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An unconventional superhero for Portugal
Starny27 April 2015
When I decided to watch Capitão Falcão, I had had the opportunity to realize there was a very positive feedback on this movie from some friends and acquaintances over the internet. Nevertheless, one is always a bit suspicious when it comes to a popular Portuguese film - don't get me wrong, there can be very good cinema in Portugal! - that doesn't let down.

This film is a satire, basically portraying the good and true Portuguese as a person of value, that loves their family, acts fervently towards any patriotic action and that is totally against Communism and its ideology. For a Portuguese who knows well the history around the dictatorship practiced in Portugal with António de Oliveira Salazar, like the most of us, it becomes even more shocking, although in a very funny way, how some individuals could manage to get a comedy out of what really happened.

Moreover, this movie is genuinely funny; there are crazy moves, fights, outrageous lines and even recreations from our childhood.

In conclusion, and although I can not consider it to be a perfect film, it is a true breath of fresh air when it pertains to the Portuguese film industry that also shows we are perfectly capable of laughing of ourselves and, more importantly, leave the cinema thinking, at least for once - I'm so glad I'm Portuguese!
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Probably a cult film
ricardosantos-4103130 April 2015
It has everything to become a cult film (in Portugal). Funny and with good action scenes. Jokes are well created, with the right timing, and they are really funny if you are "in the same page" with this kind of humor (no taboos).

Great job of Gonçalo Waddington! He is Capitão Falcão and vice-versa. After this movie there can be no other actor to play this role.

I would also congratulate the producers and the director to risk some political, controversial humor in a society that has no yet surpassed the trauma of the long dictatorship of the XX century and the abrupt changes after it.

Great movie, exceeds the expectations. I would recommend any Portuguese with a free mind to watch it.
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A Portuguese fascist vintage superhero
guisreis22 April 2016
Forget Marvel, forget DC. Portuguese superhero "Capitain Falcon" is a vintage hero such as "Rocketeer" and "Spirit", but fights crime in the years of fascist regime lead by Salazar... supporting it! The movie strongly reminded me the not well known France-USA comedy "Mr. Freedom", from 1969, due to its high level of mock and politicization in a parody of both superheroes and conservatism, but is is even better, as it has been able to keep a nice pace, playing with absurd situations without missing the point. If it weren't campy, a comparison with "Watchmen" would also be appropriated. Hilarious, ironic and smart Portuguese film, strongly recommended! It is also visually sophisticated and has a nice soundtrack. Overacting is in the precise level required for a spoof like this. The grotesque evil represented in the movie by everything that is progressive increases the level of irony to the top. The relation between the fascist superhero and his sidekick, Puto Perdiz (Partridge Kid, but a much funnier name in Portuguese), and the nemesis represented by April Captains (what a great idea! their symbol is a carnation flower!) assure lots of laughs.
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c-as-i21 May 2015
In order to represent the time of Portugal ruled by António de Oliveira Salazar, this film creates a heroic character who defends Portugal and Salazar at all costs with the help of Puto Perdiz. over the film is approached Portuguese habits, the Spanish civil war, PVED (Surveillance and State Defence Police), also known as "pip" and the existing hatred for the communists.

Furthermore this film is a caricature to the State, all superhero movies, as well as the scenes of present actions ourselves.

It's a movie of humor. A humor that not everyone likes! But for the who enjoy this type of humor, they will have an hour and a half lots fun!
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Comedy that's funny in a Portuguese way
pedronbpereira10 May 2015
Probably one of the best Portuguese films of the last decades. With subtle and delightful details, portrays of satirical and humorous forms a dictatorial era of Portugal. With a unique and politically incorrect style, the director manages to tell the story of a patriot hero, against the dangers of change.Of course, you can take political and partisan elations up to today, but I believe the motive is just the fun and comedy. No comparison, but with similar traits, I would venture to say that this film would be a Forrest Gump crossed with the Batman series of the 60's to tell a small part of the recent history of Portugal.
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Probably the best Portuguese comedy ever
dsabba13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is one of the best, if not the best comedy ever made in the Portuguese language.

The plot is a fun way to know about the Portuguese fascist dictatorship of Salazar and his new-state politics (Estado-Novo). The main character is Capitão Falção, a Portuguese soldier/super hero/patriot who struggles against communists (or how they call "Red menace") who tries to infiltrate his beloved country. As a super hero he has his own sidekick, Puto Perdiz.

A Fun movie, with a lot of quotable sentences and jokes. Highly Recommended!
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