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MPAA Rated R for language including sexual references, some graphic nudity, violence and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex scenes or female nudity. One instance of non-sexual male nudity, and lots of sex jokes.
  • A man and woman flirt with each other and later kiss passionately. In one scene, she takes off her top and tries to kiss him -- she's shown partially nude from behind.
  • A fully nude man attacks a man dressed as a police officer and we see a close up of his scrotum (the man's penis is covered by a roll of fat in the front; he knocks the other man down and crawls over him, dragging his balls (close up) over his face and head before tackling the man.
  • A woman invites two men into her apartment and she strikes sexually suggestive poses and makes suggestive remarks in a few scenes (we see cleavage and bare legs); she is shown eating a lollipop suggestively.
  • A man dressed in a police uniform makes five men perform a sobriety test that includes suggestive hips thrusting.
  • A man makes a sexually explicit remark to a woman and she leaves the room.
  • A woman tells two men that she once "Did a three-way with 2 paramedics."

Violence & Gore

  • Several scenes show policemen and criminals engaged in shoot-outs, with many people injured or dead. Other scenes feature violent fist fights that leave combatants unconscious. One character is threatened with torture by someone who's prone to explosive moments (he head-butts his minions and gets into battles at the drop of a hat). Some mobsters show their contempt for others by spitting in their faces.
  • A man is shot in the chest by another man with a shotgun and the injured man falls out of a window (the injured man was wearing a bulletproof vest); he lands on a dumpster and runs away as the original shooter and several others shoot at him and chase him.
  • A man with a gun barges into a meeting room and shoots at a man; other people in the room scream and duck as the man shot at runs away and jumps over a railing to the ground below and he runs away.
  • A man points a gun at another man tied to a table and we hear a gunshot before the gunman falls dead on the man on the table (he screams and tries to push him off).
  • Two men dressed in police uniforms hide as another man with a gun shoots around a room; one of the two men is shot in the arm and falls to the floor; one man tackles another man and they fight while another man shoots and hits one man who stumbles to the floor and the other man is shot in the back (we see no blood from the bullet wound and two of the men have blood on their faces).


  • 56 uses of "fuck", 34 uses of "shit", 29 uses of "ass", "asshole", and "dick", 27 uses of "hell", "damn", and "bitch"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking alcohol, smoking and drug use (both pot and crystal meth). Several scenes show adults drinking beer or wine at restaurants, nightclubs, or at home. Multiple sequences feature people smoking pot, including one scene that shows billowing clouds coming from the windows of a parked car. An extended sequence includes one main character who's coerced into smoking crystal meth, and he then comments on how it's affecting him.
  • A man hands another man a crack pipe and the man smokes from it (he is shown to have double vision afterward)
  • Several teenagers smoke marijuana cigarette on a sidewalk and two men dressed as police officers take the cigarette and smoke from it.
  • A man dressed in a police uniform searches a vehicle where he finds a bottle of bourbon that he drinks a large quantity from.
  • A man drinks a beer at home.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is entirely a comedy but has some intense scenes, such as the shootouts and the scene of the naked guy being chased.

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