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16 Mar. 2010
Brad and Jerrid Shit Their Pants
Walking home through an alley, Brad and Jerrid see a sight so horrifying that they quickly evacuate, and then they run away.
23 Jun. 2010
Brad and Jerrid Move a Couch
Hilarity ensues when Brad and Jerrid try unsuccessfully to move a couch from one room to another.
20 Jul. 2010
Brad and Jerrid Watch the Room
Finding that movie reviews on Tommy Wiseau's 2003 bomb "The Room" are being pulled off the web right and left, Brad and Jerrid decide to act out parts of the movie in lieu of reviewing the existing product.
19 Aug. 2010
Brad and Jerrid Enter a Funhouse
Becoming fed up with each others' annoying habits, Brad and Jerrid challenge each other to a race through the carnival fun house.

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