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  • At the end, we see pictures of her on the wall in Whip's cell. Although the camera focuses on the last one (the one he took on his porch), you can see that the others were taken in jail, presumably when she came to visit him, along with his ex-wife and son. She's wearing street clothes, and looks clean and healthy. Looks like her recovery is working out well for her.

  • James Badge Dale, credited as "Gaunt Young Man".

  • He couldn't foresee the flight crashing nor could he have predicted that the turbulence was going to be so severe that beverage service was going to be stopped. He was only able to make the decision about the service once the turbulence became what he called "severe." Therefore, if there was no crash and no severe turbulence, it would seem that the vodka was purchased by someone on the plane.


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