Annie is tempted, but says she'll pass.

    She tells Ben she's glad they're getting a chance to say good-bye. She kisses him on the cheek and heads for the plane.

    On board, Joan pours herself some wine and ices her hand in the bucket.

    Annie reports that she talked to Auggie and he said George confessed to everything. Joan tells her Meg's already on to her next mission. She tells Annie there are operatives who are needed in the field and operatives who need the field and she has to decide which she is.

    She pours Annie some wine.

    Jai waits for someone in a dark parking lot. His dad pulls up. Jai is aghast and asks if his dad knows the definition of treason. Henry leaked confidential info to Liza Hearn. Henry is pleased with himself, and offers Jai a cigar and tells him that because he's his son, if he gets in trouble, Jai will as well. Or he can listen to what he has to say.

    Joan drives up to her house. She walks in the door and Arthur immediately tells her he's not sorry for sending Ben. He wrote something defending himself, but she interrupts and tells him she loves him. He even ordered dinner.

    Back up on a mountain, Annie tells Scott about her boring day, spending it in a conference room, around a table with executives. She says it's all part of the job.

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