"Sherlock" The Reichenbach Fall (TV Episode 2012) Poster

(TV Series)


Katherine Parkinson: Kitty Riley



  • Kitty Reilly : I'm a big fan.

    Sherlock Holmes : Evidently.

    Kitty Reilly : I read your cases. Follow them all. Sign my shirt, would you?

    [unzips her jacket to reveal her cleavage] 

    Sherlock Holmes : There are two types of fans.

    Kitty Reilly : Oh?

    Sherlock Holmes : Catch me before I kill again, type A.

    Kitty Reilly : Uh-huh. What's type B?

    Sherlock Holmes : Your bedroom's just a taxi ride away.

    Kitty Reilly : Hmm. Guess which one I am?

    Sherlock Holmes : [looks her up and down]  Neither.

    Kitty Reilly : Really?

    Sherlock Holmes : No, you're not a fan at all. Those marks on your forearm. Edge of a desk. You've been typing in a hurry, probably. Pressure on, facing a deadline.

    Kitty Reilly : That all?

    Sherlock Holmes : And there's a smudge of ink on your wrist, and a bulge in your left jacket pocket.

    Kitty Reilly : Bit of a giveaway?

    Sherlock Holmes : The smudge is deliberate. It's to see if I'm as good as they say I am.

    [Smells her arm] 

    Sherlock Holmes : Hmm. Oil-based. Used in newspaper print. But drawn on with an index finger. Your finger.

    Kitty Reilly : Hmm.

    Sherlock Holmes : Journalist. Unlikely you get your hands dirty at the press. You put that there to test me.

    Kitty Reilly : Wow! I'm liking you.

    Sherlock Holmes : You mean I'd make a great feature. "Sherlock Holmes, the man beneath the hat."

  • Kitty Reilly : [takes off her Deerstalker hat]  Kitty. Riley. Pleased to meet you.

    Sherlock Holmes : No. I'm just saving you the trouble of asking. No, I wont give you an interview. No, I don't want the money.

    [tries to leave] 

    Kitty Reilly : You and John Watson. Just platonic? Can we put down for a no there as well?

    [stands in his way] 

    Kitty Reilly : There's all sorts of... gossip in the press about you. Sooner or later, you're going to need someone on your side. Someone to... set the record straight.

    Sherlock Holmes : You think you're the girl for that job, do you?

    Kitty Reilly : I'm smart. And you can trust me... totally.

    Sherlock Holmes : Smart? Okay. Investigative journalist. Good. Well, look at me and tell me what you see.


    Sherlock Holmes : If you're that skillful, you don't need an interview, you can just... read what you need.


    Sherlock Holmes : No? Okay, my turn. I look at you and I see someone who's still waiting for their first big scoop so that their editor will notice them. You're wearing an expensive skirt that has been re-hemmed twice. The only posh skirt you've got. And your nails, you can't afford to do them that often. I see someone who's hungry. I don't see smart. And I definitely don't see trustworthy, but I'll give you a quote, if you like. Three little words...

    [brings her dicta-phone to his mouth] 

    Sherlock Holmes : You... repel... me.

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