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Good underlying message, but nothing original
krnsniper_0115 August 2012
I was dying to see this film when i saw the trailer with cute Boyoung Park in it. When i finally go to see this film, i wasn't so pleased. It follows a simple plot of some characters "incidently" watching the supposedly "cursed video clip" from a now defunct website. Obviously, the not so kind spirit is vengeful and goes after the people who watch the video clips. I had the impression that whoever completed the script was trying to rush a lot of things into the run time of the film. There are a few instances where the makers of the film try to startle the viewers, but fail miserably. Not once, have i been startled. Actors, but mainly actresses act well (with the exception of an actor who played the role of Se-Hee (Boyoung Park)'s boyfriend). In the end, the message about haters on the internet is so to the point. I could have given this film even 4/10 but actresses and the message of the film saved this rating to 6/10. This is an okay film for a kill time.
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Nothing spectacular, but enjoyable, nevertheless.
Christine_Plymouth_Fury195829 December 2012
True, the film is not original in its concept, but anything that's original is a rarity these days.

I think any idea, no matter how clichéd, if done correctly, is worth watching; and I do believe this movie is one such. Nothing that would curl your toes under your blankets, but there were some creepy moments that made the movie enjoyable.

The story is not complicated nor deep, and the ghost per se did not make too much of an appearance, which I found a pity. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this little film and would recommend it to people who wouldn't like anything too horror "heavy".

Minimum amount of blood, no gore. Acting was the usual, lots of shrilly screams and blank stares, but acceptable.
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Foutainoflife8 April 2019
This film is about a cursed video.

Nothing really stands out in this. It's a pretty average film. The acting is okay but there isn't much depth to the characters. It's not a film that I consider to be scary. It wasn't a bad film but I'm pretty sure I won't remember it.
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Very weak, dull and lame Asian horror flick
KineticSeoul5 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Virtual internet sites where teens gets bullied or commit suicide even as a pack. Has been a ongoing issue for a long time. But despite the message this movie is bland as it gets. Everything about it seems so darn amateurish and dull. Even the pop up scares doesn't have an effect and seems utterly cheap most of the way through. The plot just doesn't seem focused and even when it's finished you just don't get the reasons behind it. I did but I didn't at the same time if that makes sense. This movie has a interesting start but as it progresses it becomes a total bore-fest. I was so bored I was doing other stuff while watching this movie, which isn't really fair as a reviewer. But I got the basic premise with girls making those creeped out faces and screams and so on. Even as a simple date movie just pass on this one. This borrows so many ideas from other horror movies but does it way weaker.

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