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Rachel McAdams: Sacha Pfeiffer



  • Sacha Pfeiffer : [about his molestation]  Joe, did you ever try and tell anyone?

    Joe Crowley : Like who, a priest?

  • Sacha Pfeiffer : [from trailer]  We understand you settled several cases against the church.

    Eric Macleish : I can't discuss that.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Are there any records of any of these settlements?

    Eric Macleish : No.

  • Ben Bradlee Jr. : So it's thirteen priests?

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Yeah.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson : Looks that way.

    Ben Bradlee Jr. : Holy shit.

  • Phil Saviano : Look, I get it. No one wants to read about kids getting raped by priests, especially now. But you asked a lot of people to re-live some very painful experiences...

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Phil, you know why we were taken off of this story.

    Phil Saviano : ...and-and... and you just disappear. It's been six weeks since 9/11.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : I realize that, and we're gonna get back to it.

    Phil Saviano : When? You're doing the same thing you guys did last time.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : No.

    Phil Saviano : You're dropping us.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : No.

    Phil Saviano : Maybe I should tell the Herald that story.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Okay, Phil, you go ahead and do that. It'll undo all the work we've done, but I can't stop you. Listen to me. I am here because I care. We're not going away. We're gonna tell this story. We're gonna tell it right. We just need a little more time. That's all we're asking for.

    Phil Saviano : Why bother asking? You're gonna do what you want anyway. You always do.

  • Mike Rezendes : Holy shit.

    Matt Carroll : Robby.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : That's three off Sipe's estimate. That's incredible.

    Mike Rezendes : Robby.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson : How many?

    Matt Carroll : 87.

    Mike Rezendes : 87 priests in Boston.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson : Call Macleish. I wanna talk to him.

  • Mike Rezendes : I don't know why I got so pissed off. You know, I think Robby's wrong.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : You know, you're just... you care about the story, Mike. We all do.

    Mike Rezendes : Yeah, I guess.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Hmm. I stopped going to church with my nana. I-It was... it was too hard. I... you know, I'd be sitting there, and I-I would start thinking about Joe Crowley or someone else, and I just... I just got so angry.

    Mike Rezendes : Did you... did you tell her why?

    Sacha Pfeiffer : [shaking her head]  She goes to church three times a week, Mike.

    Mike Rezendes : It really pisses me off. You know, I actually really liked going to church when I was a little kid.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Mmm. Why'd you stop?

    Mike Rezendes : Typical shit. But the weird thing is is... I think I... think I figured that maybe one day, I w... I... I would atually go back. I was really... I was holding on to that.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Mm-hmm.

    Mike Rezendes : I read those letters, and... and it... and something just... cracked.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : It's a shitty feeling.

    Mike Rezendes : Yeah. It's a shitty feeling.

  • Sacha Pfeiffer : Does Jack Dunn work for the school?

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson : No, he's PR for Boston College. They call him when they need help.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : And Pete Conley, why-why was he there?

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson : Good question. Pete's a big alum. But I called Bill directly and I asked for a sit-down. I never mentioned anybody else.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : It's like everybody already knows the story.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson : [indicating the Globe building across the street]  Yeah. Except us. And we work right there.

  • Mike Rezendes : Robby, it's incredible. Law knew about Geoghan for years, no question. There's a letter to Law from a woman, Margaret Gallant, who lived in Jamaica Plain in the early '80s when Geoghan was there. Listen to this. "Our family is rooted in the Church. Our desire is to protect the Holy Orders, even in the midst of our agony over the seven boys in our family who have been violated." Seven, Robby. Seven boys. "It was suggested we keep silent. We did not question the authority of the Church two years ago. But since Father Geoghan is still in his parish..." But she sent it to Law and Law did shit. Here's another to Law, same year. Listen to this. "A word on the recent assignment of Father Geoghan as an associate at St. Julia's in Weston. Father Geoghan has a history of homosexual involvement with young boys. I understand his recent departure from St. Brendan's may be related to this problem. I wonder if Father Geoghan should not be reduced to just weekend work while receiving some kind of therapy. You know how grateful I am to you for your constant concern. Sincerely yours in our Lord, Most Reverend John M D'Arcy, auxiliary bishop of Boston. December 7, 1984."

    Matt Carroll : An auxiliary bishop wrote that?

    Mike Rezendes : Right.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : That's incredible. He broke ranks. I mean, w-when did Gallant write her letter?

    Mike Rezendes : 1984.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : And Law just ignored it?

    Matt Carroll : How do you ignore that freaking letter?

  • Sacha Pfeiffer : He didn't try and hide it at all. He had this really odd rationalization for it, like it was totally normal to fool around with little boys. I'd really like to go back. I-I think he'd talk to us.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson : Oh, we will. Just not yet. I want you to stay focused on the victims right now.

  • Matt Carroll : I've been through a lot of these. 'Sick leave' isn't the only designation they use when they take one of these priests out of circulation. They use a slew of terms - 'absent on leave,' 'unassigned,' 'emergency response.'

    Mike Rezendes : They got a name for everything, these guys.

    Sacha Pfeiffer : Except rape.

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