"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Boots on the Ground (TV Episode 2011) Poster

Julia Ormond: Paula Gyson


  • Robert Goren : I thought about what you said. You know, I'm not afraid... I mean, maybe I am, but you were right, you know. I... my world is treacherous.

    Paula Gyson : I need you to sit.

    Robert Goren : I have this friend, Louis. He works on cars. He told me that the biggest mistake that people make is they have an old car. It's worn down. It stalls all the time. They get the transmission flushed, clean out all the gunk, you know. But they kill it. You see, all that gunk, it was there for a reason. It was there to plug up all the holes. Car never runs again.

    Paula Gyson : You're afraid if you get into this with me, you'll stop functioning?

    Robert Goren : You're gonna say you won't allow that to happen because... You know, I can trust you.

    Paula Gyson : I wouldn't presume to tell you who to trust. I do think it's interesting that you likened yourself to an old car. Cars don't feel. They don't stop and... reflect. They're made to work, to go.

    Robert Goren : My mother... She, you know... Did her best to take care of me. But she was mentally ill. Schizophrenic.

    Paula Gyson : You were only a boy?

    Nicole Wallace : [Nicole Wallace's interrogation]  How old were you when you first realized your mommy wasn't like all the other mommies?

    Robert Goren : [Nicole Wallace's interrogation]  Seven.

    Nicole Wallace : [Nicole Wallace's interrogation]  Were you ashamed?

    Robert Goren : [Nicole Wallace's interrogation]  And frightened. It's... it's my turn.

    Paula Gyson : Detective?

    Robert Goren : I've talked to someone about this before.

    Paula Gyson : In therapy?

    Robert Goren : No. In the interrogation room. I... I betrayed my family. I pimped out my family to get a... a confession.

    Paula Gyson : You did what you had to. You always have. And I don't think you betrayed your mother. But what have you done for her son?

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