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MPAA Rated R for drug and alcohol abuse, language, sexuality/nudity and an intense action sequence

Sex & Nudity

  • In the opening scene, a naked couple is shown in a hotel room. The man's lower half is covered by bedsheets but the woman wanders around the room naked for a while. Her breasts, butt, and vagina are all shown as she walks around and even bends over for the camera. Extremely graphic and gratuitous.
  • Opening scene has a woman getting up out of bed and going to the bathroom and back to get dressed, she is nude, the scene is lit from a distance but shadowed as she approaches the camera so mostly breast butt etc is shown but there is no vagina scene and she bends over to pick something up and is filmed from the side view so nothing very graphic is shown at all.
  • Woman is a drug addict; it is implied that she will do almost anything to get money for drugs. She is seen leaving a hotel with a $100 bill, implying that she is a prostitute. She then visits a porn film set, where we see topless women in the background, blurred. Several men make crude jokes about how she will have to engage in anal sex on camera to get her money. One of the men slips off his robe, showing him from the back, completely nude.
  • A woman lays half asleep on her stomach in bed, topless and covered by the bedclothes from the waist down. As she drowsily adjusts her position, one of her breasts dangles briefly into view.

Violence & Gore

  • During the plane crash scene, a woman is seen vomiting and another woman is flung around and knocked unconscious. A third woman is also knocked unconscious and is killed during the crash, her body is seen in the aftermath of the crash with her head smashed by a part of the plane and a significant amount of blood is shown.
  • Whip knocks Nicole's landlord to the ground. He also has a fight with his son; his son wants to fight his father, but Whip, being stronger, forcefully holds him in a hug then pushes him back, as they hurl harsh insults at each other.


  • Profanity is scattered throughout the movie uses of strong language in which is about 50 of the f-bomb and derivatives (at least one of them paired with "mother."), nearly 25 uses of "shit." blasphemy is used, God and jesus used repeatedly, including one back-to-back usage of the f-bomb. We hear rough slang for the male anatomy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • It is apparent from the opening scene that Whip has a drinking problem. He is shown drinking throughout the movie and several times is shown to be clearly in a drunken state. In addition to the drinking there are at least 4 scenes where he is shown snorting cocaine, one where he and Harling smoke a cigarette spiked with cocaine, and one where the cocaine is sitting out and it appears he has already had some.
  • A man gives Nicole heroin, telling her it is very strong and not to inject it but snort it instead. He then gives her a small bag of cocaine for when she gets too low to get her back up again. We then see a graphic scene of Nicole shooting up; she makes a tourniquet, then inserts the needle. She moans briefly in pleasure, as her pupils dilate, and she passes out as she reaches for the bag of coke.
  • In the opening scene a woman re-lights what appears to be a marijuana joint.
  • There are several drug deals that occur in the movie.
  • Whip and Nicole smoke cigarettes in a number of scenes, including an extended sequence where they smoke along with a cancer patient. We hear certain prescription drugs mentioned.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is like from "The Wolf of Wall Street", but it is pretty intense on the R rating film.
  • The plane crash scene is very intense and shown in very vivid, realistic detail. We see shots of the cockpit interior and the passenger cabin. Viewers who have a phobia/fear of flying may find them especially frightening, intense, and hard to watch. There is a very emotional moment when Whip tells a flight attendant to say 'I love you' to her son for the black box to record as he believes them certain to die.
  • The scene that shows Whip being taken out of the plane is brief and slightly blurred as it shows what he can see and he is struggling to see.

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