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Passes the Test
nevadaluke14 April 2012
I watch family movies as part of my job.

I sat down to watch this one expecting excruciating torture. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Somehow, Mr. Whitney makes this madcap bit of nonsense work in a weird kind of way. He has exactly the right mix of bewildered goofiness and phony bravado to pull this off.

He also owes a huge debt of gratitude to his co-starring piglet and especially to Miss Reiter, who is a delightfully edgy antagonist. I look forward to seeing more of her work on the big screen.

I recall Roger Ebert's test: does this movie succeed at what it sets out to accomplish? This one does.

TF2 is an outstanding movie to watch with your 10-and-under family members.
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Surprisingly Enjoyable
Alice15 September 2012
I was looking for a funny, undemanding movie; something that would cheer up someone recovering from an illness, for instance. "Tooth Fairy 2" fits the bill. I am not a huge fan of Larry the Cable Guy, but he does a nice job here working as a "temp" tooth fairy. He winds up drenched in pink (not his favorite color) but manages to graduate from a tutu to overalls. The pink baseball cap is a nice touch.

Not only does Larry have a tight deadline to meet with regards to collecting teeth, but he has to win his girlfriend back and convince a kid to believe in the Tooth Fairy again. Does he accomplish all this? Let's just say everything ends happily. This isn't Citizen Kane, but if you're in the mood for it this movie is a lot of fun. Recommended.
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Safe and not sorry
diggus doggus4 March 2012
Just a comedy film, well acted, well written, good supporting characters, not the best or anything special at all, but fortunately devoid of some Hollywood horrors that this new generation of family- friendly writers cram into everything they can get their hands on;

So, Larry, the "cable guy", is a southern hick, a good guy but not the brightest bulb in the box, and one day he gets transformed into a tooth fairy; simple, non ?

This is a not-serious film (duh), and it's got all the "safe" script choices for a comedy, avoiding the overly-PC but also all the sex jokes, but the result isn't middle-of-the-road in any way, it's funny and enjoyable if you accept the premise and the fact that you decided to watch a silly movie. Acting is also decent (i have seen MUCH worse - the supporting characters in Father of Invention come to mind), decent direction, writing and storyboard (tho the bassoon-heavy soundtrack is really annoying).

Now, i love silly movies, (i love serious ones too) and a little escapism sometimes is needed. And Tooth Fairy 2 has in spades of escapism, so if it's a easy comedy you are looking for, this film is for you.

Yeah you can rent this film safely, it won't be horrible, my word. (mind you, i liked a lot of silly films, like NATM, Awesomest Maximus, Meet the Spartans .. etc )

My final vote - 6/10 and not bad.
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Better than expected
tuneweplay9 March 2012
Preface: I like Larry the Cable guy, but I don't much appreciate his usual off color humor (even though we are both Cornhuskers...Go Big Red!) So, I was a little apprehensive renting this to watch with my family.

It is nearly impossible to find a movie that all my kids enjoy-16, 14, 10, & 5 yrs old. BUT... In Tooth Fairy 2, they all laughed and after it was over my 16 yr old said "that was pretty good" SCORE! Is it far fetched? YES! Is there some dumb humor? YES! SO....while not the best movie I've EVER seen, again, I challenge you to find something all my kids enjoy together.

Exceeded my expectations and provided laughs. THANKS!

(LOVE the fact that he wore a variety of Cabela's and Blackshirts caps too!)
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it is an amazing family film
jaemiewaters23 March 2012
it is an amazing family film i never laughed this hard on a movie before it is like one of the coolest movies ever it is a really funny family film this movie is a must see movie for everyone to enjoy i have never seen a movie like this i think you will enjoy this one of a kind movie that is a hart warming movie that is what i call a outstanding movie this is a must see movie for everyone i like this movie a lot and i hope you like it to this is one sweet and funny movie with Larry The Cable Guy in it this is a must see movie go Tooth Fairy 2 you are amazing this is one big hit i hope you enjoy this one of a kind adventure like you never seen before i hope it comes out in 3D now that would be cool if this movie would this movie is a big hit this movie is a hoot this is one laugh out laud movie i really think you will enjoy this masterpiece of a movie i have never seen a movie quite like this in my life it is one sweet and pink movie i mean it is really pink it is just a funny funny movie i hope you enjoy everyone
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Awesome Family Fun!!!
Pumpkin_Man14 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was hilarious and just as entertaining as the original. This one may even be better and funnier because of Larry the Cable Guy's country-boy humor. Larry Guthrie has had his 15 minutes of fame as Bowling Champion. His girlfriend, Brooke has left him and now dating Bo, a man who is running for Mayor. When Larry accidentally tells Brooke's student not to believe in fairy tales or the Tooth Fairy, he's sent to Fairy World by Nyx. He's told to collect 10 teeth in 10 days or Nyx will take away his most cherished memory. If you love slapstick, Southern-country jokes and the original, you'll definitely love TOOTH FAIRY 2!!!
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not bad
mattkratz20 January 2015
This wasn't too bad a "sequel" to the first movie. It's a sequel in name only as Larry the Cable Guy is the tooth fairy here. He lets his love interest down one too many times, ruins a kid's image of the tooth fairy, and winds up having to do time as a tooth fairy. As long as you come in with not-too-high expectations, you're bound to at least like this one, as Larry TCG does a decent comic turn. It has its moments, especially with the opening moments at the bowling alley, the scenes of him going around collecting the teeth, and the scenes with the kids. It was a pretty good comic family movie serving as a vehicle for its star-same as the first film! ** out of ****
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Not As Good As The Original!
Dylan Simone16 September 2012
This movie did get good reviews on the Internet, but personally, I have my own feeling about this unusual sequel. I did like the part where he grew those pink wings in his mobile home, though. The movie had okay effects, but they just didn't turn out the way I thought they were going to. I did enjoy the movie, but it just didn't suit me like the first one did. I wonder if they'll make a prequel called Tooth Fairy 3? Who knows what people do these days. I saw the movie in the mall and decided to blow my money on this unusual motion picture. The way I see it, movies don't always turn out the way they should. Sometimes I buy DVDs and Bluray movies on or even eBay, and then I see it and say either Wow, that movie was amazing or that film needs work! I occasionally preorder DVDs Books or CDs that I know will be popular. I do like Daedaulus DVDs, as I like other ordering catalogs, like Oriental Trading, and ordering sites, like Amazon (My Favorite) and eBay (my other favorite). Amazon has amazing prices for their DVDs and great prices when it comes to Preordering. That's how I retold my version of "Motion Pictures"!
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Made Me Laugh Out Loud
rannynm3 August 2012
KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Jennifer Huntoon, reviews the film below: Video review here:

Ten teeth in ten days sounds impossible for a brand new tooth fairy helper, right? Well Larry Guithery, played by Larry the Cable Guy, makes it possible. He is on a mission but not just any mission, a mission to restore faith in the tooth fairy and to keep his best memory. This is an enjoyable movie. There isn't a dull moment or a moment when I did not laugh.

The main characters in this film include Larry Guithery (Larry the Cable Guy; Cars 1 and Cars 2). Other main characters are Beauregard "Bo" Billings (David Mackey), Brook (Erin Beute), and the adorable tooth fairy, Nyx (Bradley Reiter). All of the tooth fairy costumes are out of this world. When I saw Larry Guithery (Larry the Cable Guy) in a pink tutu and tights , I started to laugh my head off! This is one of my favorite costumes and scenes.

I recommend this movie for ages 5-12. If parents watch this movie with their kids, they will find it to be funny and a good story. These ages would like this film because of the jokes and comedy. Tooth Fairy 2 ranges from physical and exaggerated comedy to romance and love. There are things like "fart" jokes and funny dancing that even made my mom and I laugh. I knew from the moment I saw Larry the Cable Guy that this movie would be hilarious and I was right.

Even though some of the silly jokes do not fully grab my attention this movie makes me laugh out loud. I give Tooth Fairy 2 , four stars. This film comes out in DVD on March 6, 2012. So if you are in the mood for some comedy or if you are a fan of Larry the Cable Guy, mark your calendar for the premiere of Tooth Fairy 2.
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My kids loved this - and Larry was a delight
FilmTeacher20 May 2013
Like many people I came to this with low expectations, but I'm sitting here as my kids are watching it for the third day in a row. Sure it's pretty formulaic and predictable, but who cares - it works. Larry is a great physical comedian and putting him in scenes with kids makes for great entertainment. Larry's appeal cuts across ages and situations - he works well in scenes with adults as well. I'm not sure how they made the decision to make a second film for this franchise especially considering how different this one is, but I'm hoping to see Larry the Cable Guy in similar films in the future. I should also add the supporting cast were also pretty spot-on, even though they were playing pretty two-dimensional characters.
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