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Twisted, poignant, and macabre by turns
drowned_soda16 September 2022
"Pearl" is Ti West's followup to the 1970s-set "X", which serves as an origin story for that film's villain. It focuses on her life as a lonely and whimsical young woman who feels stifled by her obligations caring for her family in 1918 Texas while her husband serves in World War I. Pearl's only outlet is the local cinema, where she is invigorated by the glamour of motion pictures and dreams of being a star. Pearl's longing for a more thrilling life--along with some ostensibly psychological predispositions to insanity--drive her to do some unspeakable things.

Though branded as a "Technicolor slasher" of sorts, "Pearl" is, in truth, more of a twisted psychological family drama, and a character study of a deeply sad outsider who feels her life is slipping away from her; her dreams, desires, and impulses out of reach due to her circumstances. This theme was tapped upon in "X", which showed the character at the end of her life, and this exploration of where she came from is demented and poignant by turns. The film is notably effective because this existential theme is one that is endemic to being a human--a fear for many that, no matter where we are in our lives, is ever-present--all of the "what-ifs", the mourning of "lost" time, and even worse: the possibility that where we are is in fact where we belong.

This film would not work without Mia Goth's performance, which is truly remarkable. Here, she portrays an outsider anti-hero that is steeped in nuance and conflicting character traits (and flaws). Her ennui and sadness is empathetically played, and one can sense that Goth herself, on some level, identifies with Pearl's pain. She lends the role a potent mixture of naiveté, delicateness, and pure, murderous rage. While Pearl is all of these things, she is also none of them entirely, and thanks to Goth's performance (and the screenplay, which she had a hand in co-crafting with West), the character emerges as multilayered and human despite her propensity for evil. Encircling Goth is a solid supporting cast who are all capable of meeting her intensity with varying degrees of bewilderment, disgust, and sheer terror.

"Pearl" does indeed edge into slasher territory in its third act, and the film as a whole is a visual feast--garishly colorful, and tipping its hat to a number of films. "The Wizard of Oz" is an obvious cornerstone, but there are visual and symbolic nods to "Repulsion" and, even more heavily, Frederick Friedel's obscure farm-set "Axe", another film that follows a mysterious (and murderous) young woman caring for her infirm grandfather on a rural farm. As with "X", West uses these influences smartly without browbeating the audience or pushing the film's content over the edge into pure pastiche, and the film downshifts in its denouement in a way that is unexpectedly touching, despite all the spilt blood and entrails.

As a companion piece to "X", "Pearl" may leave some fans of its predecessor underwhelmed, largely because it is so tonally different and not the conventional "slasher" film that might be expected. However, as a nuanced character study of a budding serial killer, it could not possibly be any better. "Pearl" stands tall as a disturbing and strangely heartbreaking portrait of a person who, upon finding that her search for meaning and validation from others leads her nowhere, is then only capable of destroying them. 9/10.
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The complexity of insanity
benjaminskylerhill16 September 2022
Many who liked "X" will probably find themselves disappointed with this prequel, as it never comes close to reaching the levels of shock and intensity that the former reached.

In fact, "Pearl" isn't really a horror film at all (let alone a slasher), but rather a slow-paced descent-into-madness character study that uses it's brutal violence sparingly. And it's a great character study at that.

If you're ok with that, then you're in for a psychological treat.

Highest praise must be given to Mia Goth. She co-wrote the screenplay this time around and it's clear she understands the character profoundly. Her performance is terrifying. On a dime, she is able to flip from sweet & innocent to bloodthirsty & vengeful to remorseful and empathetic all within the same scene, sometimes even within the same shot.

It is, no hyperbole, one of the best lead performances I have ever seen in the genre.

When the protagonist of your story is a murdering psychopath, obviously there is a risk of alienating the audience. But that never happened because the script keeps all of Pearl's actions rooted in the festering grudges she holds toward her unfulfilling responsibilities and the subjectively monotonous life that she feels anchored to.

Pearl remains a sympathetic character because she is written as what a lot of us would become if we snapped and acted on every thought we had in our minds.

Lastly, the cinematography and other visual choices elevate the journey of madness we are following by adding surreal, otherworldly qualities to Pearl's fantasies that she indulges.

The only complaint that I have is that some of the dialogue could have done with a bit more polish. I understand that they were trying to mimic the over-the-top style of older films, but there were times when the spoken words felt cheesy when they should have had more power.

I was not expecting it to be as psychologically hard-hitting as it was. And what an emotional gut-punch of an ending that was.

It's a great film. Ti West's best work.
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Mia Goth's performance is one for the ages
robodoc-2089716 September 2022
Extremely entertaining throwback-appearing (think old Hollywood cinematography and score) blood-soaked origin story of a girl with big dreams. After hints of malevolence, a chain of circumstances and events leads Pearl down a dark path.

The key here is Mia Goth's performance. One minute she comes across as a sympathetic character, the next she is beyond creepy, and there are still times in this film with laughter interspersed between moments of horrific violence. Perhaps the best moment in the film is a monologue that is best described as otherworldly. Really good watch, tremendous performance.
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A Pearl Leaves Her Shell Behind...
Xstal26 October 2022
Pearl is feeling rather trapped, it's 1918 and she struggles to adapt, with an overbearing mother, immobile father she'd like to smother, it all makes her feel encaged, and somewhat handicapped. A projectionist has opened up her eyes, to a world that's full of wonder and surprise, no longer can she prolong, she needs to snare life with a prong, set the world alight, go out and fight, and learn to dance along. Alas a pearl is often formed from bits of grit, which can irritate and make you curse and spit, bring your demons to the fore, compound monotony of chore, revealing attributes you'd rather not admit.
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Wake me up when something happens
destiny_west1 November 2022
Right off the bat I will admit I was not a fan of X. It was way too predictable to me. Yes I get it, you wish you had made The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but you didn't.

Reluctantly I watched Pearl, wanting to give the next in the series a go and I admit the trailer did intrigue me.

Well that is not time I will be getting back. Yes I felt it was a complete an utter waste of time.

Am I missing something? What is the hype?

Don't get me wrong Mia Goth is a good actress, but just because an actress is good in a film, does not make the film good.

It was like watching wet paint dry, I was bored to the point of frustration. It took such a long time for anything of any significance to happen. Then when it did, the wait was in this case definitely not worth it.

Please no more.

Mia Goth could do so much better with other roles.
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Slow unnecessary prequel
akshatmahajan25 October 2022
Pearl is that prequel story that no one asked for.

There was nothing new in this movie. It was just a boring piece of drama. You can't feel any intensity or any thrill in the story. There was not even a single scene where you would think what's gonna happen next. The performances by the lead actress was good but to be honest, I wasn't able to connect with her. Overall, it was an average drama and a wasted opportunity.

Now, it's sequel MaxXxine is also coming. No one asked either for sequel or for prequel and I don't think anyone was interested in knowing psycho's origin story or is interested in knowing what happened after X.
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Tediously boring.
Fella_shibby6 November 2022
Lots of talk, talk n more talk.

In fact, none of the talk is engaging or intense.

Its a huge disappointment.

After a while, the lead actress gets on ur nerves.

If they really wanted to make a psychological thriller, they cud have added some dark scenes.

Movies which showcases the slow descend into madness is Joker n Driller Killer but this one ain't at all.

Trust me nothing happens n there is no slasher element n the scare is nada.

I enjoyed X n was highly anticipating this one but what a waste of time this one turned out to be man.

The elements which made the first one successful are all absent in this one.
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Weird hidden gem
robfollower28 September 2022
The story about a young girl's life descending into madness!

Pearl is an ambitious and bold work with art-house horror sensibilities from A24 and Tie West . Pearl isn't just good , it is fabulous .This weird hidden gem is an incredible twisted character study . Mia Goth burns very bright in her role as Pearl . She acts with unbridled "wild abandon" and is not afraid to declare her self to the word. Goth is a real power house and carries this slow burn of a film ; She deserves all the accolades and then some. Co-scripting with her director, Goth is the standout. I must know watch "X" as Pearl is a prequel to that film which is on my shelf in Blu-ray !!! P. S. This film reminds me of " Darling"

Pearl is a serious, deliriously messed-up psychodrama with an amazing musical score, period piece accurate 1917 wardrobe and vintage early cars Terrific cinematography and disturbing imagery . A heavily Stylized slasher with some suburb kills that yield some tantalizing gory effects. This film won me over as it starts off as a very slow burn ! As the character study progresses and also the performance of Pearls overbearing mother played by talented Tandi Wright ;I found the merit of the film sneaks up on you ! It is terrifically accomplished and horribly gripping . 8.5/10

Note: You must stay a watch the closing credits . It is excellent mind-f % $ k .The strained smile that Goth holds for more than three minutes behind the closing credits was a spur-of-the-moment inspiration from Ti West. He had planned to film her smiling and then choose a freeze-frame of the most unsettling shot, but at the last minute suggested "What if you hold a smile as long as you possibly can and let's see what happens?" They shot the smile, which "goes from comical to haunting to deeply disturbing the longer it continues," in one take.
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horrors are meant to be scary, right?
AfricanBro25 September 2022
This was Pearl's origin story, thought it'd span out over a few years but it's just a short period of her upbringing. It was tough one as you'd expect from a 'horror' origin story, her mother was cruel but she was raising her the only way she knew how. I think it's better than X in a way because it has purpose and is really all about character development to help us understand how they lady in X came to be. Mia Goth did a stellar job in this, more noticeable because she had a lot more to do which allowed her to show her acting skills. What I liked about it was it wasn't an exuberant display, she seemed like a believable level of crazy and messed up.

But it has the same problem as X which is a big one, it's not a horror, once again horror movies are meant to be scary and this isn't. There were actually very few scenes where the characters were frightened for a prolonged period of time so how do they expect the audience to feel the fear. None of the characters had time to sulk in their fear because once Pearl unveils herself they're killed off pretty quickly. It's a very calm movie, taking time to reveal the next parts of the plot. You could literally walk out the theatre for a short bathroom break or snacks and not miss out on anything.

Being set during the Spanish Flu made it also feel like a Covid pick me, they've been one too many pandemic films to keep making them, I thought that time had passed now. Production quality and cinematography was the same as X, sorta unique as it's gritty retro picture like it was recorded on an old camera. I hate how the blood just looked like cheap watery tomato ketchup.

Probably sound like a broken record because once again here's another movie that isn't a horror, throwing in some gore scenes or grotesque deaths doesn't make it one. The more movies like this are made and labeled horror the more the genre loses it's essence. Was anyone even scared while watching this? The most eerie thing about this was the smile in the end credits. It was a good enough story for an origin story, just not a horror. Feels more like a family drama.
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Self-indulgent slop.
Victor_Fallon24 October 2022
Mia Goth is credited as co-writer, but her talents are clearly in acting and she should put the pen down. Her performance is ok as she croaks her way through the garbled dialogue (warning - constant vocal fry), but the movie is a dud.

The only positives are the production design and colour scheme. Everything else - editing, score, script, direction - all very weak.

The story itself (a small slice of Pearl's upbringing) is crazy boring, wallowing in the mundane with no concern for the audience or entertainment. I thought 'X' was a below average horror, yet Pearl is much, much worse. By the end I was struggling to stay awake and somewhat angry that this movie offered so little.

I've seen most of Ti West's movies now. All he can do is regurgitate that painfully retro-chic style, again and again. Absolutely no substance. This will be the last time I spend time and money on one of his films. What a rip off.
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West and Goth murderous psychological gold.
amesmonde24 October 2022
Tending to her ailing father, under the watch of her overbearing mother, Perl hopes to change her life and fulfil her dreams, but her repression clashes with her ambition with horrific consequences.

Ti West's cleverly realised tale oozes cinema, capturing the best of horror; but refreshingly fresh as he's done in previous works. It's not just Tobe Hooper's alligator, farmhouses and slasher setups, there's also echoes of a Lizzie Borden story too. Both prequel and origin story to Ti West's excellent X, Perl can also be viewed as a stand-alone film. With vibes of Psycho and the vivid colour of Wizard of Oz, Mia Goth controls every scene with an outstanding performance as damaged, chorus girl wannabe Perl. Set on 1918 both West and Goth's script reflects truths of a bygone era (without following paint by numbers expectation if you'd seen X). The cinematography, effects and score complement the dreams, delusions and murders as Perl longs to escape her secluded farm and caring chores.

The locations and sets give it an edge of quality, it feels like an expensive period piece at times especially when Perl visits the town. Amongst the farms animals and murder there's effortless monologues, Goth is award deserving delightful. With plenty going on under the skin in amongst the horror and theatrics the small cast ensemble is perfect. David Corenswet as the likeable rogue projectionist is memorable, Emma Jenkins-Purro as prim Mitsy is fantastic. Tandi Wright's Ruth, Perls mother has screen presence, along with Matthew Sunderland as Pearl's paralyzed father.

Ultimately, it's worth viewing for Goth's standout wicked performance alone, this coupled with West's direction make's for some murderous psychological screen gold.
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Mia Goth is magnificent!
UniqueParticle22 September 2022
Pearl is stuck in her ghoulish lifestyle of taking care of her sick father until the darkness is unleashed. I loved X quite a lot yet this was just as satisfying, I see why the ratings are so high well deserving! Such a beautiful mix of Wizard of Oz and daunting horror. Ti West is incredible at his craft over the years he's become even better at captivating the audience into the story and Mia is outstanding; I hope she gets an award eventually. This is stylish, catches you off guard, kinda weird in a good way, and a great thrill ride. I wonder Ti will do next I enjoy most his films I hope others enjoy this bizarre horror experience.
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Snore, The Film Is A Nightmare Alright, Zzzzz
TheAnimalMother25 September 2022
I can't believe how bad this film was. That was by far the most shocking thing in this quickly thrown together, joke of a prequel. The film is nothing like X, except that it also does develop somewhat slowly in the beginning.

While I've seen X a couple times now and I entirely enjoy it, mostly for it's humor. I kid you not, out of the many thousands of films I've seen, Pearl is easily among the most uninteresting films of them all. It's so bad, and so boring, I was in shock by the time the film finally ended. AND, I'm a person who enjoys artistic dramas. I enjoy a good slow burn, but this was just nonsense. I've seen a stupid amount of films in my life. One year I saw well over 100 films in the theatre alone. Only twice in my entire life have I ever felt tortured watching a film at the cinema. This was one of them!

The film has a few scenes where it's trying to be funny, but no one in the audience ever remotely chuckled during the entire film. Nor any sound from anyone regarding the film at all. It's a flat dud entirely. Midway through the film, people started getting up and going to the lobby for more snacks it seemed. People were bored and restless, moving around far more than the usual theatre crowd. It seems like not only was this film rushed into production, but that the writers/director believe they are much more skilled than they really are. What were they even going for with this, Oscars? That's what it seemed like they're trying for, but what a painful joke of a film it is.

I just watched an extremely well made Norwegian horror film the other night, The Innocents (2021). A great film! A serious psychological horror film. Which is what it seems like this boring mess Pearl was also going for. Well, they couldn't have failed much worse in my view. I don't understand their thinking whatsoever in even trying to make this.

Imagine watching Travis Bickle descend into madness, or Repulsion's Carol fall into mental illness, but imagine it written by people with the depth of a child and many common stereotypes thrown in. Boom, that's basically Pearl in a nutshell. Just add in worse directing and editing as well, then you get an even fuller picture of what this is.

A brutal snore-fest.

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Colorfully whimsical, but tediously lackluster
thefendiprint16 September 2022
Saw an opening night screening of Pearl, and unfortunately the film is just not that good. It's not terrible, nor is it great. I had lower expectations already as I was not a big fan of "X" either, but Pearl does feel connected to the "X" universe, while somehow being even less exciting and more mundane. There's less gore and lower stakes for the story to accomplish.

The film also suffers greatly from slow pacing, making it feel much longer than it is. Mia Goth does deliver a good performance and the nostalgic atmosphere of the film is done fairly well (referencing Old Hollywood films both cinematically as well as musically), but it's just not enough to save the film as a whole. I'm sure those who loved "X" will like this, but in all honesty neither films are as masterful as some reviewers would lead you to believe.
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Disappointed for sure
colewaters18 September 2022
First of all I loved X, so I was really looking forward to seeing Pearl. I was highly disappointed in how the movie came out. It felt very rushed in my opinion. Mia Goth was fantastic though she deserves an Academy Award for her role, but other then that the movie sucked.

It was beautifully shot, but again it felt like A24 told them that it needed to be out before the end of the year and it was quantity over quality. Who knows I may have been in a bad mood or something and maybe I need to rewatch it. Pearl though I thought was a flop.

Then they already have a third one coming out called Maxxxine. Like we need a third one.
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Meh! Had so much potential !
Lewis_Heather78719 September 2022
I'll be completely honest, I am an idiot! I know that is strong however I may have made a mistake. I didn't realise that this film was a prequel/origin story to another film that came out earlier this year "X". I didn't even know that film existed until I googled this film after seeing it today.

Having not seen "X" or even realising that "Pearl" was connected to something else might have tainted my view of the film. I won't know until I've seen "X" I suppose.

I am mentioning all of the above because my complaints/problems with this film might be made redundant had I seen both films. "Pearl" had a killer trailer and add Mia Goth's awesome acting you've got be onboard. I'll admit I was excited for this film, even had expectations for it, being a A24 production. This was at the end of it a bit of a "meh" which I am gutted about! This film is oozing with potential. Mia Goth carries this film and is sublime. Directing, cinematography and story is all good and shows a hell of a lot of promise. However thats just it, promise/potential! Definitely felt a bit light in all the areas surrounding Mia Goth. Nothing felt that layered or delved into in more detail. What I'm basically trying to say is......I wanted MORE! More of everything! Longer runtime, more backstory, more characters, more story, more weirdness and definitely much more psychotic unnerving crazy Pearl !!!

Overall it felt not complete.........hence why I think watching "X" might improve my view on this film? To me anyway it was a very surface level film apart from Mia's performance which was multi layered, rich, detailed and complex. If only the rest of the film could match her !

60% out of 100 its still a good film but didn't hit the heights I was hoping/expecting it too !
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There's things to like about this movie and components that dragged and was overdone
kevin_robbins21 September 2022
Pearl (2022) is a movie my wife and I saw in theatres last night. The storyline follows a young lady in 1918 who lives on a farm with her handicapped father and over burdened mother and whose husband is off at war. The young lady has delusions of grandeur and feels she should be a movie star and far away from her farm. Her family needs her to stay and help with chores and keep them alive. When there's tryouts for a traveling dance team she plans to audition whether her family wants her to or not.

This movie is directed by Ti West (Them) and stars Mia Goth (A Cure for Wellness), David Corenswet (The Politician), Emma Jenkins-Purro (The Brokenwood Mysteries), Matthew Sunderland (The Lost City of Z) and Tandi Wright (Jack the Giant Slayer).

The cinematography in this movie is outstanding, as is the attire, depiction of the era and the performance of Mia Goth (who co-wrote and produced this movie with West). This is more of a character piece with horror elements than a traditional horror movie. There's elements that worked for me and scenes that left me scratching my head. I will say I was very frustrated watching this movie. Every scene with the alligator was awesome. There's a pitchfork scene, fight with the mother and explosion I adored. The father was also a solid, creepy character (the bath scenes made me cringe). However, the movie feels like it is trying too hard to prove Pearl is insane. The scarecrow scene felt rediculous and didn't work for me. How people reacted to her behavior at times felt off (they tolerated her uncomfortably long). The monologue scene was great acting but felt unrealistic from the sister in-law's perspective. The ending was sudden and I wanted more.

Overall, there's things to like about this movie and components that dragged and was overdone. I would score this a 5.5/10 and recommend seeing it once.
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Mia Goth is Xcellent!
EvanparkerT16 September 2022
Ti West and A24 have given us another masterpiece this year. This slow burn melodrama slasher pays an extraordinary homage to early Hollywood films especially with their technical achievements (from the score to the editing to the cinematography to the fonts).

Goth's performance is a masterclass in horror cinema and the entire cast did a fine job as well. If you enjoy 'X', you will absolutely enjoy this prequel even though it is more of a character driven film than your typical slasher like X but it is an awesome companion. And again, Mia Goth deserves an Oscar nomination I can't emphasize this enough.
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Mia Goth Is the Best. The Film Is What You'd Expect.
Organizized7618 September 2022
Honestly, as someone who really loved X, I'm not feeling this as much as everybody else is. I will say that Mia Goth is indeed excellent. Her performance is genuinely brilliant. The film's greatest scene is a single long take of her just talking for minutes on end. The range that she has shown between this film and the last is very impressive. I love her to death, and she holds this movie up single-handedly and makes it what it is.

But the actual film surrounding her feels quite lacking in terms of the horror, the humor, and the development. I could predict every scene beat for beat before it happened. It made for a somewhat dull experience. It lacked the subversions that X had. As well as the likeable side characters, the tension, and the fun kills. One of my biggest issues is just how boring the characters other than Pearl are. Usually these character study movies have interesting people for the lead to interact with, which brings out stuff from within the protagonist. But man, is this cast ever flat. None of them are bad actors, but their writing is bland as anything. This leads to a lot of scenes where Pearl talks to some flatline of a person about the same few topics over and over. Then she kills some folks in ways (and even an order) that anyone could see coming a mile away. It's a tamer, smaller, less entertaining movie than X that drags quite a bit, which is something I rarely say. It was disappointingly unengaging consider how neat the setting and lead character are.

I feel as though Ti West is at his best when he's making homages to 70s Horror. His composition, editing, and pacing all suit that style of filmmaking perfectly, but he's not so great at doing other types of films. This felt no different to me. The Old Hollywood stylizations didn't gel with the more modern techniques used sometimes, and the tone was a bit confused. There was zero suspense the entire film. And I mean zero, which is kind of shocking since that's West's whole thing. But it wasn't especially fun either. Much of it was strangely serious, considering how silly it was, although there were some funny bits. But it felt like Mia Goth was the glue holding this entire thing together, and the other characters, where the story went, and how the horror was handled were just afterthoughts. I saw this earlier today, and I don't remember all that much of it aside from a few key scenes. The memorable visuals and moments are few and far-between, but they're there. It's a showcase for a single specific talent rather than an amalgamation of a group of talents.

Anyway, I'm glad that people are enjoying this so much. I feel like I saw a totally different movie than most people, though, with some of the reviews I've read. But hey, I'm happy you got the experience that I was hoping for but unfortunately didn't get out of it. I'd still love to see Mia and Ti make more movies together! They clearly have lots of passion and talent, and I'm excited to see what else they'll come up with, even if this one wasn't as much my speed.
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andrewchristianjr22 October 2022
Geared toward the horror and slasher crowd, this movie discusses many relevant ideas that will appeal to a wide audience and feel oddly familiar. Mia Goth is a superstar in this one.

A prequel to X (2022), and second installment overall in the X film series, it serves as an origin story for the titular villain whose fervent aspirations to become a movie star lead her to committing violent acts on her family's Texas homestead in 1918.

Pearl had its world premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 3, 2022, and was released in theaters in the United States on September 16, 2022, by A24. The film received positive reviews from critics who lauded Goth's performance and its homages to the films of the Golden Age of Hollywood-particularly The Wizard of Oz, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Mary Poppins. Another film in the series, a sequel to X titled MaXXXine, is in production.
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Pearl's XXX factor
chrismwolfe8 November 2022
I viewed Pearl about a week after I saw X so I watched them relatively close to each other. I liked both of them, I liked Pearl a bit more, yet I felt both were missing something as far as plot and engagement went.

Now don't get me wrong, these are both solidly entertaining movies. Particularly in Pearl's case... it is shot beautifully. I love the way they hearkened back to that style while keeping a modern twist. The acting is also great and twisted. Goth does a great job, particular shout out to her long monologue. The special effects are gnarly as well.

I just felt like there was something missing from the plot, it didn't feel like it really went anywhere and was a tad repetitive, lessening the quality of engagement for me personally. Regardless, overall it was a decent experience and I would recommend.
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Mia Goth Deserves to Win an Award for her Phenomenal Performance as the Psychotic Pearl!!!
Pumpkin_Man21 September 2022
Wow, this was a really good horror movie. It definitely deserves to win an Award, especially after seeing Mia Goth's performance as Pearl, an unstable woman who is sheltered on the farm with her domineering mother and invalid father. Her husband is overseas, fighting in World War I and she aspires to be a famous dancer/actress. The movie is such an interesting case study, and Goth is great to watch. It's intriguing to see what Pearl will do at any given minute. One minute, she's quirky and cute and talking to farm animals. The next minute, she's making out with a scarecrow. Then she could be yelling at someone, and looks like she's about to kill them. It's like the female version of Joker and Taxi Driver, set in the 1900's.

60 years before the events of X, we meet Pearl, a woman who aspires to be great and become famous, but she's trapped at her parent's boring farmhouse. She makes friends with a projectionist at the local theater, who promises to take her away to Europe. Her sister in law, Mitsy tells her about a dance competition at the church, and she's determined to win.

As time goes on, she slowly descends further into madness and won't let anyone get in the way of her dreams. If you love period horror films and psychotic women, I would highly recommend PEARL!!!
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Nice color saturation and scenery
ktwbw29 October 2022
Nice color saturation and scenery.

Other than that I don't recall much, because I started giving myself a lobotomy 10 minutes into this.

Another over / under sexed white girl, with mental issues, looking for fame, to escape her tortured life. Yawn...

This could have been a number of other movies really. Except a number of those movies, I actually enjoyed.

Scary thing is, I've read how some people relate to this character... seek some type of mental health treatment if that is you...

This movie does offer some beautiful shots though, and I really did enjoy the color saturation.

Even if this twisted version of Dorthy was a total snooze fest.
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Slightly boring, Felt like a Stage Play and Wizard of Oz cheaply done. Sort of like MISERY, and X, but not as good.
Beyondtherain24 October 2022
The setting was nice, but it wasn't used good at all. The period piece of 1918? It looks very cheap! Never do a period piece with this budget again! You had like 5 Ford Cars from 1915 and the town was clearly a stage. The girl Mia Goth is a good actor, but good acting isn't being able to talk crazy for 5 minutes🤣 the good acting is at the end credits! When Mia smiles and cries for 2 minutes straight. That was awesome! But Mia goth should be a damn Lawyer and not a dancing Star🤣 She is amazing but I watched MISERY last week and that film was so much better. I'll give it a positive though because this film was better than alot of Horror films from this year. I was harsh on X at first...But now I appreciate X alot more since it was pretty straightforward. This film and the 1918 period setting was just wonky. I'm sure Maxxxine will be the best out of the 3 films...this is the worst. Good acting, but that's all it's Mia Goth talking crazy the entire film and i understand it. Toni Colette in Hereditary did the same thing!!! I respect the craft, but it was boring. Maxxxine should be much better...this was too much talking and way different from X, obviously...
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Decent prequel
grimsonji16 September 2022
Mia Goth really has the potential to become an Oscar contender. She definitely delivered some amazing acting in this one, as well as in "X"! (Hardly wait to see her in the next movie: MaXXXine). About this movie? Well, is the story of the old lady: Pearl from the "X" movie, being now a young girl! The story about a young girl's life descending into madness! The movie has everything: amazing soundtrack, good cinematography, some good kills(maybe not as brutal and gory as we have seen in "X"), very decent acting and..oh boy, the croc is here again! It really deserve your attention and if it is possible, watch this movie in a cinema theater!
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