"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Icarus (TV Episode 2011) Poster

Christopher McDonald: Evan Korman


  • Robert Goren : You're lying. But that's what producers do, isn't it? You lie for a living.

    Evan Korman : Yeah, well, so are the police!

  • Robert Goren : [coming close]  Come on, Evan. It was a barn burner of a disaster, right? A catastrophe, a money-sucking catastrophe. I think... A career-ender.

    Evan Korman : How dare you?

    Robert Goren : [ponting to a portrait on the wall]  You know, it must have been tough, your father looking over your shoulders every day. And now he's looking down on you from the great white way in the sky, and he's thinking, "I fathered... an entitled embarrassment."

    Evan Korman : All productions have problems.

    Alexandra Eames : [sarcastic]  Not front-page headlines in the Daily News every day. You're the laughingstock of Broadway.

  • Robert Goren : [sarcastically to Roger Porter]  You see, we googled you... six credits on shows that Evan produced since you... you graduated... Yale drama. You're a Yale man! A dramaturge!

    Roger Porter : Stop it!

    Robert Goren : [being ironic]  You know, it must be hard for artists these days, you now, the crass comercial considerations and never-ending pursuit of... Profit. You know, profit. Yeah, I guess that's why they call it show bussiness. But in the end, you are an artist, right? You create illusions, you know. You live in a world of make-believe. But this... This is real. Somebody's dead. There's a body at the morgue. And what got him there? Your fear of failure.

    Evan Korman : Bravo. I'm gonna have to cast you in my new production with that performance.

    Robert Goren : [indignant to Evan Korman]  You killed a man to save your reputation.

    [to Roger Porter] 

    Robert Goren : And you killed a man because you wanted to be a producer? Really? To share a marquee with Evan Korman... Son of the late, great, legendary Irwin Korman?

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