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Missed something...
sophieelizabethgreen30 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry...was I supposed to like any of these characters? was I supposed to feel my heart warming at the points where the string music started up in the background? I don't write reviews. This was so awful that I persevered through the incomprehensible validation words to register an account on here.

All the characters (bar the ones that are barely in it) are truly hateable. Seriously. No redeeming qualities.

So you kind of hate yourself and you're really sad? you stick your fingers down your throat to make yourself beautiful? you had an abortion? Does that actually mean you have to be a total bitch to your 'friend'?

Fatties are fair game and there's loads of easy stereotypical fun to get your teeth into. Brilliant. A film where the men are assholes and the women are worse. What a waste of 2 hours of my life. Only watched to the end in the vain hope that there would be some kind of 'Melancholia' (another dire film, but, unbelievably - better than this) ending where everyone was wiped out. No such luck. Truly life unaffirming. Enjoy.
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Absolutely terrible film.
bgriffinbratt26 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot believe that ANYONE actually liked this movie. I was shocked that so many young actors I normally love to watch agreed to be a part of this terrible work. The only decent character in the entire film spent the film being treated like utter trash by the other three characters, who I guess we were supposed to sympathize with? I was consistently disgusted with how cruel, dishonest, and totally lacking in any kind of caring all of the 'bridesmaids' were. How did these people ever even become friends with the bride? They made fun of her and seemed to hate her behind her back. There was nothing funny and certainly nothing inspirational about anything that happened in this movie. All I could think was that the bride deserved better people for company, and that all of these people were total dirtbags. I kept hoping for things to turn around and someone to learn an important lesson or at least make a really good joke, and it just never happened at all.

This movie was a waste of time, and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I literally registered on this website just so I could warn people about this awful movie. Yea. It was THAT bad.
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Not what you think it will be
lucyedonaldson1 December 2012
This movie is funny once you get it. There is a big dip in quality the middle of the film (cliches and ridiculous scenarios) and it gets below average, but the writing upkicks again and it end well.

The overall trouble with this film is the characters and friendships are not established very well. As a result, it takes a while for the viewer to believe the premise of the movie (ie: why are three popular girls going to the unpopular girl's wedding as her bridesmaids?). The aspect that I struggled to understand the most, is that the director/writers do not make clear WHY the women remain friends. Yes, we know they went to High School together, obviously, but WHY have they remained in contact? Considering that two of the women now live in New York, and two now live in LA, and the three main characters barely disguise their contempt for Rebel Wilson/ the Bride... so why are they in the Bridal Party again?

This movie clearly wasn't marketed well - it is not Bridesmaids, and it is not a rom- com. The poster is awful. What is that composition, honestly?! In the end, if you go into this movie knowing it is a DARK COMEDY WITH UNLIKEABLE CHARACTERS, you'll probably enjoy it. Once I figured out the characters are assholes and are MEANT to be assholes, then it was pretty funny in parts. Not all women are "nice" and "sweet" and "kind". And they don't have to be.
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Surprisingly good despite the bad reviews on IMDb
thisninjanerd15 August 2012
I feel like a lot of people are giving this movie flack because they're comparing it to Bridesmaids. That's the problem with movie-goers. We call each movie, the next or the imitation or worst than or better than. On it's own, Bachelorette did really well. It's a dark comedy/ raunchy film but it's done so well. It's not common in Hollywood that you have movies where women are complex as the men. Some reviews state that they find the characters to not be redeeming, but I think that's what makes Bachelorette so strong. We have 3 complex, intriguing, and yeah, messed up individuals. What it gives you is a very plausible comedy. A review online called this the mix between Mean Girls + Bridesmaids. Aside from the similar wedding scenario, this is more the women version of the Hangover and fused with Mean Girls. Check it out, it's a good laugh ride if you're into dark comedies.
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An unfunny, miserable experience following three selfish, coked-up nitwits.
The_Film_Cricket28 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Leslye Headland's "Bachelorette" is an unfunny, miserable experience that toddles around for 90 miserable minutes with three people so obnoxious that you wouldn't want to share an elevator with them. It is a comedy that strives to be an earthier recreation of "Bridesmaids" and "The Hangover", but it is neither as clever, nor as funny as either of those great films. This movie is aggressively bad.

What is worse is that the three leads are played by three otherwise good actresses. Kirsten Dunst, just off her triumphant performance as a bride facing the end of the world in "Melancholia" plays Regan, a girl pushing 30 who has done everything right with her life and can't understand why some rich, gorgeous hunky bozo hasn't swept her off her feet. At her side are best pals Katie and Gena. Katie is a party girl who spends most of her time coked-up or drunk. She's played by Isla Fisher who has been wonderful in films like "The Wedding Crashers" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic." Gena, played by Lizzy Caplan is just as coked-up and spends her time pining for an old boyfriend who has clearly moved on.

The story kicks off when the three friends are asked to be bridesmaids to a girl they once ridiculed back in high school. She is Becky (Rebel Wilson), a sensitive overweight girl that they once called "Pig Face." Why she called these people to be part of her special day is a mystery left unsolved. The night before the wedding, Becky's friends gather for her bachelorette party at a hotel where, naturally, a stripper shows up dressed as a cop. In the midst of his gyrating, he calls the bride-to-be "Pig-face", and Becky is (naturally) so offended that she brings the party to a halt.

In Becky's absence, the drunk Regan and Katie think it might be funny to climb into the wedding dress at the same time so that they can post the picture on Facebook. In the midst of their cruel joke, the dress rips and the next hour of the movie is spent trying to find some possible way to get it fixed. That means we get a long series of misadventures as they run around Manhattan in a panic, yelling at potential tailors when they aren't drinking, snorting or hooking up. What is truly sad is that the trio seems more concerned with Becky's wedding dress then they ever did with her feelings.

Between the the drugs, the sluttiness and their hateful demeanor, Regan, Katie and Gena are the most obnoxious trio you'll ever meet. They have no feelings. They fight all the time. They're cruel, hateful, mean-spirited and self-pitying. They are all pushing 30 and are too stoned and ignorant to figure why they're miserable. Then the movie has the gall to ask for our sympathies. As the movie grinds toward its third act (which is wall-to-wall with pre-wedding clichés), these three nitwits get serious and we get to see them fall into a pattern of pseudo-sensitive self-examination. At that point, we in the audience just want them to go away.

On the sidelines is poor Becky, played in a brave performance by Rebel Wilson, who exists around the edges of the film when she should be center stage. She's a pretty girl with a nervous smile, a good heart, and is (based on who she calls friends) apparently very forgiving. She has a few fleeting moments when she shows some humanity but they are cut short.

"Bachelorette" is based on a very dark 2010 play, and it can only be hoped that the . There are scenes in this film that are just nauseating. Did we really need a five-minute monologue of Gena's theories about fellatio? Did we need the sight of Katie vomiting into a bathtub? Did we need a best man toast that includes lewd descriptions of what he did with one of the bridesmaids the night before? Was this trip really necessary? * (our of four)
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Not a rom-com
Missilluminated13 September 2012
I really don't understand people who think - oh the characters are flawed, ugly people inside so I don't like it. Really? Are you seven years old? Do you live in Disneyland? Do you know anything about life or the human condition? Who. are. You? Anyway, I loved the film. It was not perfect, but definitely excellent for a first time director. Some issues: the jokes were so fast and tight that I would miss one while laughing at another, the sound mixing seemed cheap, and the rehearsal dinner scene had one of the most unfunny moments in the movie in it. Overall though the film felt honest, which is what I value most in a film. If you must compare the two I found Bachelorette to be all wit and pathos, while Bridesmaids was all fart jokes and vanilla.
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nasty and funny
Donatien34 November 2012
While 'Bachelorette' is likely to draw comparisons to last year's comedy hit 'Bridesmaids', they're two different beasts. Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, 'Bachelorette' is much blacker and isn't afraid to offend by portraying openly messed-up female characters as the leads and inserting them in familiar comic scenarios.

The premise involves four high school friends Regan (Kirsten Dunst), Becky (the brilliant Australian actress Rebel Wilson), Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and Katie (Isla Fisher). The four girls – who were collectively known as the B –Faces as school – reunite for Becky's wedding. Despite the happy facade, they're a fractured group.

Regan is a cruel, controlling woman who's secretly upset that Becky got married before her; Gena uses sex to cover her problems, even explaining detailed sex acts to strangers and Katie – despite her outward craziness and love of partying - has elements of depression. Even Becky, who seems to be the most normal of the girls, is still dealing with the fallout of being teased at high school.

While the plot has been done a million times (and is similar to the Hangover movies), it's the coarseness of the characters which make this movie stand out. The girls are meant to be unlikeable and there's plenty of coarse language to illustrate that point. While the plot plays out conventionally, it doesn't drown in a sea of third act sentimentality for the sake of neatly wrapping up the loose ends. While things improve for the girls as the movie progresses, they're still the same mean girls they were at the start. It's also refreshing to see a movie with strong female characters. Probably the stand out is Rebel Wilson, having graduated from Australian sketch comedy shows to establish herself as the next great comedic actress.

If you're after a slightly darker take of the rom-com formula, 'Bachelorette' is worth a look.
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The characters are too unlikeable for this film to succeed in any real way
zetes3 February 2013
Following weakly on the heels of Bridesmaids is this other bridesmaids movie. It kind of sucks for the writer/director Leslye Headland, in that it's based on the play she wrote several years ago (and she likely already had the movie deal before Bridesmaids appeared). Even if it was beaten to the punch, though, it's not very good. The film follows three high school friends (Kiresten Dunst, Lizzy Kaplan and Isla Fisher) who gather back home for the wedding of another friend (Rebel Wilson). All three of the bridesmaids have pretty cruddy lives, and they're upset that their less attractive, fatter friend is getting married before them. The night before the wedding, on a coke binge, the three tear Wilson's wedding dress and then have to scramble to repair it. The thing that will put most viewers off of this film is that the three leads are just awful, petty people. Many of the supporting characters (notably James Marsden and Adam Scott) are even more despicable. You have to wonder how these people are friends with the bride and groom in the first place. I did think, after a while, they characterised the three women enough that we at least understood why they were so screwed up. There are a handful of funny moments. Any small bit of goodwill it had built, though, was jettisoned by its ultra-lame rush-to-the-wedding finale, and then a particularly painful and miscalculated post-wedding toast where Adam Scott tries to hook back up with Caplan, who was his high school girlfriend. The film's really just not worth sitting through.
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A WICKED DARK COMEDY (ignore the bad reviews)
allenmck5 October 2012
***It's too bad that this movie came out in the same year as "Bridesmaids." That coincidence contributes to shallow thinkers erroneously setting these two films against each other. Both share a basic scenario: a bridal party in the days before a wedding. Aside from that, they are completely different movies.

Pick two "Civil War" films. "Gone with the Wind" and "Gettysburg." There's room in the world for both.

"Bridesmaids" was a hilarious film.***

So now... THIS movie, called "Bachelorette."

This is a dark, edgy, uncomfortable comedy. The characters are realistically flawed. They do ugly things and treat each other badly. They also obviously care for each other and make some astute observations about life. There are too many weirdly, subversively funny moments to list.

If you watch it expecting a light, breezy "chick flick" you will be disappointed. If you watch it expecting a gritty, grimly hilarious portrait of three very human women trying to overcome their own flaws and self-inflicted disasters, you'll have a damn good time.

Notes: 1) Kirsten Dunst is awesome playing a tightly-wound, abrasive control freak. I love the hard edge she has here. And the way her face betrays the fact she's always on the verge of coming apart at the seams.

2) Lizzy Caplan. FINALLY in a movie and role worthy of her comedic talents.

3) Rebel Wilson. Naturally hilarious. Too bad her role necessitates under-utilizing her gifts.

4) James Marsden. I've only ever seen him in good-guy roles (at which he is excellent). It's a confirmation of his skill that he's equally great at playing a sleazeball manipulator.

5) June Diane Raphael. The uniquely nutty, endlessly comical Raphael's cameo in the bathroom with Lizzy Caplan is easily the funniest scene in the movie.
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Awful acting, awful story, awful - awful - awful
Carlsen-m15 June 2013
Not worth watching. Everything was awful in this movie. I feel almost cheated. I am sorry to say this but this is the worst movie I have ever seen. It was so bad acting. So bad story and so not funny. God damn messy plot and no meaning in the way the movie was built up. I got so disappointed by all the actors. Only one advise from here. Don't waste 1,5 hours of your life seeing this movie. Simply not worth it!! One thing more. The movie is totally making a big joke about movie making. Whomever made this trailer must be good, because it actually looked funny and okay there, but man you have to look long time to find a worse movie!!
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Makes Bridesmaids look like Lincoln
bettinak-115 January 2013
One of the most annoying films I'ever watched. From the constant, nagging soundtrack to the clichéd friends-that-would-never-be-friends-in-real- life female characters hysterically running around to fill out the tiresome 90 minutes of plot to "save" the wedding dress- nothing anyone does in this movie rings true or is remotely pleasant to watch. Characters exist as "dysfunctional" cardboard cutouts who run down the gamut of expected dysfunctions that we're first meant perceive as hilarious and bawdy, but ultimately as troubling and touching, because, you know, deep down, they're just girls looking for love. And, oh, the hook ups, mess ups and hang ups are just so funny, had I not seen them coming from a thousand miles away and a thousand comedies before. When you create messed up, stupid and selfish characters just to advance a bad comedy, it's hard to care about or buy the upbeat ending "with a heart," which is so bogus it elicited the loudest sarcastic laugh of the movie.
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Unfunny and Moronic Comedy
claudio_carvalho8 November 2015
Becky (Rebel Wilson) summons her high-school slut friends Regan (Kirsten Dunst), Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and Katie (Isla Fisher) to be bridesmaids of her wedding with the handsome Dale (Hayes MacArthur). The trio spends one crazy night of drugs, booze, sex and confusions in New Yorkr trying to fix the wedding dress of Becky that they have torn .

"Bachelorette" is an unfunny and moronic comedy with unpleasant characters, gross jokes and stupid situations. The three friends are drugged, alcoholic, envious and promiscuous women. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Quatro Amigas e um Casamento" ("Four Friends and One Wedding")
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Possibly the best movie I've seen this year. I'm serious.
nta-471-6951979 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie earlier today. Witnessing the critical and popular dismissal leveled in some of these IMDb reviews compelled me to write the adamantly positive review it deserves. First things first, let me name the virtues of this film. The most plainly excellent detail is that the plot is perfectly paced; in this respect it outdoes both Bridesmaids and The Hangover, the two films most frequently compared to it. The drama builds steadily and without halt for almost the entirety of the movie.

Bridesmaids relied too heavily on Kristen Wiig's (admittedly hilarious) performance, while comparatively ignoring several other potentially interesting characters. Dramatically, it lulled too often and relieved too much focus from the impending wedding. The Hangover, while better than Bridesmaids, lacked the impressive dramatic pacing and humane camaraderie (as well as the outstanding cast) that bolsters Bachelorette.

Kirsten Dunst gave what may be (along with Melancholia) the performance of her career- particularly throughout the sequence in which she portrays a Regan who masterfully resists coming apart while simultaneously saving two of her best friends from a wedding disaster and a suicide attempt. It is no exaggeration to say that she exceeds herself (and the genre) and overpowers the role.

Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher play their roles ideally; while no match for Dunst, they introduce the chaotic broil of f***-ups and sidesteps that make this story both intently awful and irresistibly watchable. Caplan reprises the role she perfected in Party Down as the depressing but charming (and somewhat inaccessible) Casey, while Fisher brings the burn-out/not-fade-away-energy she is known for (from Wedding Crashers) to another level.

Now to address the criticism of those who can't abide this movie. The complaints tend to fall into two categories: of those who refuse to see the redeeming value in a movie filled with such repugnant personalities (and such small moralizing), and of those who believe the movie failed its own dark comedy agenda by finishing with a predictable happy ending. There is no point in addressing reviews that make both complaints. Their contradictory desire for a movie that is ultimately both redemptive and damning only shows that they are not able to clearly formulate their thoughts or express themselves.

The first category of complaints is eminently understandable. Bachelorette often jokes with borderline offensive humor, and at times the jokes cross the border into the realm of the seriously offensive. Most of Trevor's (James Marsden's) commentary falls under this warning label, as he spouts the pickup pseudo-psychology that is despairingly commonplace among young men, shows indifference toward the prospect of rape, and takes it for granted that women like being treated as objects. Similarly does the recurring nickname "pig-face" for Rebel Wilson's Becky, incite a knee-jerk reaction against the debased characters in this movie. But we should not commit the fallacy that congenial characters make a good movie, or that the words of the characters are the ideology espoused by the movie. Ethically, I think Bachelorette performs the critical function of revealing to us the unpleasant aspects of our culture, and facing us with the surprisingly difficult truth that our most serious problems are neither irresolvable nor unfunny.

The second category of complaints, those who did not find the film dark enough, is easily addressed. Yes, I admit it has a happy ending. There was a wedding, two of the three leads end up in relationships, the transcendence of love is affirmed. But the only character who receives a properly happy ending is Rebel Wilson's Becky, perhaps the least important person in the film, more a plot device than a character. Gena and Katie still have serious emotional issues to work over, and their relationships are far from stable or long-lasting. And Regan is still further from the ideal of marriage than she was in the beginning.

In the film's final accounting, Regan empowers herself without jumping through the relationship hoops that all romcom female leads are traditionally subject to. Likewise, she avoids becoming a victim, a soapbox, or a pretty face who is just glad things have settled down. In a plain moralistic sense, the "best-behaved" characters all end up with the best fates: Becky, the virtuous axis at the center of this pandemonium, receives the perfect wedding; Gena and Katie fall into stabilizing relationships, as unwitting in happiness as they were in their depression; all while Regan, the wicked and energetic type-a core of this ensemble, receives nothing, but instead actively attains her own hope for redemption (which comes without a man attached).

This won't be a popular opinion, but I think this film is among the best of 2012, and I believe Kirsten Dunst's performance is Oscar-worthy. I think Leslye Headland, Dunst, Caplan, Fisher, and their cinematographer all deserve recognition for producing this illuminating and entertaining picture.

Having said all this, I would not recommend the movie to my parents. Please do your research if you are easily offended. But those acclimated to the Apatow brand of domestic gross-out comedy will not find anything here out of place, only better executed. If you have a stomach for raunch, and can deal with beautiful women portraying intelligently-written characters, please see this movie. It will delight you.
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Knew IMDb would not like it... lighten up...
Dragoneyed36310 August 2014
A dark comedy starring three women. That's all the basic information you need to know this was not going to bide well with film snobs, much less the misogynistic ones. Bachelorette is a very humorous and fun movie that I had a great time with. I knew as soon as I got through watching it to come rate it on IMDb though that people would be bashing it, but I had no idea the backlash would be this harsh.

The story is simple enough: Four high school friends all get together to relive their glory days as one, the most unattractive (Rebel Wilson), is about to get married. The bridesmaids consist of high-strung Kirsten Dunst, burnout Lizzy Caplan, and dim-witted but lovable Isla Fisher, which in my opinion Isla Fisher absolutely stole the show. I loved it. It is very mean and in your face with it's brutality. You almost wonder why these women are even friends to begin with, but unlike everyone saying there is no reason, the film ties up all it's loose ends and shows how all of the women have their own battle scars and shining personalities in the end.

Don't let the comments and rating shy you away from this one, there are some gut-busting scenes. Like I said, Isla Fisher was magnificent. I thoroughly enjoyed and believed in her character, not to say the other stars didn't deliver, she just outshines them!
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Avoid it if you can!
blogurious4 October 2012
Just because it's a comedy doesn't mean it needs to resort to name calling or poor attempts to make you laugh. There are still people who can enjoy an intelligent joke without being exposed to ridiculous and nonsensical situations.

"Bachelorette" is simply a waste of time. It's gross, tasteless and full of dead-end scenes that seemed to be shot just to fill a blank because the inspiration must have run out. But then you wonder: why try to revive something that is already dead from the very beginning? I still can't get over the fact that I sat through this painful experience. Avoid it if you can.
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a disappointing, middle-of-the-road comedy containing a cast with so much more potential than delivered
tbmforclasstsar28 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
With a cast that includes Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson, James Marsden, and Adam Scott, I had a lot of hope for the Sundance film Bachelorette. What I didn't expect was with this talented of a cast the result would be a lifeless comedy that has some semi-humorous moments, but ends up as one of the biggest wastes of potential in recent comedy history.

Bachelorette tells the story of Regan (Dunst), Gena (Caplan), and Katie (Fisher), three girls who are bridesmaids in their high school friend Becky's (Wilson) wedding. From the start, the objective of trying to be a raunchier and more ridiculous Bridesmaids is laid out with the set up of the wedding and the focus on the three bridesmaids. However, while succeeding in being raunchier and more ridiculous than Bridesmaids, Bachelorette doesn't have half the heart or spirit as the far superior Kristen Wiig comedy.

Quickly on we establish the strong personality differences between our four girls. Becky, the bride, has grown up quite a bit since high school and her steps into marriage have her partying less and wishing for a very quiet bachelorette party. On the flip side, Gena and Katie are two girls that are looking forward to the chance to party at a bachelorette rave, Gena making sure to pack her cocaine in a baby powder bottle and Katie drinking whatever she can and popping whatever pills she finds. And finally, there is Regan, who couldn't have been casted any better than Ms. Pole-Up-Her-Ass Kirsten Dunst.

What I mean by Dunst being casted perfectly is that there is absolutely nothing redeeming about the character of Regan, much like Dunst's performance. She walks through the steps and says the lines in the script like a bitch robot trying to make a quick payday. And while Caplan and Fisher are type casted as well (the smart-ass and the dumb party girl), it is Dunst's Regan that is absolutely the toughest part of this film.

When actually stepping back and looking at these three characters, it makes almost zero sense that any of the girls enjoy the other two's company. They constantly fight, bitch, and mock each other and reveal each other's darkest secrets in a series of angry moments, drunk mishaps, and stupid speeches. All of these are written for seemingly comedy purposes, but they make each of the characters so dumb and self-centered that it is hard to like or cheer for any of them.

After a botched stripper show at the bachelorette party, Becky goes off to bed leaving the three bridesmaids to drink, do drugs, and, ultimately, rip the bride's dress. And thus, the film goes from the story of the wedding to a wild night of trying to get the dress fixed; sort of a mash between The Hangover and Bridesmaids. But what is so frustrating is how dumb these girls are. For example, after ripping the dress, they drag it around the city trying to get it fixed, having it reach the pinnacle of places you wouldn't want it to inhabit: a strip club bathroom. The irrationality is not humorous. It is outlandish and dumb making you think how easily these situations could be avoided instead of making you laugh at the screen. In fact, the entire film could have never existed if two of the dumb girls hadn't stepped into the bride's dress together and ripped it in the first place.

To read the rest of the review (IMDb form too short) visit:
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Tasteless and just not funny.
midtra5226 January 2013
I get really tired of movies like this one that provide a distorted view for young girls. The main characters are all beautiful and snorting cocaine and cheating on boyfriends. Real people that use cocaine, don't look like that for long and they end up with heart failure and many other health issues.

Aside from all that the movie just wasn't funny. I watched it because the fat girl was in it and I'd seen her in other things where she was pretty darn funny, but she's hardly in this movie. Instead the movie centers around the somehow beautiful cocaine addicts that can't land a joke if they even tried. Kirsten Dunst's character was probably the worst because it seems the writers thought it would be funny to have someone screaming and cussing a lot when it's just aggravating and makes you want to see a boxing match afterwards.
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The worst movie I have seen in a long time
grantdesouza20 March 2013
I felt compelled to write a review on this movie to warn people away for this piece of rubbish! I even signed up to IMDb so I could write this, thats how bad this movie really is. I am still trying to work out how anyone in their right mind could possibly get any enjoyment from this total waste of time...I want my 90 minutes of life back! When i took it back to the video shop I felt like asking for my $6 back. About 20 minutes into it i was hitting the fast forward button and jumping ahead, hoping it would get better...but it only got worse! I am a guy but I don't mind the occasional chick flick as long as it is amusing...this wasn't! Just as other reviewers have said it was full of every chick flick cliché known to man, promoted drug use, made you hate the characters, and got me wondering why this movie was ever made in the first was boring, predictable and slow. The acting was average, but I think the main problem was the script, it was dull and meaningless. Please do yourself a favour and hire something else.
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Yes. It really IS that bad....
xmlrider29 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Some users claim this movie is getting flack because it's compared to "Bridesmaids."

No. They're giving it flack because it's a bad movie. Period.

I mean, WOW. No story line. No character development. Bad acting. Countless cliché's. And worst of all, absolutely NO humor at all. You know a comedy is in serious trouble when people defend it by calling it a 'dark comedy.' It's funny, but you just don't 'get it.' Yeah, right. That's why it died swiftly at the Box Office. I think most viewers 'got it.' But what could they "do with it?" Nothing.

OK. I warned you there were "spoilers" in this review. Are you ready? Alright. Here goes:

"Bachelorette" is basically two hours of F-Bombs, drugs, drinking, vulgar sexual references and debauchery tied together by nothing resembling a plot.

There. That's the entire film. I just saved you five bucks.

If you DO decide to rent this (or you're unfortunate enough to bump into it on Netflix), you'll quickly discover what everyone with more than two brain cells already knows: Leslye Headlan is a no-talent hack who couldn't write her way out of a paper sack.

There is honestly not even TEN SECONDS of redeemable humor in this travesty, and it was a colossal lapse of judgement for Will Ferrell to even touch it with a ten foot pole.

Kirsten Dunst can only hope this train wreck won't become the coda for an otherwise successful movie career.
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How did 4 good actresses all make such a hideous film?
sambasa4 January 2013
I was expecting to love it, but despite myself, it took all of 30 minutes before I ended up aggressively hating this film and resenting the makers of it for wasting my time and hard earned money on such drivel.

I would describe this film as watching a friend who is really paralytically drunk or high. They think they're having the time of their lives. You on the other hand, get to watch the reality of them, bleary-eyed, snotty-nosed, puking, declaring inappropriate slurry love to randoms, publicly exposing themselves and finally crying in the middle of the street about how **** up they are all the time wishing that you had just stayed home. Im not exaggerating, this is LITERALLY most of the plot of the movie!

The characters are nasty, mean-spirited bitches. Male and female. Only the bride, groom and one best man are likable and even then they are portrayed/seem pathetically naive or just plain stupid. The amount of drug-taking in this film is neither necessary nor interesting. The women only seem to be able to get it together after they all find a romantic attachment for the night in the form of 1) old flame that she never got over and that's why she's so tormented, but not anymore. 2) Equally horrid male character who manages to dominate head bitch and therefore distracts her from all her neuroses so she can be successful and happy again. 3) Super nice guy who has always been there for the stupid slutty girl and make her feel good about herself again.

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Get off the fence
brin-t-murray24 July 2013
This film suffers from the fact that the three main characters are selfish, cruel, mean- spirited, self-pitying, shallow and hateful, plus they have nothing even remotely funny to say. They're so obnoxious, it kind of raises the question: is it even remotely likely that the bride, who appears to be relatively decent and wholly sane, would invite them to be bridesmaids at her wedding?

It's not enough to say that people are like that in the real world. In the real world I would never choose to spend time with people this dull, humourless and unkind. Even the key insult that sets in motion events - pig face - is totally witless. Symptomatic of entire movie: witless, pointless, lacking in intelligence, humour or likability. Save your money and time. I wouldn't spend five minutes in the same room as these obnoxious creeps, so why should I pay to watch them wallow in spite and stupidity at the movies? Didn't raise a single smile let alone a laugh. More like revulsion - and peeve that I'd paid good money to see it.

Unwatchably boring, couldn't even get to the end. Zero stars if they'd let me. As it is will have to give it one.
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Great little film
Ericag_982 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. Standing on its own, I thought it was witty and sly, and it was a good portrayal of female relationships. Women aren't always nice and sweet. That doesn't mean they aren't likable. I would compare this movie more to a female version of The Hangover rather than Bridesmaids. It doesn't have the broad, silly humor of Bridesmaids or the fairy tale myth underlying it. (But thank you, Bridesmaids, for being successful, because it probably got this movie funded.)

Kirsten Dunst is the perfect lead and her character is a b.i.t.c.h. She's an overachiever who has built up resentment towards life for not being able to achieve MORE (like a husband). Lizzy Caplan is the the smart friend who fell of the cliff of life into drugs and irresponsibility. Poor Isla Fisher's character is stuck in retail job h#ll and if you pay attention, you'll notice that her character is in the back of scenes throughout the whole movie talking about how she wants to kill herself, while everyone ignores her.

So these 3 immature idiots rip the bride's gown and then have to spend the entire night trying to get it fixed so they don't ruin their friend's big day.

I really liked this movie, but if you're looking for a feel-good, fairy tale like most women's movies, this isn't for you. But at the end of the film , I really believed these people were friends and they did care about each other, despite all the bad behavior. I also believed that all the characters learned something through the course of the night, and that they'd be better for their experience the next day.

Most of all, I thought it was just a clever little film with realistic characterizations and great performances by Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Islan Fisher. Good job, ladies!
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Bad movie. Choose another chick flick movie...
signorina_samanta3 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is about four high school girls, that still have complexes about themselves, and somehow relive them when one of the girls is about to get married. The bride maids envy the bride in their own way, and the dress gets ruined while they make fun of the bride. In all the chaos, they try to restore the dress while meeting with old romantic flames.

I was looking forward to this movie, but it is the worst chick movie I ever seen. Boring, stupid and a true disappointment! If I could, I would demand my money back since I stopped the movie when one of the girls got an over dosis on the day of the wedding. I did not want to spend any more minutes on that movie.

It tries to be good, but it just fails.
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The subject is easily overlooked, but for those who struggle with mental illness, it shines
mearmarsh31 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Speaking as someone who has had multiple mental illness' all her life, it was a surprise to enjoy Bachelorette as much I did. Kirsten Dunst played her character very well, explaining how she was and why she was like that. I really felt connected to her character, as she admits to being bulimic and admits the simple reasoning of, "I wanted to be beautiful"

This move is definitely overlooked and I found it nothing like Bridesmaids. The movie is actually sweet, with a dry sense of humor and a subject that is rather heartfelt.

I don't know what else to say, but I need more lines and I say definitely give this movie a try. I loved it and I thought it was amazing. The characters are all really funny in my opinion, with their sex/drugs/addiction jokes.
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'Bachelorette' is a smart and a darkly funny story of flawed but vulnerable ladies in a one crazy night.
reynaldopagsolinganjr2 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For sure, critics who think like 12 year old virgins are going to hate it. I'm not gonna even check out its tomato-meter because the word-of- mouth will validate this movie's cult status in the future. Well, the people who are open-minded enough to realize that the writing and the performance are what counts will hopefully spread the word anyway.

'Bachelorette' is seriously this year's funniest movie yet. Don't be fooled by people who are trashing this as a 'lame Bridesmaids rip-off' because pals, this is so much better. The are people out here, who clearly doesn't understand that characters could be ugly and resentful, claims that these characters doesn't have any redeemable qualities. Did we watch the same movie or something? They more than redeemed themselves when they showed feelings you idiots. And they executed it perfectly!

Here's what I like about 'bachelorette'.

*The characters are very relatable because that's how it is in real life. People have shitty attitudes! You can't dislike a movie just because it doesn't go with your personality or your beliefs. You're not cut-out for movie-watching if you're that stuck-up.

*The story-arc of Lizzie Caplan and Adam Scott is one of the best highlights of the film because it felt true and heartwarming.

*The dialogue is crazy and original. I have never seen a movie with too many memorable one-liners.

*The performance of every actor here is crazy good. This definitely deserves a f*cking nomination, and that is not stretching it too far!

Overall, 'Bachelorette' is a smart and a darkly funny story of flawed but vulnerable ladies in a one crazy night. That is how it is going to look if you keep an open-mind while watching it. I am deeply bothered by the so-called critics who gives movies a negative review because of their challenging and 'immoral' content. This is a good movie; even better than Bridesmaids IMHO.
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