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MPAA Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence throughout, and language

Sex & Nudity

  • None.
  • A man kisses a pregnant woman's clothed stomach and then her forehead.
  • We see a portion of a man's bare back and chest as he works out shirtless.

Violence & Gore

  • Theres much more that isn't mentioned on here, a lot of it being graphic and bloody. The worst parts tend to be the stabbings.
  • It is implied that an officer is beheaded.
  • A man is punched in the face. A bloodied nose is shown.
  • A police officer shoots a boy running from him. The image is out of focus though so we don't get a clear view of the impact.
  • A sniper shoots a person. We do not see the wound because goggles obscure the view. (Not graphic)
  • A police officer shoots another police officer. Some blood is shown.
  • A man tries to attack a police officer, the officer grabs the gun from the man and shoots him.
  • A man punches a second man in the stomach.
  • Bad guys are killed by police officers. ( The death view is obscured )
  • A man threatens to kill a police officer with his bare hands. This man dies before he kills the police officer.
  • During a slow-motion onslaught we see a police officer propping up and carrying an injured police officer; many men attack the two police officers, the first officer fights the men as they attack him.
  • Several extended gun fights throughout.
  • Two police officers get sniped. We see them fall on the blood, but no blood is shown.
  • Two men are seen sitting in a van, one of the men is shot by an unseen sniper, three men shoot the passenger and driver.
  • A police officer approaches an open window, bullets are fired through the window, the officer is struck multiple times; a second police officer drags the man to safety where he dies seconds later.
  • Three men are seen in an elevator: the man in the middle stabs one of the men, flips the other man against the wall of the elevator and stabs him.
  • A police officer punches a man in the face with a gun.
  • A police officer holds a man hostage at gunpoint, the gun is pointed to the man's temple, the officer pushes away his hostage and shoots him, and the officer then turns the gun on himself but when he tries to pull the trigger, it jams.
  • As a police officer stands over a hole in the floor of an apartment, unseen men in the apartment under the officer open fire and he is struck in the abdomen and ear; the officer drops to the ground, writhing in pain and we see him being dragged to safety by another officer.
  • A man covered in blood runs from a room, he screams to a male police officer, "They're going to kill me!" the officer approaches him, the man shoots the officer twice.
  • A police officer stabs a man. the officer fights with two more men, stabbing one and kicking the second to the ground when another man enters the room and they wrestle and punch one another until one man throws the another out of a window, the police officer throws himself and a man from the 8th story window, he holds onto the man, using his body as a cushion when he hits a vented grate with a thud, and the officer rolls off the dead man's body and stumbles into a room, unharmed.
  • A police officer is cornered by four men, the officer attacks and defeats the four men with kicking and punching; we see one of the attackers being stabbed and the final attacker is kicked to the ground.
  • It's implied that some bad guys tortured one of the police officers.
  • A man briefly stabs another man in the hand.
  • An unseen police officer garrotes a man and we hear him gag and see his body slump to the ground, dead.
  • Men walk down a hallway passing bodies. No blood.
  • An injured police officer is placed on a sofa as a second officer attempts to dislodge a bullet in the injured officer's stomach.
  • Men drag the bodies of 2 police officers away from the road so no one see's them. (We don't see the bodies )
  • Several men run into an apartment and start smashing things.


  • Around 57 uses of 'fuck', 11 uses of 'shit', 4 uses of 'prick', 1 use of 'cunt', and 1 use of 'bitch'.
  • Name-calling (maniac, mad dog, cockroaches, quaky, old, bone-headed, stubborn and stupid.)
  • Keep in mind the film's only spoken language is Indonesian. Most of the language is in subtitles, however there are some English dubs that contain a little more language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We see a room filled with men who appear to be manufacturing drugs (presumably meth.)
  • We see men and women smoking what is implied to be heroin.
  • A man and a woman appear to be using drugs when they are interrupted by another man walking into the room.
  • A man instructs a group of men to take dead men's "stash" (implied to be drugs).
  • Throughout the film, we see different men smoking cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The fights are very intense.
  • This is a very action-packed movie. More violent as the John Wick franchise.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a BRUTAL and violent fight between Rama and Andi, and Mad Dog at the end. Rama and Andi 2v1 him, and they brutally punch and kick and strike Mad Dog, who does the same to them. Eventually Andi stabs Mad Dog in the neck with a jagged piece of plastic, and blood is seen. The three continue to fight until Rama breaks both his arms, cracks his spine, and finally kills him by slicing the plastic across his whole neck, with blood shown pouring. Very graphic.

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