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An interesting documentary about women in one tribe ...
thejdrage5 February 2023
This was an fascinating project that was as fun to watch as it was, I imagine, to be part of. To be "a fly on the wall".

I don't know if men realize how lucky they are to have this accessible to them - to hear how women really think and talk among themselves - unedited, so to speak.

It is obvious that this family is close and comfortable in all ways - intellect, their home, their city. And, most importantly, with each other. They "tell it like it is".

The one thing that gave me serious pause, was the grandmother's comment on some political matters. I felt that remark would have been best left on the editing floor. It took the documentary from family to hard core political and that jerked me out of it and it was hard to return - thus the 7 instead of an 8.
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