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Action is spelled...OVERTIME the movie
irishboy9626 July 2011
OVERTIME the movies action travels at the speed of light. This fast paced, thrill ride, IS the must see movie of the Summer. Al Snow, and John Wells, are the new "Butch and Sundance" of Action Films. Everything, from the great direction of Matt Niehoff, to the slick, and tight cinematography of Brian Cunningham, makes this film a smash hit. The icing on the cake in this movie, is accentuated by the driving soundtrack from Jason Paige, and the Villbillies. They say dynamite comes in small packages. Well THIS little Independent film, will hit you like freight train on steroids. So strap in, hold on, and get ready for the ride of your life. IT'S OVERTIME !
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Overtime Sets the Bar for Indie Film
thebigbang99118 August 2011
I wouldn't normally call myself fortunate for getting to preview a new independent film, but I was recently asked to preview Overtime and "fortunate" is exactly what I am. Overtime, written and directed by Louisville, Ky native Matt Niehoff, sets a new standard for independent films everywhere. The bar has been raised, not only for the courageous and beautifully balanced cinematography, nor for the skillful editing alone, but, just as rare in most indie films, it's been raised for the talent owned by several of these mainly untried cast members.

The primary cast has a chemistry that sizzles, giving me the same feeling I had watching the brat pack perform together in the 80s. Thankfully, Overtime is no John Hughs film. Instead, the main cast manages to balance the absurdity in and around them with realism, and thus create believability. John Wells is perfectly cast as the ego-centric Max, and his intentionally over-the-top performance shines when countered with Al Snow's convincingly real portrayal of the more reasonable Raeff. Special kudos go, too, to actress Sebrina Siegel, who managed to bring a greater credibility to the film with her very natural delivery of some very un-natural dialogue, and who's impressive performance and genuine movements helped eliminate the possibility of a "comic book" feeling to the movie.

It wouldn't feel right without also crediting the soundtrack chosen to accompany this fun-filled ride. Simply well done. Even the highest budget indie films will have difficulty stretching to reach the bars of Overtime.
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Action/Sci Fi/Comedy!!!!
Matthew Tyldesley24 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Matt Niehoff & Brian Cunningham's "Overtime" offer a fresh take on the zombie genre: a kick butt movie with action, horror and comedy . There was never a dull moment in this film which starred Al Snow & John Wells was very cohesive and entertaining. Great chemistry between these two. This movie featured a great soundtrack, great acting and beautiful cinematography!!! We will be seeing much more of John Wells in the future as he had much character and charm. Amazing special effects and made right here in Louisville, Kentucky!!!! I highly recommend this action/horror comedy for everyone too see!!!!!! Lastly, the Y-box girls are hotand I want a Y- box!!!!!!!!!
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A very entertaining film
davecrites23 July 2011
This movie had a great sense of humor and was very well done. It's nice to see a horror movie that can provide some good laughs. I had much the same feeling when I saw Sean of the Dead and From Dusk to Dawn. The movie is well paced, and at the screening I attended, the audience had a great time. The editing was crisp, and the cinematography and color grading was quite engaging. Brian Cunningham and Matt Niehoff wore many hats in this production, and I think they did a great job covering a lot of bases. Many times things suffer when resources are stretched too thin, but it was obvious that a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail was expended to make sure that this was not the case in this instance. The music was also well done, and really added to the dynamic of the film. While my guess is there wasn't a very large budget for the film, I think it holds it's own with many other movies in this genre that cost a lot more to produce. I think these guys are going to be people to keep your eyes on. They definitely show a passion and talent for movie making.
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Everything I want in a movie!
thiemanelectric28 July 2011
I was lucky enough to make it into the standing-room-only premiere of this movie. The energy and hype proceeding this event was well received and warranted. Getting to see the reaction of the standing ovation on the faces of the writer/director team of Brian Cunningham and Matt Neihoff was worth the price of admission alone. A great movie that covers a lot of genres. The perfect blend of drama and comedy,,,gruesome and goofy. The main characters had great on screen chemistry that kept the movie fun,with a solid job from the supporting cast and crew. Great effects and a rocking soundtrack make the icing on the cake, because "F*ck Yea, I love cake!" Instant cult classic. Proof that you don't have to have a huge budget or an L.A. locale to make something entertaining.
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Fun video game style first person shooter.
Hairy Buddah7 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a lot more fun than it had any right to be. I gave it an 8 as a within genre rating - low budget, clever, zombie movie.

With a nod to Stargate our heroes are hired by Samantha Carter. She is an attorney who gets guilty bad people off on technicalities. Then she sends in hit men to remove them from society. The hit men go after a target they think is a drug dealer. Turns out he is getting the "drug" is a byproduct of research on alien parasites. The parasites start infecting the lab workers, and our heroes find their supposedly simple job of taking out a drug dealer much more complicated than originally anticipated.

It turns into a classic video game first person shooter movie. Our guys find some other survivors. They find additional guns and ammo. They find items they need for their back story quest. They learn what they need to learn to save the world. All while wisecracking their way through zombie slaughters.

It is all shot in claustrophobia vision. If the camera zoomed out too far you would probably see the zombie aliens obviously waiting to jump at the good guys from behind or the side. Hey, what do you expect for a movie that has to take it's building sets as it finds them.

The back story was hilarious. The head hit man forgot his kid's birthday and has to pick up a bunch of stuff before he goes to the party. Naturally they find a cake in a breakroom at the zombie lab. So they have to pass the cake back and forth while taking turns blowing away zombies as they escape the building. I assume that several stunt cakes were needed or I would have seen the notice "no cakes were harmed in the filming of this movie" during the credits.

Lots of fun surprise bits at the end. One of our heroes gets REALLY lucky. There are crazy credits including the full Y-Box commercial, and groupings of zombie alien credits based on the character they killed.

So yes, it is all a little cheap and cheezy. But the actors are all trying hard and getting in to their parts. The writing is clever. The direction is as good as it can be with the tools at hand. If this style of movie is to your taste you should enjoy it very much.

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Non-stop fun!!!!!
ekinds23 July 2011
This is one hell of a fun ride!!! From the start, it digs in, stays constant and exciting and is just a fun and thrilling ride!!! There are no "lulls" or "lagging" parts to it.

There is no tedious sub-plot that seems to stay unresolved--it starts with a bang (literally)and continues to thrill, amuse and entertain until the very end!!!

The makeup effects are wonderful!! This movie does not rely on excessive gore and mirror-tricks to keep the viewer from noticing a weak plot...this is a new and interesting plot that I've not seen before!!!

It is appropriately and excitingly done with cool, creepy and action- enhancing effects. And the make-up is just really COOL!!!!

The soundtrack is appropriately sequenced and diverse and well-assigned to each scene--special props to Amy Poole's haunting and lovely vocals in the closing song!!

This is just a great thrill of a movie...treat yourselves to a fun evening of entertainment, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!
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Overtime: A wild mashup of action, comedy and horror!
skye7245 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Overtime is a popcorn-crunching, belly laughing, jump out of your seat action movie. The movie is a whopping big surprise of a feature film, with the quality of Los Angeles filmmaking and all the fun of a crowd pleaser on steroids.

Raph and Max are a couple of suburban buddies collecting a cake, a gift and a clown for Raph's 9-year son's birthday party. Just so happens that their day jobs are hit men, employed by a lawyer who gets really bad guys off the hook, takes their money, and sends Raph and Max to remove them from circulation.

From a suburban home to an abandoned warehouse full of zombie aliens, Raph and Max never veer from their real mission: getting the party right by 7:00 pm.

Al Snow and John Wells have the perfect chemistry to make Overtime click. Matt Niehoff and Brian Cunningham, the director and DP, make Overtime a romp and a thriller. I saw this film at a Fright Night Film Festival in an overflowing screening room - and that room rocked with cheers and laughter and screams of delight.

Gotta see Overtime. I predict it will be the sleeper hit of 2012.
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Super Solid!
drmakueen1-224 July 2011
Overtime is a solid action-adventure film with some horror thrown in for good measure. The cast has amazing chemistry and top-notch performances all around. John Wells and Al Snow both shine with excellent comedic banter and action sequences. Matt Niehoff and Brian Cunningham have given us a witty, heart-pounding flick that gives us believable action, likable characters, and memorable, hilarious quips, all wrapped in a high-quality production that does Kentucky proud. Embodiment FX has done an amazing job with the makeup effects work, and the music used was absolutely perfect both in selection and placement. This film definitely deserves to be seen nationwide.
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All around Great film
Jimmiblues25 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is epic! I loved it. Bloody good times, funny one liners and all the right stuff to put into a film. great job people hope to see more of your work in the future. I could totally see this in every movie house around the world, and I would have it in my personal DVD collection when it comes out. If you like horror movies your like Overtime. Love sci-fi films this is a movie you must watch. the comedy is flabbergasting! Guns Machince Guns and knifes plus blood splatter who could ask for anything more than death with a gun or a blade from a hit-man. The music during the movie was fast and went with the pace very well. God bless everyone there
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Great Action Comedy
crimsonknight_2724 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Overtime (the movie) is like the Hangover on steroids. It is a non-stop, action packed, punch in the face comedy with smartly sophomoric humor. Al Snow and John Wells carry this buddy/action film on capable shoulders. Overtime is well shot, well acted, well edited, well choreographed, and well directed and completely satiates the pallet. It tickles the same funny bone that made us want to play cops and robbers as kids. After the premiere at the Fright Night/Fandomfest Film Festival the audience gave the film a standing ovation that last for well over 15 minutes.

A must see for any action film fan!
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Awesome movie
shul0828 July 2011
Overtime was a really entertaining movie to watch- I guarantee you will not be bored for a single moment while watching it. The film was really well-done in every aspect- awesome camera-work, awesome editing, awesome effects, awesome acting, awesome everything. Al Snow and John Wells did a great performance. They were hilarious and had great chemistry together throughout the whole movie. Both are likable characters who will lead you through an action-packed adventure with some laughs and funny one-liners thrown in there. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a unique and entertaining horror/action/comedy movie to watch!
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Good, deep belly laughs!
Rabh1720 October 2014
The premise is simple and old as late night TV. But here, it's the two hit men who pull this one off. Campy, yet not overboard. Funny dialogue that doesn't take itself too serious, yet interjects a lot of "Yeah-Right!". And under it all, they rip right into the whole Alien Monsters loose in a Lab trope with some beautiful zingers. And Al Snow carries his part with justice. It good to see a WWF guy step into the acting ring and show his real talents.

And most of all, the big question is whether the guys will make it home in time for the kid's Birthday party.

This one is great tension relief for a Friday Night after a Long work week. Nice, Light and Funny as heck.
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Longtime fan of Matt Niehoff's directing career delves into why Overtime is his greatest masterpiece thus far.
Jillybean Daddy16 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I'm a longtime fan of director Matt Niehoff's work. Everything from his projects at SCAD to his current opus allow you into this amazingly talented director's gleefully disturbed mind. I have been into movies since I was old enough to watch the big screen and Overtime truly does bring everything you could want in a film to the table. First off, Snow and Well's on-screen chemistry is incredible. From start to finish they call to memory the Marx Brothers, Oliver and Hardy - you name it! These guys are hilarious. I watched Overtime in a church and was causing God to come by and ask, "why dost thou L.O.L in my house?" The Zaliens are actually creepy and hands off to the whole make-up department for horror effects that rival Savini's. The action is relentless and the bad guys do a great acting job because I was glad to see them die. At least in the movie. The camera work is pretty intense. The slow-mo scenes are awesome and help to make Max and Raphael worthy of a Jack Burton thumbs up. I love the soundtrack featuring blistering guitar work and, when necessary, an eerie score. It really set the mood in each scene, making the whole film an enjoyable ride from start to finish. The plot line is so well played out that I had to keep watching. A little action, a little sci-fi, a little horror, a lot of comedy, and an awesome movie. A Hit-man who is more family-man than assassin, yet saves the world from a Zalien apocalypse all in time to make it home for their kid's birthday? Sound strange? Welcome to the world of Overtime and the first of many of Matt Niehoff's great masterpieces.
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Hit men vs. the zombie apocalypse
Leofwine_draca26 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
OVERTIME is your typical slacker indie comedy about a couple of hit men out on a routine job who become embroiled in the zombie apocalypse. The film is quite laughable really and not in a good way. It's packed full of influences and references to other movies, but as a film in itself it really doesn't look good. The zombies are laughable and the shaky camera-work more likely to induce a headache than anything else. At times the film pauses for some weird soap opera-style interludes that seem to forget the zombie menace entirely.
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Stupid, Cheesy, Fun
Even now a few hours later, I'm still not sure what to give this movie. I went into it expecting it only to be stupid and ridiculous, because what else is a movie starring one-third of Head Cheese (Head counts as as third!) going to be? But it was far more ridiculous than even I expected.

But in a stupidly, goofy, surprisingly entertaining way.

Don't get me wrong; this isn't a "good" movie. The acting is . . . well, it stars Al Snow. The dialogue, man, the dialogue. It's something. Something that you can easily imagine the two writers being high as heck and laughing their butts off as they write it (though I give credit; there are some very clever lines scattered about). The IMDb estimate for the budget is $5,000 (yes, thousand). And that shows.

But damn if Al doesn't do his damnedest to bring his domestic yet shadily employed character to life, and John Wells and his engaging smile delivers some of the cheesiest, stupidest freaking jokes and inappropriate laughter with a sociopath's sincerity and charm that's hard to resist

You know those movies that people say "You just have to turn your brain off for a little while" about? The kind of B-movie that's so bad, it's ultimately good? *This* is exactly that kind of movie. Just sit back and let the only slightly above "Beavis and Butthead" humor wash over you like a (insert favorite metaphor here).

Okay, since I rate movies not based on their quality, but on how much I enjoyed them, then I guess I've got to give "Overtime" a 7/10. Because stupid as it is, I laughed my ass off through the entire thing. Sometimes at that stuff they wanted me to laugh at, sometimes not, but it was all good. In fact, of all the B-movies I've watched over the last year, this is either the best, or at least tied with (I can't believe I'm saying this) "Sharknado" (yes, I laughed my ass off through that one).

Give it a shot. If you're inclined to drink or indulge in some of the Reefer Madness, you might do that before and during the film.
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Cute movie...well worth a watch...
Andy Van Scoyoc10 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I lost count of how many times I bypassed this movie on Amazon Prime. I like Al Snow, but the cover of the film on AP, looked so stupid, I couldn't bring myself to watch it.

Bored, scrolling completely through every AP zombie movie listed, twice, and coming up with nothing, I decided that this movie couldn't - in any way - possibly be any worse than the rancid garbage I've seen as of late.

Glad I finally gave in and watched it.

Al Snow and John Wells work very well together...very believable as partners, but John Wells steals the entire film.

Glib, hilarious and a complete smart alleck, he's the type of character you love to watch because he makes a film, fun.

I know he's done some serious roles and I'd like to see if he can as easily as he makes it seem, move from one personality, to another.

Different story line and just genuinely fun.

Give it a go. While not the greatest film ever made, you'll be glad you watched it.
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I want a YBox 720! You gotta love those 1024 bits graphics! WORTH WATCHING!
jeanmarcvdlinden16 January 2017
This movie does not deserve a 10, but it definitely deserves more than the meagre 5.4 score that it had on IMDb at the time I wrote this review, so I'm giving it a full blown 10/10 just to improve its score a bit. I've seen so much professionally made rubbish from Hollywood lately that OVERTIME, even though it has an amateurish look and feel to it, came as a very WELCOME, almost REFRESHING and certainly ENTERTAINING movie!

Sure, you can criticise all you want, even with good reasons when analysing this movie in depth, but then again critics usually lack sense of humour and depth is not what this movie is about...

This movie was clearly made with a lot of love. And humour.

Trying to make this movie better would actually make it worse. It's just perfect as it is, it's got its own style. And a lot of FUN!

It is way better than many high budget movies I have seen in the past decade, even though I would not call OVERTIME something very original, it is still quite more original and way more creative than the average main stream pretentious and pedantic movie that takes itself too seriously. I've seen so called "block busters", epic ones at that, that were not even worth the waste of celluloid! I bet you thought PROMETHEUS was good! In that respect OVERTIME earns an 8/10 (compaired to the main stream rubbish, that is).

So THUMBS UP for this one. Don't expect toooo much and you certainly won't be disappointed! I certainly wasn't disappointed.

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Amazing fun
hoesterey23 December 2013
Overtime has the perfect mix of action and comedy. Great production quality for any film, even more impressive for an indie, with solid acting and directing. Overtime embraces a campy tone, knows exactly what it is and delivers, never taking itself too seriously. While light in tone, the film also takes time to develop its characters and I found myself quickly endeared to them. The characters interjecting their personalities in even the most action packed of scenes. My only complaint was that it was over too soon and I was left wanting more, but really that's not a complaint at all. If your looking for a fun movie that will entertain while lifting you spirits this is the one.
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Hugely enjoyable handy dandy genre combo
Woodyanders15 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Henpecked hit-man Raph (a sturdy and likable performance by Al Snow) is asked by his hard-nosed attorney boss Samantha Carter (a pleasingly sparky turn by Katie Stewart) to work on a Saturday. Things go terribly awry when Raph finds himself locked in a zombie infested lab with his eager partner Max (an equally sound and engaging portrayal by John Wells). Worse yet, Raph has his son's birthday party to attend. Writers/directors Matt Niehoff and Brian Cunningham offer an extremely inspired, energetic, and entertaining blend of crime, action, humor, and horror: The brisk pace never lets up for a minute, the breezy tongue-in-cheek tone is well sustained throughout, the rousing action set pieces are staged with rip-roaring brio, and there's plenty of gore splattered around. Snow and Wells display a strong and appealing natural chemistry in the leads; their constant snappy rat-a-tat-tat banter in particular is simply hilarious. The rest of the cast are likewise up to par, with especially praiseworthy work from Sebrina Siegel as the tough Stephanie, Cristina Mullins as Raph's formidable wife Tammy, Erica Goldsmith as the feisty Monica, and Rita Hight as the deranged Dr. Bolland. The filmmakers warrant extra kudos for thankfully avoiding the usual end-of-the-world apocalyptic zombie premise. Cunningham's sharp and dynamic cinematography greatly enhances the movie's galvanizing hopped-up flashy style. Jason Paige's cool rocking score hits the spirited spot. A total blast.
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