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“7 Questions” With … Winter Ave Zoli of “Sons of Anarchy”

Winter Ave Zoli has managed to parlay what was originally a quickie guest spot into a full-fledged recurring role on the smash FX biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Her character Lyla’s tragic romance with Opie ended this season, but Lyla remains a part of the Samcro family, turning up for some quality screen time in tonight’s episode. Zoli, who can also currently be seen costarring with Kenneth Branagh in the short film “Prodigal,” part of the Stars in Shorts feature film, took some time to answer our “7 Questions.” You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. [...]
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Sons of Anarchy's Lyla Previews Opie's Funeral

Sons of Anarchy's Lyla Previews Opie's Funeral
On tonight's Sons of Anarchy, the show lays to rest one of its most popular characters, biker with a soul Opie, after his shocking prison murder. Winter Ave Zoli, who plays Opie's wife, Lyla, tells us what to expect on Tuesday night's episode and previews the direction her character will take.

Winter, whose porn star character Lyla married Opie (Ryan Hurst) in the season four premiere, but later separated from him when he discovered she'd secretly been taking birth control pills, says of Tuesday's episode, "[It's] about mourning Opie -- how the club and family deals with it, and in particular Lyla, how she deals with it."

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The actress, who says she found out about Opie's death when she ran into Ryan Hurst at an audition, says that she was floored to hear that Opie would meet an untimely end. "It was definitely
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Stars In Shorts – The Review

If you go see Stars In Shorts expecting to see Colin Firth in casual cargos from Lands End or Julia Styles wearing skin-tight Daisy Dukes, you’ll be disappointed. They’re not that kind of shorts, but they are those kinds of stars, so if you go expecting to see great acting and fine filmmaking, you’ll be rewarded. On the heels of the annual Oscar Nominated Short Films program, ShortsHD presents Stars In Shorts, a collection of short films featuring some of the world’s biggest actors. Many times you only see these films at festivals so I highly recommend the opportunity to see these presented together on the big screen. There is no consistent thread to the seven films other than they star famous actors including some Oscar winners.

The Procession (12 Minutes – Directed by Robert Festinger) – Lily Tomlin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are mother and son driving in
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ShortsHD’s ‘Stars In Shorts’ Opens September 28

Colin Firth, Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Keira Knightley, Julia Stiles, Wes Bentley, Jason Alexander, Lily Tomlin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are featured in the collection of 7 short films which open in theaters beginning September 28. Here are ShortsHD’s descriptions: The ProcessionLily Tomlin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are mother and son who get lost on their way to a burial in this laugh out loud, side-splitting comedy. Steve -Colin Firth portrays an unusually needy neighbor to an exasperated Keira Knightley in this intriguing and quirky movie. Sexting – Julia Stiles gives a standout performance as a young woman fed up with her relationship with a married man in this Neil Labute comedy. Not Your TimeJason Alexander is an aspiring Hollywood screenwriter at the end of his rope in this engaging musical comedy. Prodigal – Starring Kenneth Branagh and Jennifer Morrison. Parents of a paranormal child enact a dangerous plan to
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First Look: Kenneth Branagh In Sci-Fi Short 'Prodigal'

Moving up from P.A., assistant or lower-rung pleeb is a long tradition in Hollywood. Say what you will about the industry (and we surely have), but those with ambition and talent generally rise above their station because almost everyone is willing to hear a good idea (especially in a place that's bereft of creative ideas; new concepts always have currency). Case in point with Benjamin Grayson. He's the former assistant of five-time Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh-turned-filmmaker and he's directed his sophomore short film that includes a bevy of well-known stars. The short features Branagh and it's called, "Prodigal," a sci-fi thriller that revolves around a father trying to free his supernaturally gifted daughter from the clutches of a private firm and the paranormal branch of the Government. Above is a first look image of Branagh and Grayson on set. Industry screenings take place in L.A. this weekend
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