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Average Schmaltz
Zoooma26 September 2014
Daddy (Santa) lets his daughter leave The North Pole to go live on her. Welcome to Los Angeles where it's not so easy to have a wonderful yuletide feeling. Annie gets a job, transforms a business and falls in love, all of which adds up to a mountain of sugar-coated Christmasy schmaltz in its purest form. What's here is average at best but on the plus side it does have Christmas at its very core which makes it one of the better Christmastime made-for-TV movies. Plus the lead actress (Maria Thayer) is so cute to watch for 85 minutes!

5.7 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener
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Best. Christmas. Film. Ever!
theandonlycakelover24 October 2018
This film is a huge part of my childhood Christmas! I don't care if they make a film with the best story line with all my fave actors, actresses, and it has all my fave songs it, this will remain my fave Christmas film! I love this film! I ten out of ten recommend it to anyone who loves Christmas! I'm not someone who loves romances, to be honest I hate romance films, I think they are too cheesy and it bothers me, but I love every single minute of this film!
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It was always you
Jackbv1232 November 2017
From the first moment of this movie, it was clear that there is no such thing as realism. So accept it for what it is and enjoy.

Having said that, there are still some flaws in this film, but Maria Thayer as Annie is such a delight that it makes up for it. Annie is the Princess of Christmas being Santa's daughter and Thayer does a good job spreading Christmas to everyone. Sadly she is naïve to the world and easily falls prey to Dean, the shark trying to lead her astray. Still her joy infects not just the people around her, but the audience as well. Thayer and Sam Page are good together, but for most of the movie that is muted because she thinks her love is Dean, so their relationship can't really take off. Almost all of the characters other than Thayer and Page are either exaggerated or flat. Santa is almost robotic.

The plot is mostly predictable and some of the effects are weak.

If you sit back this movie can be an enjoyable Christmas sleigh ride.
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Will true love win out?
diane-wiley30 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The best line in the entire movie is when Barry comes into Ted's toy shop and sees Lucy (hottie Vivica Fox) for the first time. Barry asks Ted, "Wow, who was that?" And Ted replies without missing a beat, "She will crush you, man." An absolutely wonderful line. And, frankly, the little moments between Barry and Lucy (albeit, few and far between) are the best in the film. As far as the rest of the movie goes, it is pretty predictable fare: cute girl Annie meets two incredibly good- looking guys (pulled from the super-model list), one who is obviously right for her and one who is obviously way wrong. Will true love win out? With the help of adorable Mia (Lucy's daughter), there is no doubt. Worth a watch one time.
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Annie is welcome in any town, anywhere, anytime
inkblot116 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Annie Claus (Maria Thayer) is Santas's daughter and she lives with her parents at the North Pole. Now a beautiful young woman, she loves the Christmas organization but wonders whether a life below the Arctic might be nice, too. Therefore, her parents suggest that she whirl a globe, pick a city, and make new friends for a short time. Then, she must decide what her future holds. As luck would have it, Annie's finger lands on Los Angeles and that venue does sound exciting. Pretty soon, Annie is renting a room at the Candy Cane Inn, run by beautiful lady Lucy (Vivica A. Fox) and her daughter, Mia. Lucy and Annie take to each other straight away, although Lucy makes it clear she's not interested in romance anymore. However, Annie IS. Very quickly, she meets a good looking businessman named Dean (Ryan Bittle). He seems perfect, for he is handsome, successful, and works with orphans in his spare time. What Annie doesn't know is that he is a phony, a two-bit actor hired by a traitor elf to keep Annie in the States, should a wedding be the result. Being as sunny-natured as they come, Annie can't see through his outward appearance. Yet, Annie meets another gentleman who is the genuine article, albeit down on his luck. Toy store owner Ted (Sam Page) has to drum up more business or shut down. As Annie stumbles into his place, she immediately makes friends with Ted and volunteers her time and expert toy knowledge to help him stay afloat. Ted is grateful and smitten with Annie, too. But, Annie can't see anyone but scoundrel Dean. In brief, will Ted's store be saved and who will win Annie's heart of hearts? This lovely Christmas film is vastly enjoyable. Thayer's Annie is certainly one of the most optimistic cheer-distributors ever, as her darling red-haired looks and sweet nature are charming. Just watching her makes any person want to change into someone better in the future. Page and Bittle are perfect contrasts for each other while Fox and the rest of the cast do a fine job. Even though there isn't snow, the setting is attractive and vibrant while the costumes, hairstyles, photography, script and direction are mighty nice. Yes, there is a bit of incredulity, especially where Ted's shop is concerned, for its "junky" nature at the beginning would have doomed him long before Christmas. Even so, families searching for a Christmas film that fills the holiday's true meaning should find a way to bring this one to their house, in their town, anywhere, anytime.
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Christmas-Reviewer13 August 2016

I wish these Christmas films would have closed captions, Now this film is a film I had to watch in "Chunks" because of there was not "Closed Captions". I do not like blasting the TV and I have to watch many films at night when everyone else is asleep. Now as for my review of the film I will say this a very enjoyable film. It is family safe but don't let that stop you from watching, If you have "Sullen teens" in your home just watch it without them. In this films Annie is is Santa's daughter. When Santa's daughter starts falling in love a head elf is out to stop it from happening?

An enjoyable film that is perfect to watch on cold Winter's Night. The film is cast well and you can't help rooting for "Christmas Miracles" and for love.
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Surprisingly enjoyable easy to watch Christmas film
msmchug6 December 2014
I would never put on a film like this for lots of reasons, It looks like a kids movie and a bit cheesy (which it is). The movie just came on TV and whilst my instinct was to change the channel.. I got sucked in by Annie Clause and her quest to spread xmas cheer and find true love. Annie is the daughter of santa who has never been away from the North Pole until now, and she ends up working in a toy store and winning the affections of two men. Of course one of the men is a slimy bad guy and Annie is to Naive to see what a liar he is, the whole time her real true love is mr perfect in the background. The film has all the ingredient needed. The main character Annie is enjoyable to watch, the story is good and quick paced. There's a horrid bad guy, and it's ultimately a Christmas love story. It sounds weird but the colours and set are lovely and nice on the eye. This film made me feel like "home alone". Fun, enjoyable, easy to watch and all round light hearted. I would recommend this film if you want something nice n easy to watch on a Sunday afternoon.
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A cutesy sugar coated romantic comedy all about Santa Claus's daughter
lisafordeay18 December 2015
This happened to be on True Christmas during the xmas period and I decided to watch it. The story is about Annie Claus who travels to sunnyside LA California where she meets a charming man whom she falls in love with. Problem is that the guy that she meets is a amateur actor that one of the elves hired so that he can stop Annie from coming back to the North Pole. Later though Annie does meet a cynical toy shop owner who's store is about to be closed down due to another store that just opened. But of course who does Annie love more Dean(the amateur actor who is only using her)or Ted(the toy shop owner who later falls for Annie)?

Bottom line this was a very sugar coated rom com that we all know the story to having witnessed it in A lot of romantic comedies. But for a Christmas movie it wasn't that bad. Its not an Oscar Worthy film but its a fine film to watch on a lazy afternoon. Give it a shot if you are in the Xmas spirit.

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Love this movie!!
erindaph15 December 2018
I find it hard to find Christmas movies that are newer that give me that Christmassy feeling. The one you all know what I'm talking about. This movie has it through and through! Love Annie Claus, it's heartwarming, and silly dorky, down right hilarious to me and soooo Christmas infused. I love all the characters. A new classic for me!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
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This was somewhat of a bland Christmas movie experience...
paul_haakonsen21 April 2017
I sat down to watch "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" during the Christmas season, as part of a great many number of Christmas movies to watch. I must admit, though, that "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" was not among the better of all the Christmas movies that I watched.

Sure, the movie had a decent enough storyline, however, it just wasn't outstanding or particularly memorable. The story about Santa's daughter taking a trip away from the North Pole was interesting enough. But there was just too much of a contrast between where the movie wanted to go and where it ended up going. And I wasn't particularly impressed with the outcome of the movie at the hands of director Kevin Connor.

Maria Thayer is a good enough actress for a movie such as this, and she certainly does have that unique charm and quality that was required to pull off something like a movie such as this. However, she was just struggling with a less than adequate script.

The movie also suffered from being too sappy and predictable. Sure, this was a Christmas movie shown on the Hallmark Channel, but did it have to follow every single step of how to make a family-friendly Christmas movie? It just ended up as being very generic and mundane.

There are far better Christmas movies available, movies that are more Warming to the heart and brings a smile to the lips. "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" just didn't had enough to put underneath the Christmas tree, pardon the pun.
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Different plot makes for a fun Christmas film
SimonJack13 January 2019
Every now and then, the Hallmark Channel comes up with a different plot for a Christmas movie. And, most of those are quite good. "Annie Claus Is Coming to Town" is such a film.

Although it follows a familiar theme about the eventual replacement for the current Santa Claus, the plot is unique enough to make this a fine comedy romance for Christmas viewing. Most of the cast are good, and Maria Thayer is superb as Annie Claus. When she rents her room at the Candy Cane Motel, she tells Lucy her last name is spelled with a K.

Thayer's Annie is a constantly joyful person - it wouldn't be right to say she is "chronically" joyful. It's her nature, coming from where she does. And, her joyfulness is infectious. That's something that would likely be overdone, or come across as corny or sappy by many another actor. But Thayer makes it seem real, pleasing and refreshing.

This is a more modern film that most family members should enjoy over the Christmas holidays. The film has some funny and clever lines, and gets in a couple gentle digs about living in the Los Angeles area. Here are my favorites.

Martha Claus, "All right, Annie. Are you ready to see where sabbatical will be taking you?" Annie, "Oh, I'm so excited, mother. It could be anywhere. Paris. Prague. Pittsburgh."

Lucy, "Well, we're pretty comfortable around here living in fear of each other. We tend to not make eye contact if we can help it." Annie, "When I pass someone without a smile, I like to offer mine."

Lucy, to her daughter, "Don't you ever run after a man, hear me?" Mia, "Okay."
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catholicmom-037593 December 2020
This is your nothing but your run of the mill predictable Santa claus movie. Even though it had good actors there wasn't any shooting at the edge off your seat or keep you guessing type of movie.
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Lead Actor was very good and worked hard ... but it never took off
iranu-741959 November 2019
The "evil" male character (Ryan Bittle) is truly ugly and really distracting, because his "nearly hunk looks" spill over into "nasty convict looks". Despite being cast as a smouldering anti-hero, he has a face like a bag of wrenches... very very off-putting. Also Vivica Fox, a real actor, is in this and grossly underused, for some reaon Maria Thayer works damned hard throughout and seems determined to carry this film on pure willpower, despite the zero budget. Less annoying than many Christmas TV movies - but has no pace whatsoever and so it folds in on itself by the 2nd Act
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