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Lisa Kudrow is one of the funniest woman of this generation
UNOhwen25 September 2011
I've never seen FRIENDS (Seriously) - though, in the occasional snippets I did manage to see, Lisa Kudrow's performance always stood out.

I watched THE COMEBACK, and, working in that business, I especially found it very spot-on, as to all the problems an actor faces - least of which is talent - including, ageism, and, all the politics behind the scenes.

It was sad to see that go, and, only recently got caught up with Ms. Kudrow's latest SHOWTIME series: WEB THERAPY.A wonderfully dysfunctionally hysterical replacement.

Ms. Kudrow knows - as, another of my favorites, Mary Tyler Moore - that you have to surround yourself with top notch cast members, and, on WEB THERAPY, she's got everyone from Victor Garber, to Alan Cummings, Dan Butinsky, Lily Tomlin (as her mother, 'Putsy Hodge'), and a lot more.

WEB THERAPY is a very dry, very biting type of comedy series, and Ms. Kudrow's Fiona Wallace is either the most self-absorbed lunatic, or a brilliant manipulator (watch what happens with her awful book), or both.

Either way, Ms. Kudrow's series - an 'in-the-know' viewer delight, should be MUCH better known than it is.
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black_Eyed_Boy20022 August 2012
The thing about a show like this is it takes a certain degree of intelligence to watch.

Kudrow plays a darkly comic protagonist who is only out for herself. The jokes are subtle with the occasional obvious ploy thrown in to please the masses. The problem with a show like this is it involves a degree of wit from the watcher. Sarcastic humour, as a whole, is naturally complacent and, sadly, mainstream television these days lacks the vision to make shows like "Web Therapy" common place; particularly in the US which means the nature of its core humour is lost on most people.

The show itself has a very graspable storyline with vaguely understandable characters. It requires suspension of disbelief in certain areas but the very manipulative nature of our main character and how it effects those who are with-in her care makes for fascinating and hilarious watching.

Watch this show if you like excellent actors doing what they do best (with some awesome surprise cameos). Don't watch this show if you like to be bottle-fed obvious joke after obvious joke; they might be in there, but they are few and far between.
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Go Lisa - Go Lucy.....
GoUSN9 January 2013
Lisa Kudrow is the Lucille Ball of our time. Unusual, distinctive, unafraid.

This show, which I only heard of last October (2011), is remarkable comedy.

Comedy is the art of making the unexpected hilarious. That's what this show does. In each episode, the premise is usually straightforward. Each time Fiona begins a session, we have immediate clarity on what the problem is. Hilarity then ensues, taking unexpected turn after unexpected turn - some cued by Kudrow's priceless brand of facial exasperation, others cued by some astonishing new fact that visibly upsets or enrages her.

I remember reading a take on I Love Lucy. Desi Arnaz explained that every episode opened with a perfectly common home-life dilemma. As fans know, nothing past that premise was ever common. Each week, Lucy made us believe that she's the housewife with X problem which, if solved, will change her life. All the better if the dilemma was posed by a possible show-biz break.

Cue Lisa K and the Lucy Ricardo'ish character Fiona. She is ambitious. The Internet is her show-biz - she always wants to break into it in a big way. She has an appalling lack of common sense. Kip has problems we could imagine Ricky having if he was a lead singer and star today.

In the end, both Lucy R. and Fiona W. are screwball characters whose humanity is immediately on display but who are tempted into vanity, errant ambition, and ill-fated schemes.

Web Therapy is comedy art. Hilarity at its zenith. I tell everyone I know to watch it.
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Comedy for intelligent adults
huffordsteve5 July 2015
This is not a show that will spoon-feed jokes to you, and you will not be assisted by helpful cutaways that walk you through things. You're given the facts, and you're expected to follow along like an adult. That is just one of the things that makes this show at the top of my list. The jokes are often subtle, sarcastic, witty and occasionally thrown in your face. Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinski are a top-notch combo on an excellent show for people who like to think for themselves. I look forward to seeing the interesting and funny characters back on the web cam in 2015!

Try this show out if you like: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Portlandia", "Absolutely Fabulous"
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Uhm hello?
gigerboy29 May 2013
Dummies, this is not a sitcom or an improv, it's Matt Le Blanc telling Lisa Kudrow that making a web based talk show with a twist is not a career. Am I the only one that got this show? They are talking about real stuff in their personal lives under the guise that one is a patient talking to a web based shrink. The stuff these people talk about on this show could start a riot. Just Like Steven Colbert. I recommend you watch it again. This show should be the future, Lisa,please make TV shows evolve from this reality era and make web content as valid as the rest of formats. TV is dead, long live the internet. If you don't get it, you're missing out. This show is a blast.
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Don't take this therapy
jonathanruano27 December 2011
Someone was way off in deciding to make the TV series "Web Therapy" with Lisa Kudrow as Fiona Wallace (the web therapist). According to the commercial for this TV series, the performances are apparently improvised, but follow tent poles. I suppose the underlying assumption for this improvisation was that the actors were so naturally funny that you can have a successful TV series by allowing them to do their own thing. WRONG! There is not a single joke in this TV series that actually works, although frankly I was searching aimlessly for specific jokes. The plot lines, if they can be called that, were boring and predictable. Lisa Kudrow, the lead character, obviously is lost at sea when she has no script. Kudrow was effective in "Friends" and "Easy A," which both adhered to intelligent scripts, but asking her to improvise comedy (even with tent poles) is evidently a recipe for disaster. This series was so awful (I have no idea where the 6.6/10 came from) that I had to stop watching the episodes midway to avoid feeling incredibly bored, depressed and numb. Put another way, if you had to make a decision between watching this TV series and watching Hanna Montana with Miley Cyrus, you would honestly find Hanna Montana more entertaining.
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Odd but fun
studioAT29 May 2017
Lisa Kudrow proved across the ten years of 'Friends' what a naturally gifted comedienne she was, and it's lovely to see her shining still in this odd but fun comedy.

It's an odd little show, not one that really fits into a box in terms of "this show is like...", but it's good fun, and most episodes make you laugh out loud.

The best episodes of course are the ones that feature Kudrow's former 'Friends' co-stars, with the Matthew Perry one where he claims his father invented the lighthouse being a particular favourite.

Give this show a chance, you'll be hooked.
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Fiona! the Musical Warning: Spoilers
Fiona's baaack and Showtime's got her. And I can't get enough of her deliciously wicked humor.

Web Therapy is apparently the hot show to be on. Lisa Kudrow, the star and producer of Web Therapy, gets some amazing "gets". Three A-list guest stars in one show! poor Fiona.

A musical is being developed from her autobiography. She has no control over it and it is portraying her in a very bad light.

Poor Fiona, her whole life is out of her control. Is her skill in manipulation slipping?

Read my full review of Season 3,Episode 1, "Relax Reboot Revenge" on my blog: Premium Cable Reviews.
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5-15 minute shows blended to the 30 minute shows?
egbertsouse117 August 2012
I have enjoyed past seasons of 5m to 15m episodes.

Kudrow has always been a favorite. Cast and guests are a lot of fun.

I'm having a hard time figuring out why, (this 'new' 30 minute show) is not so new? Lately, several episodes seem to be 'stitched', re-edited portions from past season shows, IE: several 5-15m shows into a 30m, (supposedely new episode).

I hope it has just been a 'filler' problem or such.

Off-season repeats and during season 'fillers', (once in awhile) is expected...but, do not recall seeing this type of combo.

The show has got so many diff scenarios to 'wander' into that this seems way too early to do.
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