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Puts my faith in the movie business again
g_cotterell16 November 2019
This is what cinema is supposed to be! Amazing chemistry and acting by both leads, seamless CGI and practical effects to enhance the film, a firecracker script, a true story, pulse pounding soundtrack, booming sound mix, and edited so well that 2.5 hours flies by! Completely and utterly engaging . So good in fact I saw it twice within 24 hours . Once in Imax and once in Dolby cinema .
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As close as possible to the truth but!
nickfarf-4269915 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I was at the Philadelphia Film center premiere on 11/11/19 to view this terrific movie. At the age of 68 and a tifoso of Ferrari since age 8, ( 1959 ), this movie hit a nerve. Truth vs Fiction. This was a David vs Goliath movie, however Goliath wins. The movie recreates a golden era of auto Racing. It was seriously dangerous with death and injury a guarantee at every race. These drivers were absolute warriors and we're fearless. Now Ferrari winning LeMans six straight years in a row from 1960-1965 is actually the David in this movie. Ferrari for all their dominant winning form was still a tiny company that sold fancy $15,000 sportcars to support his racing team. Winning LeMans was a $16,500 team prize. These Ferrari drivers were salaried. The prototype class at that time was wide open with no upper limit on engine size. There was an under 2 liter class that Porsche and Ferrari dino control, but the over 2 liter was unlimited. I read carefully about the Ford move to acquire Ferrari, as daily news reports would cross the associated press. The movie is spot-on about Ford cars lacking desire back then. Chevrolet had the Corvette, Corvair and sporty looking Impala and Chevelle. Now Ford is the Goliath in this movie. They are the big corporate giant with unlimited resources. Ford paid for the Ford GT. It was really a Lola Gt with a Ford badge put on it. Ford put their name on every innovation provided by all the racing/equipment suppliers that went into that race car. Unlike Ferrari being designed, engineered and built handmade in that Italian factory. Ford spent more money on developing a racecar than the total price to buy Ferrari outright. Hired every Nascar team to provide expert pit crews, engine builders and offered 80,000-100,000 to each driver for one race . Now the movie, it's a movie that non race cars fans can and will enjoy. It shows how Shelby and Miles are really the heroes of the winning team. This was true. Their relationship is spot on in the movie and they know what is needed to win. They battle off the track against Ford executives and against Ferrari on the track. What is not disclosed in the movie is the quitting of the Ferrari ace driver John Surtees. When he left Ferrari, the team was devastated. He along with Ford's Ken Miles were two true warriors. Also not shown but lightly covered in the movie is the three years of disastrous outing for the Ford racing team. Did Shelby steal the Ferrari pits stop watches? Did Shelby actually throw spear lug nuts into the Ferrari pit lane to make the Ferrari pit crew think that the race car was missing a nut on the car out on the track? Did Enzo Ferrari actually tip his hat to honor Ken Miles? Who really knows. Everybody is dead. I remember the lug nut rumour in the 1960s, as that was a southern stock car trick. I never heard about the theft of Ferrari stop watches by Shelby. As far as Ferrari tipping his hat. Ferrari was known for or not attending many races. All that aside, did I as a Ferrari fan enjoy this movie. My answer is a Yes, Yes, Yes. With the exception of James Garner in Grand Prix, this is the best movie to deal with the sport of autoracing. Bonus is that it is also a great human interest story and they create the mood of the sixties as U vividly remember it. I rate this movie a ten and should be nominated for Oscars.
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"I had no idea. If only my dad were alive to see this."
jordanucsd14 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen a lot of car movies, as a self-professed car nut. As such I judge them harshly, and immediately dismiss entries that don't provide enough reason to care about what is more important than the car: the driver. Think of the Fast and Furious and Transformers franchise. If you care about the driver, and the driver cares about the car, you care about the car. The car is a tool, an extension of the hero's body, and gains provenance with the audience when it helps the hero on their personal journey. Movies that come to mind that do this effectively include Gone in 60 Seconds, Bullitt, Need For Speed, The Italian Job, Batman Begins, and The Bourne Identity. Some of the James Bond movies do it well, like Goldfinger, The Spy Who Loves Me, The Living Daylights, and SkyFall, but many do not because of the lack of character arc in the story. We cannot forget about perhaps the greatest car movie of all time, Back to the Future. The shining example of how to make the car a proper star.

And now enters a film by James Mangold and starring talented actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale called Ford v. Ferrari. My arms crossed, and expectations lowered, I was ready to be disappointed. Although I love Mangold as a director, somehow I assumed there would be a Michael Bay approach to the movie, putting more emphasis on car action sequences than the characters. To my surprise, not only was I dead wrong, but the film became one of the best car movies I had ever seen.

Thinking back, I should have known better. Unlike many car action oriented movies, this one is based on a true story, and fact-based dramas tend to take themselves more seriously. It is sort of a shared biopic between legendary sports car designer Carroll Shelby and race car driver Ken Miles. The movie focuses on their efforts to beat Ferrari at Le Mans, a story I'm well aware of (like I said, bonafide car nut). And Mangold is an Oscar winning filmmaker collaborating with Oscar winning people such as Damon and Bale.

And boy do their talents shine in this movie. The driving engine of the story, if you will, is the loving but at times clashing relationship between Shelby and Miles, portrayed brilliantly by Damon and Bale in a manner that in my opinion is more entertaining and engaging than the dynamic duo of DiCaprio and Pitt in Once Upon A Time ... in Hollywood. Damon and Bale have different styles of acting, but both arrive at the same place: creating a character that faces disappointment in the search for victory.

Shelby has to come to terms with the disappointment of having to quit his racing career due to heart problems, and creating a winning team at Le Mans is his way of proving to himself he's still a winner. Miles is desperate not to disappoint himself because unlike Shelby, he's never had a shot at winning at a big race. This is due to his abrasive personality, despite an amazing talent on the race track. On top of this, Miles desperately doesn't want to disappoint his wife and son, who support him fervently in his dream. Both characters have their own obstacles in search of escaping disappointment, with Shelby dealing with the suits at Ford and Miles dealing with problems of the car in the race as they present themselves, and the trial of besting the other race car drivers. Their individual struggles intersect in the mutual desire to win at Le Mans, resulting in a brotherhood and mutual love for each other that feels genuine and earned.

Henry Ford II, played by a very effective Tracy Letts, reveals in a quick but moving scene why he wants to win at Le Mans. After Shelby takes Ford on a whirlwind nauseating ride with the new race car they have engineered, Ford breaks into tears. Not so much because of the physically jarring experience of being jostled around at breakneck speed, but because of what the car means to his family name. "I had no idea. If only my dad were alive to see this," he tells Shelby. Damon, in that scene, responds with wet eyes. The character Ford reveals how much he doesn't want to disappoint his family legacy. In fact, the entire endeavor started with an insult from Ferrari, stating, "You're only Henry Ford the second, you'll never be Henry Ford." And in an earlier scene, Ford compares himself to his legendary grandfather in a speech to Ford factory workers concerning his disappointment in current company sales.

Cars represent man's desire to chase a dream. Whether it be designing the fastest car, or driving cars the fastest. And despite all the obstacles that may get in man's way, the biggest one is always himself. But with perseverance and the help of others, this obstacle can too be overcome. Ford v. Ferrari manages to get to the heart of this message with deceptive ease and supreme confidence. The film's absolutely gorgeous cinematography and direction capture some of the most amazing car sequences ever put to the big screen. A surprising but believable behind the scenes factoid is that Mangold and the cast are not car nuts at all, and were simply moved to tell the story of the characters. This is why the movie works so well, because they understood the car as supporting the story rather than the other way around.

Ford v. Ferrari is an absolute winner, with memorable performances from its cast, and my favorite Mangold picture thus far. For me, it is one of the best of the year, and as far as car movies go, one of the best ever made, and miles away from a disappointment.
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Oscar Winning Performance
ymyuseda20 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Rating 10/10 Inspired movie of the year. It is wonderfully made. A good story well told. Tightly written, well acted and directed. I hope Matt Damon and Christian Bale can winning an oscar awards because he already deliver the character very well. Thank you to all of you because make it this movie so amazing . A masterpiece !!
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I know nothing of cars or racing, nor do I care about either yet....
Kikisaurus12 February 2020
To start off, I have always hated racing. Yes, hated. It think it's a ridiculous waste of resources, and boring to watch. I have zero interest in cars - and thus I know absolutely nothing of the history. I knew nothing of this film beyond reading the blurb before I started watching it, so I was very interested to see whether I would like it at all. I did. Despite being so uninterested in the subject, the film got me interested in the story, and especially during the final race I was on the edge of seat not knowing what would happen. Fantastic acting job from both Damon and Bale, usual. They never disappoint. Excellent writing, directing, cutting, sound editing.. A very whole package overall.

To finish off; I am STILL not interested in cars or racing, but this film stands on its own even so.
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JimShops-131 August 2019
Just saw F v F at the Telluride Film Festival and it is phenomenal. Perfect performances, incredible visuals and editing, immersive sound, and a riveting story. A real winner. Christian Bale lost 70 pounds Defoe the role and is a delight. Damon is spot on. Catriona Balfe is excellent. All the actors playing Ford executives are excellent as well. Masterful direction from James Mangold. A must see.
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Movie keeps you at 7000 rpm
mohdshafiulhaque23 November 2019
Ford V Ferrari is one of the best movies I've seen this year, and for someone who has little interest in cars besides minivans and SUVs, that's saying a lot. Just like the race cars produced by its namesakes, Ford v. Ferrari is sleek and fast; a powerful and expensive machine. A supremely well-balanced combination of corporate rivalry, on-track competitiveness and human drama.
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jespor15 November 2019
Jesus Christ - Bale does it again.

Great script, great casting, incredible acting from everyone, but especially Bale.
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An exhilarating and emotional ride
Keemshave21 November 2019
A lot of notes were hit by Ford v Ferrari. The characters are fleshed out very well and give you the emotional attachment you're looking for in a movie. Bale and Damon's performances are great; they pull you into the story and completely disappear into their roles. James Mangold proves, once again, to be a master behind the camera. The action scenes are shot to perfection and will have you biting your nails.

The film's technical aspects were top-notch as well. Wait for this film to be nominated for sound design and editing. These technical aspects, during the climax of the film, will blow your hair back and give you goosebumps.

All in all, this film provides a pleasing experience for the crowd that not many films can even come close to delivering. I loved about every second of it, despite its long runtime.
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Filled with Energy
kjproulx10 September 2019
Biopics can be a hard sell at times. Whether you're diving into the troubled life of an addict or exploring someone's sexuality, there are many touchy subjects these days. With that said, I feel there are also those that will stand the test of time, in terms of being able to please a wide audience. Ford v Ferrari is one of the latest true stories out of Hollywood that will be hitting the big screen soon, and here's why I believe it absolutely deserves attention.

Following multiple characters throughout, Ford v Ferrari focussed on the fact that Henry Ford II was given an idea to create the fastest race car in the world. His mission is to take down the likes of the company Ferrari, who have held the title for years. Carol Shelby (Matt Damon) is approached by a member of the Ford team and is recruited, only to be the one finding himself recruiting the driver in Ken Miles (Christian Bale). That's the core premise and there's a lot to dive into from there.

If you're a fan of racing or cars in general, this movie will be for you. This is a very well-directed film by James Mangold, and the racing sequences are quite long, taking up a good chunk of the nearly 150-minute run time. Luckily, they are very intense, practically shot, with a fantastic score to back it up, and sound effects to get your heart pumping. Everything about the exciting aspects of this film was top notch.

Christian Bale and Matt Damon give stellar performances here as the two leading men in the film and I totally bought their rigid friendship that slowly developed. Sadly, without giving anything away, there is an incident that I feel was not explored enough, which slightly took away when a certain moment is meant to impact the movie. Other than that, this is a fantastic movie from beginning to end.

In the end, Ford v Ferrari is engaging, emotional, and downright thrilling when it wants to be. I was invested in these characters and on the edge of my seat during the climactic races. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this movie. There is a missed opportunity in terms of emotion during a certain scene, but I was able to forgive that, seeing as the rest of the movie was so impressive. Ford v Ferrari is one of the best movies I've seen so far this year and it will be one to see when it officially releases.
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Wonderful, and I don't know a thing about cars.
xbushi4 November 2019
The Actors were magnificent, fit their characters so well. They're performances added so much to the movie.

The story, which obviously is a true tell was emotional and I recommend not looking into anything before seeing the film if you don't know already. Though I'm sure if you know the story you'll still enjoy it.

Shot well too. Highly recommend this film.
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Racing with a soul
agm_tcr12 January 2020
As a Ferrari fan I was pleasantly on the side of a Ford driver, all because of the soul Christian Bale was able to portrayed as Ken Miles, a sports car racing engineer who's hart was beaten in unison with an engine of a race car. Aside of the fact that he lose several kg for the role, but being a method actor it cling a viewer to the screen. Excitement and rage can be feel in every scene. The passion take us to the circuit and made us push the accelerator. What I miss is the surprise of the plot since I knew the story. The cast is brilliant, and finally in one Americans movie I have the pleasure to see casted Italians brilliants actor for the roles of the Ferrari Team, speaking perfect Italian, as oppose as being disappointed when they cannot. This year oscar is going to be a difficult choice.
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A must watch if you are a motorhead or a racing fan!
kirankumarfrank4 November 2019
When you think of great sports movies, Rocky, Remember the titans and Rush comes to your mind. This movie won't be know as the best sports movie of all time but would surely be among the top 20. Everything that needs to be said has already been said about the two leading stars in the movie but big shout out to the supporting cast including Jon Bernthal who was great.

The story is good but it's a biographical drama so not much can be changed even though there were few liberties were taken with few facts that were presented.

The sound design was excellent which made your heart race faster when you heard the roar of the Ford GT 40!

Cinematography by Phedon (who was also the cinematographer for the pursuit of happiness) gives us some nice shots of the race which immerses you into action.

I got to watch it as part of secret preview show! It will get few Oscar nominations but doubt it would claim any big prize. Solid 9 out of 10 for me. A must watch if you are a racing fan or a fan of good sports movie.
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Very close to reality and a must watch.
SuhasMalpe7 January 2020
The blend of reality, excitement, community, passion, racing all captured very well. Christian Bale, you are just amazing. Huge respect to both Ford and Ferrari. Both Giants of racing.
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Entertaining In Every Way A Film Can Be
zkonedog17 February 2020
I've never watched a car race in my life. I have absolutely no knowledge of the historic events surrounding the Ford and Ferrari motor companies. None of those two things mattered in my viewing experience of "Ford v Ferrari". Not only does it allow the viewer to be a complete clean slate, but it provides the utmost of entertainment on almost every front.

For a very basic overview, this movie tells the story of how the Ford Motor Company was struggling in the 1960s and thus turned to racing cars to give their image a boost. The problem? For years, Ferrari has been the gold standard in that theater. But with Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) overseeing the project and the volatile Ken Miles (Christian Bale) in the driver's seat, they set out to take down Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

One of the main strengths of "Ford v Ferrari" is that it tells a bunch of different stories within the basic framework. Not only is it the clash that the title anticipates, but also a story of personal redemption for Shelby, one of personal goal-achievement for Miles, and even a healthy dose of "big corporation screwing over the little guy" thrown in. All of those angles are very distinct, with nothing muddled along the way. The 2.5 hour runtime really helps with this, allowing such arcs to play out in their entirety.

The acting is also incredible from basically the entire cast. Bale gives a unique, quirky performance as seemingly only he can, Damon is solid (as always), and everyone else does their part admirably. Especially affecting are Miles' wife Mollie (Caitriona Balfe) and son Peter (Noah Jupe), who both provide much of the sentimental emotions present in the film. A specific scene where Ken explains to Peter exactly what he does on each individual racing lap is as good as acting gets.

There's also a never-ending sense of forward momentum and just overall fun to "Ford v Ferrari". It never takes itself too seriously, yet it isn't a comedy. It's long, but doesn't feel that way due to the expert pacing--a perfect balance of pulse-pounding action scenes and slower, more emotional scenes within the understated 1960s period feel. Director James Mangold probably deserves a good amount of the credit for making this all congeal together as well as it did.

Overall, this is a spectacular film precisely because it can hit audiences in so many different ways. Whether through the action, emotion, true story, or underlying themes, most viewers will be able to find something to enjoy here. Even if, like I said before, no previously knowledge of racing is present.
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Absolutely a 10!
sheldonwiduch4 September 2019
I attended the screening at Fox Studios yesterday and It was so good I want to see it again in IMAX. Christian Bale deserves an Oscar nom and definitely so far, the Best Film of the Year!
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All Gas, No Brakes
billybacktown21 November 2019
You have to have a big dump in your pants if all you're gonna do is complain about "historical inaccuracies" of a movie. Extremely entertaining film. Great cast, fun movie. Bale crushes it per usual.
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Multiple Oscar nominations incoming!
dip9214 September 2019
Both Matt Damon and Bales performances were fantastic and brilliantly directed by James ( by far his best directed film to date!)

Along with the excellent duo Oscar worthy performances the racing sequences were upmost beautifully made along with the films cinematography!

Im fully confident and expecting multiple Oscar nominations on all fronts for this joyful movie!!
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Great Racing Drama
TheOtherVignesh4 February 2020
It's a good film, with good performances from Christan bale and matt damon, Racing scenes are amazingly shot with great sound effects.
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I don't even like cars
shofujiwara17 January 2020
But this movie got my gears grinding and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, the chemistry between Matt and Christian, legendary.
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More than a car movie
MovieJunkie516 January 2020
This movie is so energy-filled action-packed emotionally-thrilled that engages you and begs for your attention in every single scene. Christian Bale gives yet another brilliant performance and so does Matt Damon and the entire cast. A movie not only for car enthusiasts but for everyone to enjoy.
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Well done
jakubzmrhala10 January 2020
Great story of Miles and Shelby. How they build a car worth risking. Nicely done movie . Emotions, power, engines, speed and CARS. Well done
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Bale outshines his character as Miles
shaik21516 November 2019
Honestly I went to watch this movie with zero expectation and knowledge of the plot. The film is a history of Le Mans '66 told with a thrill ride from Bale and Damon with stunning visual racing scenes. James Mangold has done a fantastic job as a director. Worth the watch in a movie theater.
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Turbo charged!
jasongkgreen4 November 2019
Nice surprise at the Cineworld secret screening with this. Bale and Damon have great chemistry. I struggled with Bale's UK Northern accent occasionally, but a story of risk, achievement and friendship, with some great driving scenes. Would recommended, especially for any race fans. 8/10
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Very Re-watchable
carpe-dm6810 February 2020
It's not an "important" movie, but it's very entertaining and very re-watchable. Matt Damon and Christian Bale give solid performances as usual, as does the rest of the cast. Good direction and I loved the use of the song Polk Salad Annie. I had a minor problem with some aspects of the ending, but nothing worth bringing up.
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