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By far the worst movie I have ever seen
Polina Dias26 April 2014
I can not find any positives about this movie as it simply was abysmal in every way possible from the plot to the acting. The story did not develop to engage anyone, character development was terrible, acting even worse and simply shocking that it was released in a cinema! I would have been disappointed if I had seen this movie for £1 on a DVD.

To me it felt as though the movie was put together over a weekend with people with no acting experience whatsoever and the story patched together to make it inconceivable, laughable at best. A very poor attempt at a movie.

Easily the worse film I have ever seen. I'd have requested a refund had I paid to watch this movie. Do yourself a favour and save the 90 minutes of your life that this movie would waste.
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British Indian film
to_scarlet1 May 2014
I watched this film this evening with a friend of mine, being a non Asian. I always go to watch all Indian films and having seen this labeled as a Bollywood film, I went to see it for that reason only, as I have been watching adverts on facebook and Indian TV channels as well. Well it was an alright film and quite predictable, acting was awful by some of the cast and low budget showed, though its trailer was super exciting compared to slow pace of the film. I am a student and I related to the film. Overall as an indie not a bad attempt though I expected better. Maybe cast more attractive people next time and better storyline and directon
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Very amateur
Vega74731 May 2014
I was surprised that this quality of film was screened at Cine world. The quality is appalling! Very bad acting, awful sound dubbing, haphazard story development and the list goes on. I really couldn't wait till the film ended. It feels like your watching a home made movie, low budget with amateurish editing. Whoever did the sound dubbing should be shot! It was laughable how out of sync the sound dubbing was. It felt like watching an old Chinese martial arts movie notorious for its poor sound dubbing.

Don't waste your time with this movie. It's a low quality film made for 'men for movies' TV channel...
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An interesting but patchy film
loveyourlife30 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Having premiered last year at the London Indian Film Festival, this film surprisingly got a full national release in multiplexes. I say surprising because a. it's low budget and b. the film doesn't seem to know what it is and its pre-release marketing to the media has been fairly confused. Billed as a 'British Asian' flick; apart from the fact that the director and one of the two principal leads are British Indian, there's nothing to suggest it belongs to that loose genre. I think herein lies part of the problem; Cineworld, where I saw this, had this tagged as a Bollywood release, possibly and probably confusing cinema goers-- which may explain the exceptionally poor first review here on IMDb. It would have been better to aim it at a wider general audience. The film itself is a thriller (of sorts) on a very topical subject with two main characters- Alison, overly-acted in my opinion, and the muddled Arjun, an Indian overseas student (strangely with a British accent) played fairly well by Shiv Jhala. Enter side characters in the form of racist English Society leader and a spurned Scots boyfriend and you have the film's four living characters; the fifth having been stabbed in the first 10 minutes or so. Haphazardly building up to its climax, the ending was still predictable; nevertheless, production values aside, it's a decent early career effort from director Sidharth Sharma and shows possible promise of things to come.
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Needed bigger budget and better script.
clintoncombined10 June 2014
Low budget, filmed in Birmingham. It was unintentionally very funny at end, When Arjun is running to council house ( which was supposed to be university ) and he ran up hill back down towards city centre, appeared at back of old library. If your gonna make film you have to use proper locations. The council house is a university? They have funerals in St Pauls square? I thought Alison was good actress. I thought the supposed murder of a girl in bar would be ridiculously hard to believe and made no sense, as he was apparently cosy with another girl in bar, and then objected to ex, getting number so shot her? I thought the actor in that role was good and has potential, I also thought Arjuns girlfriend at the end could have been in the movie more as both these people had looks to be movie stars perhaps. I liked the Marilyn Monroe angle, I thought the fact that the murder took place notorious for place where gay men goto couple up on canal was a weird choice of location. Also the joke he told about elephant going into a bar, he should have stuck with elephant version and not changed it to gorilla, Missed an opportunity to use the old library as location. Clearly given use of council buildings and filmed a lot there, was it library university or council building? Also the murder of guy at start, there was'nt any like evidence of who killed him, and they sort of pin it on leader of BNP, but unless he was able to beam himself into location, how could they make assumption? It was nice to see politician shot in council office however.
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