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37 Days; Line of Duty; Mind the Gap: London vs the Rest – review

BBC2's first world war drama 37 Days was a march over very familiar territory. Spoiler alert: negotiations didn't work

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Mind the Gap: London vs the Rest (BBC2) | iPlayer

As Russia's forces gathered on its western border last week, we were reminded once again that history repeats itself. First as tragedy, then as a three-part BBC series.

The particular section of history dramatised in 37 Days has been repeating itself of late like a pub bore on a baked bean diet. We may have our educational lacunae in this country, but surely most viewers could now gain an Oxford history first on the causes of the first world war.

Written by Mark Hayhurst, who scripted 2011's The Man Who Crossed Hitler, 37 Days covered the period between the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June 1914 and Britain's declaration of war against Germany on 4 August.
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BAFTA TV Awards Preview: Performers

BAFTA TV Awards Preview: Performers
Unlike the Emmys, performers in single drama, mini-series and series are pitted against each other at the BAFTAs. (See BAFTA program contenders report here and explanation of voting process here.) Nominees will be annouced April 30 and the awards are on May 27. Among those men contending for Best Actor bids who starred in one-off dramas are Bill Nighy ("Page Eight"), David Morrissey ("London's Burning"), Matt Smith ("Christopher and his Kind"), David Tennant ("United"), Darren Boyd ("Holy Flying Circus"), Aneurin Barnard ("We'll Take Manhattan"), Ed Stoppard and Ian Hart ("The Man Who Crossed Hitler"). Leading men from mini-series include Dominic West ("Appropriate Adult"), Eddie Redmayne ("Birdsong"), last year's nominee Benedict Cumberbatch ("Sherlock"), Chiwetel Ejiofor and Christopher Eccleston ("The Shadow Line"), Chris O&#39...
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Rewind TV: The Man Who Crossed Hitler; Hans Litten vs Adolf Hitler: To Stop a Tyrant; Random; American: The Bill Hicks Story; The Hour – review

Ed Stoppard was impressive as the lawyer who dared to put the Führer in the dock in The Man Who Crossed Hitler, while The Hour came to a satisfying close

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Hans Litten vs Adolf Hitler: To Stop a Tyrant (BBC2) | iPlayer

Random (Channel 4) | 4oD

American: The Bill Hicks Story (BBC4) | iPlayer

The Hour (BBC2) | iPlayer

For all its virtue as an attention-grabber, any play called The Man Who Crossed Hitler – a story based on true events – was bound to struggle with the weight of dramatic irony. However much you wondered who this man was, you didn't have to wonder if things would end well for him.

This was the tragedy of Hans Litten, a smart young Berlin lawyer who, in 1931, hauled Germany's raging Führer-to-be into court for an afternoon of impudent questioning, in particular to have him explain the apparent confusion in
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TV matters: The BBC's Hitler season

He's in a drama, a documentary and Doctor Who – why is the Beeb suddenly blitzing us with the Fuhrer?

A traditional rule of journalism is that two is a coincidence but three is a trend. And so Adolf Hitler is trending on BBC Television. On Saturday night, history students – or neo-Nazis without a date – can get a solid two hours of the Fuhrer. At 8pm, when Doctor Who (BBC1) completes his time-travel to 30s Berlin in Let's Kill Hitler, BBC2 is beginning Hans Litten vs Adolf Hitler: To Stop a Tyrant, a documentary that tells in factual form the same story fictionalised last week in the BBC2 drama The Man Who Crossed Hitler, which was written by the documentary's director, Mark Hayhurst.

This dictatorial collision in the schedules raises a recurrent question in broadcasting: the extent to which overlaps of programming should be ignored, or drawn out. The traditional solution
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BBC Drama: The Man Who Crossed Hitler

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Last time British TV viewers saw Ed Stoppard, he was having to deal with a scandal involving his sister-in-law (Clare Foy) and the Nazi ambassador in Upstairs Downstairs. During the last week of August, Stoppard returns to British TV and once again he finds himself having to deal with the Nazis in the BBC2 drama The Man Who Crossed Hitler.

The drama recounts the true story of a young Jewish-German lawyer named Hans Litten who subpoenaed Hitler to appear in court during the trial of some German fascists. Despite the danger he faced, Litten was determined to expose the savagery of the Nazis thugs and he hoped that by doing so he might cause enough consternation in pre-war Germany to put an end to the rise of Hitler.
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