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season two is a DRAGGGG!!
andriygoncharenko1 April 2019
The first season was amazing, but this new season has lost its vibe, the coming to America intros are gone, the story seems to be stretched out, I'm guessing they want to run a few more seasons until the end of the story. I believe the reason they fired the old directors is the wanted to finish the story in season two with amazing story lines and visuals. a lot of people are not happy with this, waiting for two years for a dragged on story line with nothing of interest. the ratings will drop and it will get canceled before it can even finish its story. what a shame. the first season was promising.
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No comparison to season 1
minnickmatt20 March 2019
Season 2 is so horrible and slow. Just seem to drag every episode out.
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Season 2, Episode 5: Endless & dull
justin-1517610 April 2019
I loved the book, I liked season one but I've given up on season two. Life is too short.
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From First to Worst!
kolson-5490612 April 2019
Season 1 was excellent, with great character development, cinematography, and storyline development. I'm 1/2 way through Season 2 and it's turned into nothing more than someone's slanted view on social injustice. What a shame. The book is so good. Not even going to bother watching the rest. DONE and Disappointed!
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I'm so exhausted of everything having to constantly be politicized
Raptile8 July 2017
First off, the show is very well made visually. As for plots - when it follows Gaiman's work, it's great. When it veers off on its own it becomes horrid. The writers are really, really untalented. Their dialogue is nothing but quips and pseudo intellectualism and it stands out compared to book dialogue like a sore thumb. Their original story lines are trash.

That's not what I wanted to write about, though. I was compelled to write the review because I gave up on the show after the constant politicizing became too much for me. And it's all intentional inserts on the part of the writers, because none of those scenes (listed below) are in the book.

American Gods is one of my favorite books. One of the reasons why is because it's apolitical. Or at least it ignores hot topic issues. Here is a list of things that don't exist in the books but were inserted into the show:

1)Black man being lynched. Including constant remarks from characters about the lynching. 2)Ignorant racist Czernobog 3)Anansi wearing 20th century clothing going on a civil rights rant in front of slaves on a slave boat. 4)Illigal immigrants' plight being lionized 5)Made up story of evil rednecks massacring illegals at the border 6)Illegals are the truly virtuous ones who carry Jesus with them. Jesus is in this, yes. 7)Evil white Christian rednecks shooting Jesus. So ironic! 8)Evil white American town that doesn't care about human life. 9)The true American spirit is evil and literally Nazi. I'm not misusing the word literally here by the way. 10)Stupid sexist leprechaun gets put in place by strong woman.

If you can stomach this kind of blatant, hamfisted condescending garbage from the smug writers, I guess you can give the show a try. It's certainly well made and acted, but the writers are terrible and I'm certain the quality will keep going down as they diverge more and more from the book and ignore Gaiman's writing in favor of their own.

Thanks for reading, if you did.
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Reading the book now - and the TV show does not disappoint, superb!
gabriel-gibin1 May 2017
Well, I picked up the book a few weeks back, before the show premiered. I'm a little ahead but I tell you, the show does a great job adapting this wonderful fantasy by Mr. Gaiman, verbatim at least for the pilot. The pace is great and the contemporary take on mythical figures is perfect.

Great for people who enjoy mythology - if you know a bit about it beforehand it's going to improve the ride but not essential. Great if you enjoy fantasy. Amazing show. Watch it, it's worth it.

Only downside is - I think it should air on Wednesdays, not Sundays!
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Beautiful production, terrible rewriting of Gaiman's work
donpmitchell4 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was excited about "American Gods", because I'm a fan of Neil Gaiman and that book. I really wanted to like the TV series, but after six episodes, I have to stop being in denial. It sucks. It's got a good cast, particularly Ian McShane playing the god Odin. The cinematography is slick and creative.

The problem is that the Hollywood producers and screenwriters think they can make a better story than Gaiman. About half the content of the show are entirely new stories and characters they've made up, and none of them hit the mark. Even worse, they appear to be vehicles for the writers to preach politics. This is particularly evident in episode 6, which is likely where some folks will stop watching the series.

Scene 1: Jesus Christ (none of this is in the book) is an illegal immigrant who walks across the Rio Grande --yeah he can walk on water that's one of his superpowers -- and when he gets to the other side a bunch of American border vigilantes wearing crosses shoot him. Bullets pierce his hands and feet and he dies laying in crucified stance on the beach. This is indulgent bad art.

Scene 2: The god Vulcan (also this is not in the book) has a gun making factory. The town is filled with people wearing Nazi-like uniforms, carrying guns, grimacing meanly at the camera...there's a lot of grimacing here. Oh and they lunch black people.

Not only are these bad heavy handed scenes that violate the style of Gaiman's work, they are all intended to portray a straw-man model of how Hollywood sees conservative middle Americans: gun carrying, racist, immigrant-baby-killing, Christians. Nothing ruins good fiction faster than the injection of partisan politics.
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Season 2 boooooring!
buirge11 April 2019
With the original production team getting the shaft, the show very sadly sucks. Season one had great potential but it's gone with Season 2. What a waste!
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A weird concoction
Leofwine_draca10 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Review of Season One:

American Gods is a brand spanking new fantasy TV show based on a novel by British author Neil Gaiman. It's an eight-part series which depicts a running battle between the old gods and new in modern-day America; former HOLLYOAKS actor Ricky Whittle headlines alongside Ian McShane. Truth be told, it's a difficult show to love; more interesting than entertaining, and very slow in parts. The film has way too many scenes dominated by CGI used to depict otherworldly beings, but which add to the story in no particular way; they're just there as general backdrop. It also tries a bit too hard to shock with explicit sex and violence unrelated to the story. It's a pity, as there are hints of greatness here, and some moments are a lot of fun. Surprisingly, it's the episodes centred around Emily Browning's character that turn out to be the best, because they're story-centred rather than just aimless.
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Extremely well done adaptation with stunning visuals and awesome actors!
noxiousliving5 May 2017
With books it is almost always the same, you have either a too literal adaptation, that simply does not work in the movie medium or you have a version that is so very butchered, that it hardly resembles the original at all. With this, you have the rare exception.

Even though the visuals are sometimes very gruesome, it perfectly fits the tone and story of the book and gave me almost the exact feeling that I had, when I read it. The actors are chosen well and especially the two main actors so far, Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane are doing insanely good jobs.

It might be confusing at first, but that is just the journey we are taking part in, when we follow Shadow Moon's story. It is confusing to him, so it is to us, he does not know what is going on, so neither do we. This is something several very negative reviewers of this should have realized: Even if you don't get what exactly is going on in the first episode of a show, it does not mean the show has to be bad. It is called suspense. The plot should not need to be spoon fed! Let the show carry you with it and learn what it is about the same way Shadow does and risk being surprised! Oh and on a special note, even though I do not know whether the review was done by a troll or not: No, the show is not another "typical TV show about vikings, knights and a lot of killing". If you think that, you failed basic comprehension.
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A visual treat that embodies everything wrong with 'magical realism'
viralbheda19-705-77811 January 2018
The Good: A stunning title sequence, sublime aesthetic, and powerful themes.

The Bad: The show is riddled with terrible dialogue, boring sub-plots, and an overdependence on (cringeworthy) CGI & post-production, all of which make for a tedious viewing experience. Another problem is the genre - magical realism - if (literally) anything can happen in the show without any explanation, there isn't a single reason left to care about the show or its characters.

My biggest takeaway from this show is that magical realism is a risky genre for television and should not be taken up unless the showrunners know EXACTLY what the fuck they're doing. (Given that the showrunners have left the show, I reckon that to not be the case.)
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safeharbour0123 June 2017
I loved this book. It's a rambling allegory of the cultures, hunger for power and the melting pot of everything that America is. There's pathos and humour, and a deep sense of the greater mysteries of life. Unfortunately, much of this was lost in the first episode. there's far too much, unnecessary gore a la Hannibal. That was fine for Hannibal, but distracts horribly from the underlying humanity of the book's story. The humour of the Techno Kid is completely lost in a departure from the book which ends instead - you guessed it - as a bloodfest lifted from Hannibal. What a turnoff. I would have said that in presenting this book, given the current craziness infesting American politics, it was actually pretty important to get it right, the effectiveness of TV in getting a message across should not be underestimated. So I feel this was a real let down. Another mess up was dragging out a totally gratuitous scene not in the book - Robbie's wife harassing Shadow over his dead wife's grave. It detracted from what could have been a poignant scene and I don't get why it was done this way. Yes, the American gods (who are actually from diverse cultures all over the world) and Odin himself are brutal, sexual creatures, much as the stories of them relate. But a little more subtlety, insight and recognising the strengths of the narrative, rather than the ego-driven need to 'improve' (which invariably fails to do so) was needed to make this complex book palatable on screen. Unfortunately it failed. Oh well. Fuller probably wasn't the producer for this.
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It went from a solid 9/10 to a 1/10!
did_casa11 April 2019
Whoever thought it was a good idea to push identity politics and the usual racial diatribe into this show, you should know, you just soiled a beautiful art piece with your narrow, shallow, ignorant, pathetic, manipulative, hypocritical, lying, deceitful agenda.

You quite literally turned something good into nothing more than a festering cancerous lump in these talented actors careers.

Your self hatred is projected in every line of speech, in every scene. Your need to signal virtue bleeds into every aspect of the argument. Your hunger for relevance destroyed any and all creative process in the series.

There are more slaves now in Africa than there ever were in colonial times, children alone make up 71 million!!!! There were more Chinese and Irish slaves in America than African slaves. George Washington himself wrote that he thought so poorly of the German people that he had trouble believing they were indeed European. The Italians suffered enormously because of xenophobia. Don't believe me? Google it, read a book, learn history.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!
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American - God! It's Boring.
LouieInLove14 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
From the off they got the casting wrong. The Ken doll in the central role is unconvincing & more suited to a 90210 style show. Ian McShane is outstanding (as always) but has zero chemistry with the Ken doll lead.

Amazon have compared this show to Game Of Thrones in the advertising which is a bloody liberty as it's incomparable due to Game Of Thrones having a strong & clear narrative that grips you & doesn't let go - everything that American Gods does not have.

Over stylised production without narrative/story is a flaw far too many shows have. American Gods looks pretty but has no connectivity - just like the lead. There really is not much more to say about American Gods. Unoriginal sleight of hand with nothing of interest revealed.

Story! Characters! Empathy! Connectivity! Where are these things?

Ian McShane's talent is wasted here.
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"It is more bother to wait for the sky to fall than the sky actually falling" (dialog)
paradux1 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I recall a review of Westworld where it was suggested that the entire medium of television had just entered a third cycle. The first was the 50s, the second was the 90s (major improvement in writing, imagination, use of technology) and the third is now. Where every possible mix of acting, dialog, SFX, etc. is now being used with just one single intention. To get inside the viewer's head, and make the viewer have a good time.

I am pretty sure this is another example of TV 3.0, as are other recent shows like Legion (which I still do not understand, but love) and Outcast (which I sort of understand, and also love.) American Gods seems determined to take this to an entirely different level. Even if you are a die-hard fan of VIKINGS (guilty), the opening sequence here in episode 1 where the first Viking to set foot in America is literally "arrowed to death" is, well, unforgettable.

I have no idea where this series is headed but, like the others mentioned, it is addictive and unpredictable. More, please.

**** Addendum ***** Sept 2017 *******

1. As I work my my way through S01 waiting patiently for S02 (Thank you Starz for answering our "prayers"), I still am not completely sure what I am watching but I am having a great time. There is a party in my brain. Everyone is invited.

2. This is my favorite "new" (as in "TV 3.0") show since Banshee, which seemed at first to be just another modern western (like Justified) but, the more you got into it, the more you realized it was insane and crazy and unpredictable and great fun. Like this show.

3. The casting is beyond brilliant. Ian McShane is not only an astonishing (and unappreciated) actor, but he has an empathy we can instantly relate to. If the world were to end tomorrow, and he was the one picked to give everyone the bad news, it would somehow seem more manageable. And Emily Browning, oh my, words fail me. If you were to take a moment to study the history of the Academy Awards (boring!) you would notice, the more physically challenging the role, the more likely the Academy was to honor it. Here, the ever-spunky Browning plays a dead wife who is determined to win back her husband even if she has to carry around a needle & thread in order to constantly sew herself back up. Unfortunately the Emmy people (who completely and unfairly snubbed Browning) seem to use a different playbook?

4. There are bits of astonishing dialog in this show that are already being mentioned in IMDb lists. From Git Gone (S01E04), this just a sample:

Anubis: "Was it love?"

Laura: "It wasn't. But I suppose it is now."

Anubis: "That is unfortunate. Love will always have you at a disadvantage."

Laura: "I think BEING DEAD has me at a disadvantage."

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Season 2 is a joke
JMichaletos1 April 2019
I've watched till S02E04

I loved season 1. In fact, I bought the book because of season 1. Then there were rumors that the show would be canceled and then the showrunners left. After a year in hiatus, the show returned and... Well... NO! Everything seems off.

Feels like a completely different show and not in a good way. Even the actors look like they are bored while the plot is a bit messy and not built properly. Something is missing and it does not have the magic of season 1. They try too hard to make it look "cool" and edgy and it doesn't feel natural at all the way they do it.

I don't feel entertained anymore. Hell, I don't even enjoy watching this. There are many good shows to spend your time. Maybe it's not for me. Either way I'm out.

5 stars for the first season, 0 stars for season 2.
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So much promise. But fails to poor characters and boring storyline
danmazzarol26 May 2017
I loved the overall concept of this show, visually this show looks amazing.

But unfortunately it suffers for a sever lack of interesting storyline. The main character is extremely unrelatable and you really don't care about him at all. It has lots of unnecessary over the top sex scenes and violent cut aways which so far have little to nothing to add to the overall storyline and seem to be shoehorned into the story to add shock value. The whole thing feels extremely disjointed and plots slowly.

Because of the concept and visual appearance of the show I really want to like it. But its just so all over the place storywise, slow moving and generally boring.

It seems to be that unless you've read the novels and know whats going to happen.. You will not enjoy this show. Hate to say it.. but don't waste your time.
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Awful season
thleviathan-122-9944921 April 2019
They are just suckin out their episods out of their fingers. It started good with season 1, but now it's getting down.
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An irreverent trip to the heart of Mythology in America.
jrcalvin2 May 2017
Casting: As things stand, this is some of the best casting in a book-to-TV adaptation I have seen in recent memory. Each character is given their moment to shine and the cast brings it to a new level. Truly a relief considering this is one of Gaiman's most compelling works.

Music: Spot on! Very fitting for the emotion and gravity felt in each scene.

Story: Stays very close to the original book narrative, but gives some of the most fascinating characters a little more screen time.

Tone: Surprisingly whimsical at times. It may seem jarring for folks unfamiliar with the original work on the storytelling style of the show runners. There's violence and sex in abundance, but beneath it all, there's an existential dread among the Old Gods.

Overall: 10/10

Could not recommend this show any more highly!
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Too much
finnishedmind21 June 2017
I love the book. That's where I come from.

This series tries so hard to be better than its source material. It tries and it fails.

Art is about emotions. Any good artist will avoid emotions. This is the paradox American Gods does not understand.

Summary: Read the book.
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Creative and interesting, but political sermonizing ruins the experience.
Damien_King8621 July 2017
There is much to enjoy about American Gods. It has the legacy of a near-classic novel from Neil Gaiman, a capable cast, a unique visual aesthetic, a passably good script, and Ian McShane.

Some people have taken issue with the violence and sex. I have no issue with that at all. In fact, I would have welcomed more of it.

What robbed the show of feeling timeless and intellectually sincere, however, was the near constant political messaging that saturated the experience with a relentlessness that seems somewhat malicious in hindsight. This is probably the most anti-conservative show I have ever seen, and all of its lofty artistic aspirations get left behind in its smug mission to caricaturize conservatives and their perceived viewpoints in wildly offensive and ridiculous ways.

Liberals will find much to celebrate, here, but for everyone else who is trying to escape the hysterical politicization of nearly every facet of media, it might be better simply to read the book.

It's a shame too, since there are real moments of brilliance when the writers remember to tell a universally poignant story instead of regurgitating leftist allegories.
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Season 2 is horrible.
c-figueroa1011 April 2019
Season two is a complete mess & the story is not progressing whatsoever. What a shame because season one had a lot of pontential to carry over strong but that is not the case here. Seems like the writers are lost, I think it will be cancelled after this season.
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Season 2 is not season 1
muskie-4192210 April 2019
Season 1 was good season 2 slow and boring. Its has so much potential but doesnt make it.
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Disappointingly Divergent from Book Warning: Spoilers
I really don't know why screenplay writers seem to need to mess with a good thing. The book, "American Gods," is a well-written tome where the author delves into mythology, modern drama, and the macabre. Think of it as Stephen King meets Herman Hesse, while delving into Japanese anime, then you have an idea of how the book goes. However, the TV series plays fast and loose with the main characters, as described in the book, as well as freely adding and subtracting from what the author wrote. What you end up with loosely follows the original story line, faithfully sticking to content in some places, not at all in others. The main character, Shadow, isn't black in the book. The slave ship episode isn't there either, and the flavor of the initial meeting with Mr. Wednesday loses its comedic value that the author originally included. I mean, Shadow does a good job of ditching Mr. Wednesday, only to have him materialize next to him at the urinal, asking if Shadow wants the job or not. Other story line elements, the black prostitute who turns out to be a god, is close, but no cigar here either. Hopefully the series will develop better as it goes along, because the first two episodes rate only a meh thus far. So much potential, and so little delivery.
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Another potentially good show ruined by Social Justice.
fridgeperry5 June 2017
This show had the potential to be good, but in typical Hollywood style it interjects copious amounts of the social justice narrative into the show. White people are evil, particularly white men. Migrants are poor victims blacks are abused and oppressed, insert any of the current social justice agenda and you will see it present in spades in this show.

I am guessing most the reviews were based on the first episode, these themes were minor in the first episode, but really got bigger and bigger throughout, till it became unwatchable. This stuff is killing Hollywood, personally I have canceled cable and not went to the movies in years now. until Hollywood stops shilling one point of view I will continue to boycott them and recommend everyone else do the same.
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