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Morning Meme: Zach Wahls Shouldn't Have To Defend His Family, "AbFab" Gets a Date, and "Toddlers & Tiaras" Emulates RuPaul

I used to spend a lot of time sneering at the Jonas brothers, but as they've gotten older (and a little less squeaky clean), I find their ability to not take themselves seriously quite endearing. Like Nick Jonas as the deadbeat dad on Last Man Standing, still having to show off his voice.

Zach Wahls went viral speaking in Iowa about his gay moms. This past weekend, his speech went viral a second time, reaching 15 million views. He's taking some time off from college to finish a book and continue his activism. "I happen to be a go-getter student-turned-activist speaking out in defense of his moms, but this isn’t—and shouldn’t be—the norm. Nobody wants to spend all of his or her time defending his family, and I’m looking forward to mine no longer needing defending."

Wait – I knew soccer players played grab ass, took off their shirts,
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