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MPAA Rated R for violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • None.
  • Speaking to his peers, a young boy wonders if a woman who speaks a different language from them is asking him to be recorded for pornographic purposes, but he soon realizes that it is for an interview. In this exchange, another young boy wonders if he should remove his clothes. Both boys are quite possibly saying these things jokingly, knowing that the woman does not understand what they are saying.
  • The way that Turk taunts and softly bullies his subordinate, as the others observe with silent unease, is faintly suggestive if not brotherly/fatherly.

Violence & Gore

  • Apart from minor lacerations, bruises and some bleeding, there is no gore. The violence, on the other hand, is somewhat extensive. In both regards, very young teenagers are frequently involved. The movie deals with themes of police corruption, and thereby some police brutality (including extrajudicial killing) is depicted. No characters die onscreen, however.
  • A boy wielding a shiv or ice pick uses it to slash an agitated man's face in order to escape the man's grasp, and the man hollers in agony. The wound is a fairly gruesome gash running across the left eye, from the forehead to the nose.
  • In one scene, a battered young boy bound at the hands behind his back is shown repeatedly colliding, back and forth, with the hard interior of a car (in the back seat at first and then the trunk), as the vehicle is deliberately driven in fast, sharp swerving motions. He cries a bit too.
  • There are two scenes in which a young boy is being fired upon while being chased by the men shooting at him (almost being shot a couple of times), and there is one scene with a grown man being pursued in a similar manner.
  • Down on his knees, a battered young boy has a pistol pointed at him at pointblank range and is subjected to a fakeout execution, i.e. shooter intentionally misses as a warning. This is presented in a wide angle shot, which makes it seem initially like the target might slump over shortly after the gunshot.
  • A man slaps a child in the face, knocking him down, after shouting at him after having unsuccessfully interrogated him. The child briefly screams when this happens.
  • A young boy uses a pistol to strike a man in the head, after having pointed it right at and pressed it to the man's head.
  • From an elevated position, a child drops a stone on a man's head, causing the man to stumble, whereupon the man is rushed by a young boy then punched and kicked by two other young boys.
  • A man is shot in the leg while trying to flee a raid. When his pursuers reach him, they grab at him, and one of them punches him in the head.
  • A young boy with a few tiny scars and stitches on his face gives an account of having been punched and beaten by police officers.


  • "Sons of bitches" is uttered at one point, and there may be some other uses of curse words, but profanity is not prevalent.
  • A young boy's feet are shown as he urinates, and the stream of liquid can be seen striking the ground beyond.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Just about all of the violent or otherwise thematic scenes are intense if not frightening. Many of the foot chase scenes are not frightening because of the playful undertones, given how the teenagers taunt the adults, and the soundtrack score has a sort of thrilling yet uplifting vibe.
  • Although gritty, the movie is not wholly devoid of comic relief. In terms of tone, it's in the same league as many of the popular PG-13 film adaptations of science fiction/fantasy or post-apocalyptic young adult novels, e.g. The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Twilight, The Giver, Ender's Game, etc.; just slightly more gory. It's not even as dark, gory or violent as How I Live Now. It's not as gory or violent as Cidade de Deus but has a very similar blend of humor and unease.
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