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Why is this in two parts?
Vartiainen31 January 2015
The Hunger Games story continues with the third installation, Mockingjay. And it's about as padded and needlessly long as every other two-parter we've had since the studio executives came up with this money-grabbing monstrosity of an idea.

Not to say you shouldn't see this one if you've liked the previous Hunger Games films. This continues the story just fine. Jennifer Lawrence still shines as Katniss Everdeen. Her presence and talent hold us through even through scenes you instantly recognize as needless padding and waste of our money. The returning cast is also as talented as they've always been and most of the new characters are also casted without hitches. Julianne Moore is perhaps a bit too... Julianne Moore to play President Coin 100 percent convincingly, but she has certain presence as well, that cannot be denied.

What bugs me is the story. The book itself was the weakest of the trilogy, though not by much, and it seems that its faults bleed into the film. Especially because the iron tight pace of the previous installations is thrown straight out of the window and we spent most of our time building up atmosphere. And building. And building. And... You get the point. There's very little bang for your buck here and even when something substantial happens, it simply lacks that edge.

Plus, they had the perfect closing scene, and for some reason they decided to keep going for about five minutes. Trust me, you know where they should have ended it when you've seen the movie.

This is a good movie. It still looks great, the main actors are brilliant and it has enough depth to impress through its story alone. I just wish they had had the integrity to go with one movie. It very well might have been the best Hunger Games movie of the three. It would have had two movies before it to build up momentum and steam. Instead it lifts up the pedal from the gas and decides to stroll over the finish line. Poor form, extremely poor form.
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Is there such thing as a set-up movie?
jmacdavidson21 November 2014
I had never heard the term "set-up movie" before today. There has definitely been a trend of splitting up a story into multiple movies. These movies don't have a beginning-middle-end the same way other movies do but at the very least there's some progress.

The problem with the Mockingjay Pt 1 is not that it's boring or poorly made. In fact, there is a lot of excitement in this movie. The problem is that from beginning to end there is hardly anything that changes. If you look at where the characters are in the beginning and where they are in the end there isn't much that's changed except for what happens in the very end. Katniss has been doing things but we haven't seen much of the effects of her actions.

I didn't dislike this movie that much despite it's slow beginning. I just can't give this my seal of approval when I left the theater feeling like I saw half a movie. By the time the story gets its payoff my memory of this movie will be worn-off.
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Dull as dull can be
memefactory21 December 2014
Like watching paint dry. Boring to a mind-numbing degree. How many times can we see Katniss be horrified and/or emotionally distraught? Maybe the filmmakers thought they were adding depth to their characters. Well, they were wrong. Instead we, the audience, sit through one scene after another in which really nothing happens at all. This whole thing could have easily been compressed down to 40 minutes and then we could have had the rest of the book as the rest of the film. This felt very much like they were stretching it out so they could make two movies - which is the new thing to do in Hollywood with these franchises. Not good storytelling.
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Too Long and Disappointing
claudio_carvalho7 March 2015
After the bombing of District 13, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) finally accepts the request of President Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) and her adviser Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and becomes the symbol of the rebellion, the Mockingjay. However, President Snow (Donald Sutherland) in the Capitol broadcasts a message of Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) live contradicting Katniss. She believes that his life is in danger and convinces President Coin to rescue Peeta and the others Victors. But she has a surprise with his reaction.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" is a disappointing movie too long for a short story with a lead character hysterical and too sentimental. In the other two movies, the plot was tense and full of action. Katniss is irritating with her reactions and despite the destruction of the Districts by Snow's army, her major concern is with Peeta. Prim's attitude leaving the bunker to save her cat is ridiculous and why Peeta's broadcasting is live is hard to understand. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Jogos Vorazes: A Esperança - Parte 1" ("Hunger Games: The Hope - Part 1")
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A realistic drama in dystopia
DLSchindler17 December 2015
This is not the mediocre first two movies that were a fun-filled joy ride in the spirit of Running Man, Battle Royale or Blood of Heroes. This is a realistic version instead, with a character-motive driven plot. Unlike the first two films this one actually matters. I hope the creators of this film are proud of their accomplishment. Instead of a cheesy thrill ride we have been introduced to the realities of war and rebellion and we were given good acting, good screen writing and characters we can identify with and care about. After watching hundreds of movies in the post apocalyptic genre this one stands out as significantly better than the others, especially the first two films. Thank you for making the Hunger Games series into something meaningful.
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Minor Stuff goes on in a bunker for 2 hours: The Movie
seanandrewstevens613 December 2014
I came out of the movie theater annoyed, and I felt like I wasted my time. The acting wasn't very good, and the plot felt like it was moving at an extremely slow pace. The action scenes were cheesy, and nothing actually happened besides rescuing the captured tributes. This being shortened into a one hour movie in my opinion would have been much better.

The movie should be renamed, 'Minor Stuff goes on in a bunker for 2 hours: The Movie'

I really hope the next HG movie makes up for this one. All of the dialog was cheesy, and unrealistic. A 3 hour Mockingjay movie would have been much better.
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Sprint to a dull crawl
vistheindian23 November 2014
Quickie Review:

After the events of 75th Hunger Games, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is rescued and brought to District 13 where the rebellion is brewing. Now she must become the face of the rebellion as both sides use propaganda against each other. Meanwhile, Katniss is overwhelmed by balancing her responsibility to the people of Panem with her desire to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Mockingjay Part 1 is strong when it comes to the acting talent involved and showing the behinds the scenes propaganda of war. However, the decision to split the story into two parts has really hurt this movie by making it feel incomplete and filled with overstretched melodrama. While it is not a complete failure, it may be better to hold off watching this movie till Part 2 is released.

Full Review:

I never read the books but I enjoyed the last two movies in the franchise, especially Catching Fire. While I can't say I was aching to go see Mockingjay Part 1, I was interested to know how the story progressed after the cliff-hanger of the last movie. I was concerned that splitting the story into two parts may have been a detrimental choice, unfortunately my concerns were legitimate.

I know I'm coming off really negative but there are definitely some gems in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Donald Sutherland as President Snow, were the best part of the movie. Watching them clash and play strategic moves against each other was intriguing. The rest of the cast do a good job in showing how they have been affected and changed by this war. This is the first time we see the world outside of the actual Hunger Games and District 12, which helped enrich this movie's universe. Uniquely we get see how propaganda plays an important role in the war. I can't remember the last war movie that delved into that aspect. On top of that, these propaganda pieces were very moving thanks to the rage fueled words of Katniss and the fear mongering of Snow.

A lot of the problems for this movie stem from the fact we are spending 2hrs on half a story. This led to us having an entire movie where Katniss keeps crying and moping about either Peeta or the people of District 12 being dead. The feeling that the movie is overstretched is only compounded by how several scenes are just a rehash of a previous scene, for example the recording of a propaganda (3 times) and multiple scenes per character sulking about the people suffering. Look I'm not heartless, I understand those are devastating things to happen to a person, but we want to see the story move forward. I can honestly say that apart from Katniss becoming the face of the rebellion, there is no significant plot development since Catching Fire. There is all this slow build up but that's all it is, a build up to an end that is unsatisfying. Essentially this is a 2hr preview ad for Mockingjay Part 2, and quite frankly I felt mad about this when I left the cinema, and that doesn't happen often.

The pathetic cash-grab moves by studios to split the movie into two parts is the root of all the problems for Mockingjay Part 1. To fill the run time the movie is stuffed full with melodrama without much weight to make you care for long. All the momentum that the previous two movies had built has now come to a dull crawl. I'd recommend skipping this movie till Part 2 is released and hopefully enjoy a more complete story.

Check out more on my movie review blog The Stub Collector:
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I am disappointed
WillyW15419 November 2014
I am so disappointed of the movie. And that's because there happens close to nothing. At nearly every point you notice it's stretched for making out of one book two movies. At the beginning I liked it, because many parts of the book found their way into the movie. But I realised transferring the story of a book 1:1 into a movie isn't that good.

(NO SPOILER) As an example they need about 5-10 minutes just to go down a staircase, back upwards because "missing" something and down again. And nothing really happens. All the time absolutely no excitement rose in me and I just got bored. And I am pretty sure this should be a part where your heartbeat is meant to been rising.

Sure there are some nice and decent scenes but most of the stuff is just lame. In the book it works but clearly not in the Movie (plus the showdown of the book is missing because of the split).

But at least I enjoyed the screenplay of Josh Hutcherson and Philip Seymour Hoffman, which lifted the Movie "up" to 3 Stars. I hope the last one gets back on the level of the first two movies.
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A 2-hour movie that could be condensed to 20 min
belo04097 December 2014
This movie was extremely dull and boring. You could probably skip watching this movie in the series and you wouldn't miss much. The story was dragged out so much that I found myself shifting in my seat and just waiting for it to end.

The acting was especially bad and I was cringing at the amount of cliché lines. My friends and I were also really surprised by such a lack of chemistry between Katniss and Peta; their relationship is so forced and I had difficultly even caring about the characters because they are so underdeveloped. So many scenes were completely unnecessary; they added nothing to the story and were just there to take up time. Mockingjay was extremely disappointing even though I went in with low expectations. 2/10, would not recommend.
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superfly46820 November 2014
Great acting from the cast; especially Jennifer Lawrence, the characters were as believable and entertaining as they were in previous films, this is pretty much the highlight of the film.

The plot however was dull and uneventful, as in nothing really went anywhere. in the majority of the film there was no tension; for the most part it was basically "stuff happens in a bunker for 2 hours: The Movie." which is super disappointing because although I haven't read the books; I'm told by people that have that they skipped a bunch of the action and downplayed the apparent love triangle.

If you wanted an action packed flick like the first two or you are the type of fan who doesn't like stuff in the book to be left out, you will be sorely disappointed as this is clearly a filler movie to get some extra $$$ before the series ends.

wait for DVD.
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Sad, Pathetic & Lame - Corporate Kleptocracy Money Grab
pluslife22 December 2014
Boring to point I got up and went to back of theater to check IMDb on my Tablet to see what was I missing. Obviously I was lacking somehow and must be missing something I figured with all the rage around this movie.

What I found was it was not me but the movie just does not connect, has no draw and feels like just a corporate money scheme. I feel cheated, dirty, like a stupefied sucker and want to take a shower. I get better vibes from used car sales lots than this movie as well the industry of late.

There were some good movies this year; but all that has come out pre- Holidays have been lame to terrible and I see a lot of movies. Maybe the "Interview" had real potential compared to this tripe I have seen here and in other recent releases of movies.

I watch a wide genre of movies and am open to diverse visual and story arts but this and the recent movies are so terrible literally. I am finding better more engaging shows on TV than what the theaters offer nowadays. Heck they can not be original and rehash same old stories; well okay that might be fine if the surpassed the originals and yet even special effects seem at best B movie compared to the epics of the 60's and such.

Dang maybe they just need to go back to Spaghetti Westerns; at least they were entertaining somewhat....

All I feel is fleeced; again by the movie industry and it is getting old. But all they seem to care about is cha-ching, cha-ching, cha- ching. Guess the 4th Quarter is more important than their long term outlook as a industry. More people are catching on and just say screw it and why theaters are more and more empty.

We know the technology, actor resources and financial might of these studios more than ever and how they are refusing to do the real work it takes to put something out that is worthy out dollars. No wonder so many people seek other media sources over theater these days; with ticket cost outrageous, $2 in snacks costing $20 for stale muck, floors your feet stick to when walking and seating that needs a biohazard warning label. I have no idea why people are over the theater experience with such bad movies to boot!
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Boring but not bad
DansLeNoir3 July 2018
In general, the drama part of the story is the movie. It is off by the action. Again new characters were included. The film is not able to spend permanent staff. The song "The Hanging Tree" was very beautiful. Also the sarcastic bird melody is already perfect. It was a troubled film that could have been nice.
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Mocking Moviegoers - What a Horrible Movie
caviiar6 December 2014
The screenwriter team for this movie was obviously under pressure to extend beyond reason the simplistic narrative of this movie. The result: over two hours of acting without substance. I cannot complain about the actors, for they did what they were paid to do, but COME ON, did it have to be so melodramatic and empty? Emotions are simply not credible, and only inspire scorn.

I want my money back. I want my time back. What a waste of effort to extend this film beyond one installment. Had they compacted the movie in 1 hour, then probably all the bad cinematography would have been eliminated.

Sure producers will make a profit at the expense of unsuspected viewers and several (perhaps demolishing) hits on actors careers. I will NOT view the last installment. I refuse to give my money away for nothing.

The saddest part is that this movie could have been great. The acting talent was there. Technical resources were available. But he most inexpensive part of the production was neglected beyond belief: storytelling. The screenwriters in this movie are not idiots. It is obvious that artificial constraints were placed to extend the story to two parts.

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Predictable, slow, boring, poor acting, etc
munoznicolas1330 December 2014
The first movie was fresh and entertaining. I've been dragged by my partner to watch the second one which I actually enjoyed until the end when I realized it was not finished yet. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is simply a jock. I've never been so much bored from a movie and at some point I really considered leaving the theater. The pace is slow, the acting terribly poor and every single scene predictable. Jennifer Lawrence's character has been stretched to the maximum. All she does is crying and pretending all movie long.I will not watch the part 2 in theater nor on TV as we all already know what will happen. This movie is perfect if you want to feel frustrated, disappointed and tricked.
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sofusenpetersen7 November 2020
I love this movie, especially the part with Charlie White. He moves this film from an alright b-film to a masterpice. Imagine this movie without him
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No more games, no more story. Tedious and boring.
garrysutherland21 February 2015
Unfortunately it seems that without the Games there is just no longer any point to this franchise and it just sinks into tedious bloodletting mediocrity. Katniss now comes over as mentally unstable and President Snow is simply an over-the-top homicidal lunatic. There is no way that even the pampered poseurs of Capitol (or whatever it is called I have now lost interest in the names) would put up with their leader's carrying out such murderous activities in their name. Yet, even with all of the bloodletting going on, none of it visualised of course, this movie is a bore from start to finish. It is an illogical bore too. Snow has gone from being a cold but efficiently ruthless ruler to a parody of a dictator deliberately setting up his own downfall. Instead of taking the opportunity to destroy the mockingjay, he decides to play into her hands by wasting a hospital (no spoiler needed as this is clearly shown in the trailer). Don't waste your money going to see this movie as there is nothing to learn about the events that will end in the second Mockingjay. You will be able to go and see MJ2 and pick up the storyline immediately. The feeling of 'something is missing' are all in this movie. How did all of this suddenly come about? Sophisticated underground bunkers, rebel presidents, captured technology, etc., ad nauseum. You know what is truly annoying? It has all been done before and done much better. Can you say Matrix?
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A Disappointment to Movie-watchers and Book-readers Alike
bryce-keaton7 December 2014
Acknowledge: as a book-reader who did not like the third installment in the first place, you may find my review a bit biased.

"The Hunger Games" series has failed to grab my attention on both the big screen and on paper. However, due to the vast improvements made between the first and second installments of the film series, I was rather excited to see how the writers would continue to improve upon Suzanne Collins' disappointing finale to the book series. Unfortunately, "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1)" delivers no such improvements and is just as slow and frustrating as the first half of the third book. If you go to see this, when you walk out of the theater, please seriously ask yourself, "what was accomplished in this movie?". The answer you give yourself should have one, maybe two, bullet points despite the 123 minute running time. This movie made it painfully obvious that producers only want to squeeze as much money out of fans as possible; there is absolutely no reason to have a two part film adaptation of Collins' "Mockingjay".

I do not believe screenplay writers should keep true to books they base their screenplays off of, that is totally up to the original author and the writer. That being said, book-readers should be happy with any changes that were made, and mad that more were not implemented. This was a BORING movie. It also makes you hate the characters we are meant to love by making them seem like the most selfish and naive people despite the experiences they have lived through. While the acting is not bad (quite the opposite really, the actors are excellent with what little they have to work with), I was relieved when the main characters were taken off the screen in order to show what was happening outside of their "bubble". I found myself much more interested in the stories of the extras rather than the boring and almost irrelevant plot that follows the main characters. It makes you want to slap them and scream "stop throwing a pity-party for yourself and do something useful for a change".

I gave this film a 4 because, while there is no doubt in my mind that I will see the final installment in theaters as well, I urge movie- watchers to wait. Wait until you have the chance to watch the first and second parts together, otherwise you will be mad and anxious until it is released. Hopefully by doing this, you will have a better impression of the film(s) than I have.
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Stupidest movie ever conceived
promvalue12 January 2015
There was nothing to watch. I don't know how you can sell a movie by doing some close up shots of Jennifer Lawrence in leather tights. It was just plain stupidity in every scene. Same old revenge drama with half side shaved heads, war torn buildings and desperate attempts to sell its viewers the idea that its a master class. At least should have shown some respect to the book from which its taken. This movie should be shown at some fashion shows during couture week may be it can get some applause there. The movie was so boring that gradually the whole theater started booing and and walking out of there shaking their heads.
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Nice worth being seen
marry_uk_8425 November 2014
The movie was great. I would still count the first two as my favourite rather then this one only because it is a bit different. Obviously subject is still the same but action is completely changed. I can't wait to see part two - hopefully will be a bit more about everybody's abilities rather then the whole idea of war. I don't really like the fact that she - Katniss - is not decided whom she loves or not, or at least if she would be capable of making a difference as in love and caring about one of the boys. But she is a great actress and she was well chosen on representing the movie and even the mocking jay. Can't wait to see the final!
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It worked for me
gogarrett22 November 2014
I read all the books and there were changes in the movie, but I think all were good changes. Some less necessary characters are missing and others, like Effie and Snow are expanded upon from what was in the book. The set up appears perfect for what comes next and the sets and action scenes looked really good. I think the slower pacing of the characters is very important in this movie, because of all the changes that are happening with every one of them. I like what this movie did to fill in the gaps of what we could know in the book, because we could only see what Katniss saw in the book. It gives me more to look forward to in each movie. I wonder how much Plutarch will need to change in the last sequel because Philip Seymour Hoffman didn't finish filming his parts before he died? I can't believe we have to wait an entire year to see the final installment!
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A Two Hour Preview of What to Expect in the Final Movie.
prospectus_capricornium19 November 2014
You may want to save your money and time seeing this movie and wait for the last installment to come out next year, instead. Aside from Jennifer Lawrence, this movie offers nothing more than just a long and tiring tale of preparation for an impending rebellion.

Readers shouldn't get surprised: Mockingjay's first half chronicles District 13's efforts to groom Katniss as their heroine against the ruthless ruling Capitol. The process of transforming her into what they call the 'Mockingjay', a symbol of revolution, is engaging enough to ignite interest, but only up to a point, when long speeches and depictions of what the Hunger Games' downfall has caused, have almost become the only few things eating up the biggest slice of the movie's airtime pie. There is nothing much to see here, and while its refreshing to finally see the landscapes to have finally shifted away from the arenas, lack of action eventually makes the scenes that are almost only showing the events in the confinements, hard to appreciate, not to mention difficult to extract sense from.

Fortunately, it has Jennifer Lawrence, and that alone, is enough to pull the entire movie away whenever it leans toward making the audience fall to sleep. Jennifer's charm proves to be the biggest asset of this movie, and she alone, singularly saves the film from being a total nonsense. Toward the end, it isn't clear whether the makers of the film have made their point (aside from making more money of course) in splitting the book into two movies. This first half only presents a preview of what to happen next in the other half, only stretched into two hours of tiring sameness and boring exchanges of bland dialogues. The new characters are interesting yeah, but I'm not sure if anyone of them has offered something more than Lawrence, to spark further interest. Well, at least we can take comfort from the fact that the last movie next year will certainly offer a lot more, gripping action and drama, and that's really something to look forward to.

Mockingjay Pt.1 falls below the heights reached by the previous two films. Minus Lawrence, this film is a real bore, and its hard to seek something more than her to recommend. I give this film 6 of my 10 stars.
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Most Daring, Rawest, Thought-Provoking and Darkest Installment of 'The Hunger Games' Yet
wormow17 November 2014
When Lionsgate announced back in 2012 that they were splitting the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy into two parts, people were skeptical at how they were going to make them a cohesive and alluring final two films. Considering the lukewarm reaction to the final novel 'Mockingjay' by Suzanne Collins and the less than encouraging history of film adaptions being split into more than one film (Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hobbit), the odds weren't exactly in this penultimate chapter's favour. However, two years on, it looks like director Francis Lawrence defied the odds and Lionsgate has another winner. 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ is the most daring, thought-provoking, rawest, darkest yet humorous film in the Hunger Games franchise filled with powerful performances from its new and returning cast members as well as an intelligently and beautifully written screenplay by Peter Craig and Danny Strong.

The film immediately opens to a powerful and haunting scene, mainly due to Jennifer Lawrence's stunning portrayal of our heroine Katniss Everdeen, that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Katniss is no longer forcing smiles in flaming dresses or dropped into a televised reality game show wearing latex wet suits all designed to appeal and appease the Capitol audiences, she's now hidden underground in the bleak and gray District 13, a district that months prior, none of the characters even knew had still existed since its 'alleged' obliteration during 'The Dark Days'.

One of the biggest surprises is that 'Mockingjay – Part 1′ doesn't feel like a 'Hunger Games' film that we've come to know in the previous two installments, more so than how many felt about the third book to the previous two books before it. It almost feels like a complete reboot of the entire franchise. The film is almost entirely set in District 13; besides the short but poignant visits to District 12, 8 and little cutaways to scenes outside of Katniss's perspective in the Capitol, 5, 7 and 11. There are no more "games" – which means no more reapings, no more chariots, or any of that lead up. Mockingjay has well and truly reinvented the franchise to reveal what 'The Hunger Games' series at its core is really all about and gives us a shocking and horrifying portrayal of war in Panem and how media manipulation is used through the use of propaganda videos ("propos") in battle to control the populous.

The film's split was not a problem at all. Out of the three novels in the Hunger Games series, 'Mockingjay' was easily the novel that required a split to fully flesh out the characters and to give justice to their arcs. There is a clear objective at the beginning of the film, laid out by our heroine and by the end, that objective is solved but also sets up another plot line that will most definitely be followed up on in next year's final chapter 'Mockingjay – Part 2′. The way the creative team are handling the split feels slightly like a television show – you get 24 episodes in a season, and that is usually split into two with a mid season break in between. Part 1 ends with a bang, it has a conclusion and resolution, but you know the story isn't over just yet.

Overall, 'Mockingjay – Part 1′ manage to overcomes its obstacles to become another dark, epic and very chapter in the unstoppable 'Hunger Games' franchise. The film will surely make back its entire budget for both films alone within the first week of release alone. If 'Mockingjay – Part 1′ is anything to go by, than next year's 'Mockingjay – Part 2′ will be an absolute treat as we follow Katniss and her squad in their final journey to stop the Capitol. And I can't freaking wait.
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Character driven to an extreme
jaywensley200423 November 2014
Mockingjay is a study in charisma and political leadership, and a text-film on acting.

Donald Sutherland, Julliane Moore and Jennifer Lawrence present three clear variations on the theme of "How Leaders Lead." This, along with a somewhat heavy handed study on propaganda are the movies primary attractions.

This is not the kind of action film audiences of the first two "Hunger Games" movies enjoyed. There is a fair amount of fighting, but this movie is about charisma: Who has it, how its used and what it means. At this, "Mockingjay Part 1" is brilliant, primarily because Jennifer Lawrence HAS charisma. At several points in the movie, watching Lawrence draw me into her Katniss Everdean, I thought of politicians who were able to evoke passion in the populace. Lawrence has that ability in large quantities.

I also found the direction of the film to be outstanding. A particularly well-crafted scene occurs early when the Rebel's leadership are asked to suggest moments when Katniss was most effective at touching the spirits of the populace. This scene not only approaches a breach of the fourth wall, it could have caused viewers to suspend their "suspension of disbelief." But through precise timing and a brilliant performance by Woody Harrelson this scene succeeds in getting the audience involved interactively as we are invited to think of those moments from previous movies and nod our heads as we sub-vocalize our "Uh-Huh's."

This movie is about the why and the how of making of "The Mockingjay-the symbol of the revolution." Why Katniss? How Katniss?

WOW! Katniss!
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From someone who finds the books overrated and hates the tween fandom, this movie is an astonishing surprise
movieboy1323 November 2014
I have a love hate relationship with the Hunger Games series. I thought the first book was overrated and the first movie was a piece of garbage. I thought the second book was surprisingly well written and the movie was excellent. I thought the last book was fine and the ending was just awful. Although I like things about the Hunger Games, I was also very reluctant (and still kind of am in a way) to buy into the whole series. Although I liked the second movie, I was really reluctant to see the new Hunger Games movie. For some reason I just do not like the legions of fans and the hype it generates. I kind of feel like a hypocrite here, but I really cannot deny the excellence of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One.

There is all this dreck geared towards teens likes Divergent and Vampire Academy, etc. If you are one of those people (you know who you are) who always says all of these movies are terrible (as they are) and wish that teens and audiences alike were treated with more respect by Hollywood, here is your movie.

This movie depends on not much action action and virtually no dumb relationships but on human interaction, startlingly mature and graphic content, and the surprisingly realistic depiction of revolution through quiet and subtle direction from Francis Lawrence. Whereas the Hunger Games themselves were the driving force of the other movies, this movie takes a lot time and has a more adult approach to material and it is hardly boring, in fact it is engrossing. I was hooked from beginning to end. Talk about a chilling ending brrrrr.

It delivers on every level. Media goddess Jennifer Lawerence does not ham it up with a freakout scene and does a great job. Phillip Seymour Hoffman (sadly in his last role) gives a really solid performance along as does the usually annoying Julianne Moore. In fact, everyone in the film is in top form. Also, how could you not love how intensely over-the-top evil Donald Sutherland is?

Screenplay is great, directing is great, special effects is great, cinematography is great, shall I go on? This movie is just a great surprise.

This movie is thought provoking, disturbing, and not completely crowd pleasing and that is part of why it is really great. Regardless of my liking of the second movie, the first and second Hunger Game movies were still seen by tweens saying, "Is it Peeta or Gale? Who does she love. oooooooo!!!!!", yet this is just a great film on it's own. I cannot say it enough times. I applaud this movie for blowing my expectations out of the water and delivering what may be one of this year's best film's.

Movies like this and Dawn of The Planet of The Apes are proof that Hollywood is able to produce well-made and intelligent films. Please explain Transformers 4 then?

Sadly, this film is like Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and Part Two is just a bloodbath. Will not be as well made and emotional (maybe I am getting to pretentious here), but whatever, but I am glad I saw this and I absolutely recommend it.
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Mockingjay would've been a rushed mess as one movie
PyroSikTh22 November 2014
When it was first announced that Mockingjay was going to be split into two movies, I gawked. It's one book. How can there possibly be enough to fill two movies? It didn't help that my sister also found it weird, having read the book. She couldn't see any obvious place for the split. Despite what feels like everyone else on the internet is saying, I actually support the split now. Mockingjay marks a massive tonal shift in the franchise, so it would have been a bit jarring introducing this tonal shift for the final movie, leaving you no time to settle into the new status quo left from Catching Fire. The biggest reason for my support though is how rushed everything would have been. When a book is adapted into a movie, there are certain time constraints to be taken into account. That inevitably means things are cut, which leaves many fans unhappy with the final product. With Mockingjay they decided to give it time to flesh out the characters; give everyone a bit of limelight, expand on various elements in the book, and just generally make sure it doesn't frenetically jump from scene to scene or cut out important plot points. Having now scene Mockingjay Part 1, I can't imagine it being compressed into half the running time without sacrificing the emotional resonance or rushing through everything. The emotional resonance is the big selling point of Mockingjay. For some it might be seen as boring, drawn-out melodrama, but for me it made Mockingjay a darker, more harrowing movie than the previous two, which says a lot about a franchise hinging on a fight-to-the-death between children in order to keep the tyrannical dictatorship in place. Katniss has lost her district, lost Peeta, and now lives in hiding with a group of rebels intent on overthrowing the Capitol. To not dwell on how that affects her and the people around her would have been a massive misstep. The franchise needed to slow down and focus on the characters. To say it's only half a movie is misinformation as well. It feels like a complete movie, at least more complete than Catching Fire ever did. As I mentioned, Peeta is kept prisoner by the Capitol, and he's being used as a propaganda weapon in response to Katniss' propaganda by the rebels. The whole plot of the movie is about this cat and mouse of propaganda as the two opposing sides try to get an upper hand on the people of Panem. The big final climax feels like the big final climax of a story, bringing this cat and mouse to an end. It's final moments are a resolution to the beginning and middle, and in that respect it absolutely has all three acts. Of course it has a cliffhanger moment right before the credits to segue into the next movie, but so did Catching Fire (and Desolation of Smaug, and Fast & Furious 6, and every Marvel movie etc. etc.) Everything else ticks all the right boxes as well; the acting is top-notch, especially from Jennifer Lawrence and Philip Seymour Hoffman (with a little memoriam for him in the credits). The visuals are on the nail. District 12 is now depicted in ruins, the CGI of the various ships and futuristic cityscape of the Capitol is flawless. There was also some fantastic use of CGI on Josh Hutcherson to make him look progressively thinner and beaten up as the movie goes along, showing the torture he must have been enduring. The musical score is fantastic, with the Mockingjay theme coming well and truly into it's element, as well as a fully fledged song that brings the rebellion to full strength in the propaganda war. Mockingjay proves that milking extra movies out of a franchise doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing (looking at you, Desolation of Smaug). It slows the franchise down and gives you time to breathe before the big conclusion next year, injecting plenty of heartfelt emotion to the whole situation, fleshing out the world, developing the characters etc. However it's not without it's higher-octane moments. There's a number of action scenes despite it's calmer narrative, which expand what was in the book to blistering effect (the fantastically suspenseful climax is apparently just a few lines in the book, largely glossed over). It's tense, unpredictable, emotional, yet has it's light-hearted moments. I give Mockingjay Part 1 a very good 8/10. It's made me very excited for next year when I can marathon the whole franchise in one go.
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