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Season 2

6 Aug. 2012
Episode #2.1
A-Rab,Barry and Flynn return for a second summer at Beaver Falls. Barry's reunion with Kimberley does not go as planned,A-Rab is shocked to find Rachael is married to childhood sweetheart Mac and the object of Flynn's attention,PJ,turns out to be Bobby's daughter and off-limits. The boys drown their sorrows in a local bar,befriending Chip,a red-neck who chokes on a peanut. The girls,Bobby and Mac also turn up and a fight breaks out,leading to their arrests and Pam having to bail them out. Next day Barry and Kimberley make up but A-Rab and Flynn are at loggerheads over...
13 Aug. 2012
Episode #2.2
As A-Rab and Barry continue their feud Beaver Falls hosts Juvie Day,the inspiration of Brandon's misguided mother Kathie Lee - for whom Bobby has the hots - when the camp hosts inmates from the local young offender unit. The Brits must look after wheelchair-bound Randy and,in an effort to counter his self-pity,are forced to support the lie that Flynn is terminally ill. With the whole camp offering their sympathy to him Flynn tries to flee but is brought back by Barry,who also makes up with A-Rab. Rachael is blamed for spreading the news of Flynn's condition and ...
Episode #2.3
Kimberley's divorcee soldier father comes to Beaver Falls,believing she is still with Jake,and she does not disabuse him,to the consternation of Barry,who also,erroneously, believes she is pregnant. He proposes but is overjoyed to find he is wrong and that Kimberley has stood up to her father when she finds out the real reason for his visit, showing Barry off to him as her new beau. On Pam's birthday Bobby tries to humiliate her by claiming that she is fifty. Flynn feels sorry for her,leading to a temporary split with PJ but Barry gives her the inspiration to overcome...
Episode #2.4
Beaver Falls is due to play its annual basketball match against rival Camp Wimoweh,who have beaten them for the last ten years. Bobby,confident that Mac's performance will lead Beaver Falls to victory,gets the nerds to make a celebratory film with himself as star. However Mac is not feeling confident and gets a pep talk and a joint from Barry,whom he suddenly kisses. Words spreads round the camp with Mac defensively claiming Barry made the first move,branding Barry as gay. The basketball game begins without Mac but Barry persuades him to take part and he draws Beaver ...
Episode #2.5
A prophecy that the world will end at midnight gets a mixed reception at Beaver Falls. Pam tries to persuade Flynn they should have a final fling but he rejects her for PJ,a fact Bobby does not appreciate,warning him off his daughter. A-Rab finds himself in a dilemma as he attempts to juggle dating Hope with consoling Rachael and when consolation turns to sex Hope catches them and successfully plans to alienate them from each other. Kimberley and Barry are up for a threesome but sadly cannot find a willing third party. At movie night the world is clearly not about to ...
Episode #2.6
PJ and Flynn are getting married but he is terrified that she will learn about his fling with her mother. Joint best man Barry,hurt that Flynn intends to stay in America and rejected by Kimberley,gets drunk with a hooker,who steals his clothes,money and the wedding ring and leaves him handcuffed to a bed. As A-Rab is trying to prevent Hope from informing on Flynn,locking her in a kitchen, Mac and Jake have to come to Barry's rescue. At the altar Flynn confesses all to his shocked bride but wins her back with help from his friends and - strangely - Bobby. With the ...

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