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24 May 2012
When Milo (Danny Masterson) is dumped by his girlfriend, his friends rally to get him back on his feet right away. But as Neal (Adam Busch) nervously tries to accommodate his girlfriend's sexy demands and Tyler (Michael Cassidy) struggles to land an interview with a difficult movie star, sex with a Swedish housekeeper causes trouble for Gibbs (James Lesure).
24 May 2012
Milo Full of Grace
When Neal (Adam Busch) institutes budget cuts to impress Amy's dad and Full Steam Magazine's owner P.J. Jordan (guest star J.K. Simonds), Gibbs (James Lesure) must go to great lengths to satisfy his free coffee habit and Milo's (Danny Masterson) debut investigative article ends up on the chopping block.
31 May 2012
Devil's Threesome
After he and Milo (Danny Masterson) are lured into bed by a beautiful woman, Gibbs (James Lesure) is devastated by his inability to perform in front of his friend. Meanwhile, a night out with Neal's (Adam Busch) girlfriend Amy (Meredith Hagner) leaves Tyler (Michael Cassidy) wanting the guys to get in touch with their feelings.
7 Jun. 2012
Heterotextual Male
As Milo's (Danny Masterson) efforts to woo a potential date backfire over a texting typo, Gibbs (James Lesure) and Tyler (Michael Cassidy) are left speechless after their research for a magazine story about a noted sex therapist turns erotic.
14 Jun. 2012
Toilet of Eden
Milo stays with Tyler while some work is being done in his apartment, but Tyler's only rule of the house proves a little too difficult to follow. Meanwhile, the guys jump to conclusions when they find a suspicious photo of Amy with another man (guest star Josh Hopkins).
21 Jun. 2012
Crazy for Milo
Testing a lie-detector app for a new article reveals some tough truths for Gibbs and Tyler. Amy and Neal experiment with role-playing, but things turn out to be very one-sided. And Milo's perfect girl turns out to be a bit kooky.
28 Jun. 2012
Plan B
After agreeing to set Milo (Danny Masterson) up on a date with his friend Hannah (guest star Laura Prepon), Neal (Adam Busch) has second thoughts. Meanwhile, Tyler (Michael Cassidy) and Gibbs (James Lesure) pretend to be gay in order to get a couple's discount at a new gym.
5 Jul. 2012
Wake and Bake
Urged on by Milo (Danny Masterson), Tyler (Michael Cassidy) sets out to confront a woman who has repeatedly stood him up and is surprised to end up at her late grandmother's wake. Meanwhile, Gibbs (James Lesure) joins Neal (Adam Busch) and his eccentric friends as they camp out to await the release of a hotly anticipated new videogame.
12 Jul. 2012
Inventing Milo
Milo (Danny Masterson) looks to find an investor for a new exercise suit that has injured its test subject Neal (Adam Busch) and left him trapped at home. Meanwhile, Tyler (Michael Cassidy) regrets hiring Gibbs' (James Lesure) eccentric idol (guest star William Baldwin) to shoot a cover photo for the magazine.
12 Jul. 2012
Super Milo
Milo (Danny Masterson) looks to celebrate getting over being dumped by his ex-girlfriend (guest star Amy Smart) by winning the Decathalynn, an annual event the guys created to help Gibbs (James Lesure) put an old girlfriend behind him.

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