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Season 1

15 Aug. 2011
Dumped by his girlfriend, Joe asks his old friend Stanny to move in to combat the loneliness. But his old friend stubbornly refuses, having been ignored by Joe the previous year as Joe was spending all his time with his ex-girlfriend. Summer and Georgia make a pact to focus on their jobs, not men--- A pact that Summer finds a loophole in when she falls for a woman.
15 Aug. 2011
Girls, Smarter... Boys, Funnier
Infatuation is wonderful for each couple, but with each newly formed couple under the same roof, tensions arise. Not only does it strain the friendship of Georgia and Summer, but their respective lovers can't stand each other. Georgia tries to diffuse the situation by taking Summer out to hash out their differences. Joe looks for answers to his breakup in a bookstore, and meets a girl who may offer more than just advice.
22 Aug. 2011
Third Wheelin' It with Lesbians
Georgia is surprised to find how she's actually falling for Stanny, and Summer is more than smitten with the new girl in her bed. Joe asks for Stanny's help moving, and he hates to leave Georgia's side, but she insists that he have a 'boy's day' while she enjoys a 'girl's day'. Stanny proceeds to help Joe move out of his old place, erupting in an argument over which friend abandoned the other when needed most. Meanwhile, Georgia feels like a third wheel around her best friend and her new lover.
29 Aug. 2011
The Threesome Episode
Nowwhere to stay, Joe joins the other four friends at their house. Crashing on the couch causes uncomfortable tension, as Summer has a crush on Joe, and Georgia no longer has Stanny's full attention. When Stanny encounters Georgia's bi-curious friend, an exotic beauty, Georgia makes an intriguing proposal to gain the upper hand on Stanny once again.
5 Sep. 2011
Let's Hit Pause
Stanny professes his love for Georgia, but she can't take his declaration seriously. Being pushy doesn't help him. When he presses the issue, she insists he move out. Shoot helps Joe find his own place to live, and in the process, sleeps with a guy none of them have ever met. Devastated at Shoot's nonchalant infidelity, Summer decides to sleep with Joe, unsure if it's to get Shoot off her mind or pursue her interest in Joe. Stanny packs his things, hoping that in leaving, Georgia will miss him.
12 Sep. 2011
Laugh, Cry, Say Goodbye
Summer can't stand the idea of not seeing Shoot again for months, and decides to join Shoot on her photography gig in Haiti. Hearing this news, Georgia is furious her best friend is running off with a girl she just met. With Stanny gone, Georgia is now all alone. Meanwhile, Joe has severed ties with Stanny, when Stanny needs him the most. Stanny is trying to formulate a plan to get Georgia back, but the struggling writer finds his life falling apart at every turn. Laughter and tears erupt as everyone must choose between friends or lovers in the season finale.

 Season 1 

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