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7 Jan. 2012
Terrorizing My Clients
Engaged couple Tara & Josh won't walk down the aisle till their unspayed, hormonal ex-alley cat Larry stops rampaging. Heather and Alan contend with Ruby, a violently misogynist cat who, stuck in cycles of fear and jealousy, starts ruining Heather's in-home business.
14 Jan. 2012
Mad Max
Partners Lori and Shanna and their regular housecat Missy need protection from City, a completely ferocious, part-Bengal mix. With a baby on the way, Ned and Kellee need to change the behavior of Max, a vicious, formerly abused feline who's become a neighborhood terror.
21 Jan. 2012
On the War Path
Tales of "problem children:" Alpha cat Kleo absorbs the electrically charged, argumentative personalities of owner Brooklyn and her steady boyfriend Tim. Marco feels trapped and can't abide anyone - not owner Bobby nor his significant other In-Hae - but the key comes in training In-Hae's miniature dog Yuki.
28 Jan. 2012
Pissed Off!
Jackson encounters two furious cats, each with medical conditions, one from an old injury (Stella) and the other from over-eating (Mr. Fluff). In addition, Jackson meets an owner resistant to the aesthetics of "cat-ifying" his home and a couple perpetually terrified of incurring their cat's wrath at bedtime.
4 Feb. 2012
Cat Fight!
Roommates Laura & Lizzy present Jackson with a cat named Penny Lane who's behavior truly scares him. A new house sends former buddy housecats Roxy & Max at each other's throats, stressing newlyweds Karen and Martin.
18 Feb. 2012
Spitting Mad
Escalating violence between two Sphinx cats (Black Rose and Mathilde) keep engaged couple Steve and Deirdre up at night. Dorothy and Travis fear their vomiting cat Polly will someday soon attack their toddler son Rex.
30 Jun. 2012
Cat Fight!
Emile and Mike can't leave their two cats alone as one will viciously attack the other. The couple is at their breaking point with the bloody attacks. Justin and Susanne can't agree on how to handle their energetic Bengal cat who constantly attacks Susan.
7 Jul. 2012
My Cat or My Family
An unrecognized impaired sense turns one cat nasty while another cat turns vicious when its hierarchy isn't respected.
14 Jul. 2012
Kitty Dearest
Travis and Diane share joint custody of Oscar, but she can't take his obnoxious behavior anymore. Married couple Vincent and Esther disagree on their approach in dealing with their cat Riley's hissing and scratching fits.
21 Jul. 2012
Kitty Jail
Jackson meets a likable cat that's extremely insecure over territorial issues, and another cat with a degenerative condition at odds with its owner's aesthetics and a highly energized second cat.
28 Jul. 2012
Roscoe the Menace
A cat prevents an engaged couple from planning their wedding, and a live-in boyfriend sees his girlfriend's cat as conniving competition rather than good company.
4 Aug. 2012
Cat Escape!
While Khrys and Michael have a good-cop-bad-cop routine that prompts their cat, Kitty, towards frequent bids for freedom, Don and Joy have stopped having company over due to the ferocity of their cat, Addie.
Aug. 2012
My Cat Eats Everything!
Mark and Angela have to childproof their home because their cat, Gus, eats EVERYTHING. Stella just chased off Melissa's latest boyfriend with her brutal behavior and shows no signs that she's willing to accept any more gentleman callers.
25 Aug. 2012
My Cat Is a Bully
Melissa fears daughter Mariah's aggressive cat, Miley, will kill her two chihuahuas. Gracie attacks Kristen and Lei daily as well as any of their friends that still dare set foot in their home.
1 Sep. 2012
Big Boi Ruins Our Social Life
Jackson deals with an unneutered male with no cat language, ready to populate the neighborhood, and an elderly cat drawn to vibration therapy.
8 Sep. 2012
In one home, a neurologically damaged cat threatens to tear a couple apart, while in another a pair of warring cats divides a married couple concerned for the safety of their child.

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