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A camping trip turns deadly in "Dead Woman's Hollow"

Dead Woman's Hollow From John Taylor, the mind behind Promenade, Brainwrap & Leach, comes Dead Woman's Hollow. Starring Sarah Snyder, Mel Heflin and Charles Dawson, "Dead Woman's Hollow" combines elements of Friday the 13th and mixes it with In Cold Blood. Dead Woman's Hollow takes place in small town Pennsylvania along the Appalachian Trail. The story tells the tale of the police investigation into the crimes that were committed against two female campers, Donna and Jen.  

Part crime drama, part horror; Dead Woman's Hollow follows Donna and Jen on their trip into the mountains of Appalachia and shows you the horror that these girls experienced. Their story intertwines with the investigation of the crime committed, slowly giving the viewer more and more insight into what exactly happened on that night. "In Appalachia, blood always runs to the hollow".

Dead Woman's Hollow is currently filming. To stay up to date on this project,
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