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A different film!!
sasikanth206 October 2011
Oh boy, this is gonna be tough. Tony (NTR) and Niharika (Tamanna) are kidnapped by terrorists in Kashmir. They somehow manage to escape from there. Tony follows Niharika to Hyderabad, and makes her fall in love with him. At the same time, he is also plotting to destroy a gang of goons. The rest of the story deals with establishing why he is after the goons, and how Niharika is involved in all of this.

Verdict: Its one hell of a movie. Whether you take it positively or negatively is your choice. It was a different film, alright, but could have been dealt with in a much better way, A strong motive in the flashback episode would have done wonders to the film. Its good to see a heroine oriented film in Telugu. Though its all and out NTR film, the narrative is based on Tamanna's character. Plus points are NTR (not the fatso), Tamanna, good music and excellent cinematography. Though the movie was long, it dint feel long. On the downside is the complicated looking screenplay. Its a pretty decent watch, but everything depends on how audience reacts to such different story line. In my opinion, it is better than Dookudu (by a wafer thin margin), but am sure not all of you would agree with me.

For rest of the review, please visit http://sasikanth.blogspot.com/2011/10/movie-review-oosaravelli.html
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Vengeance with a difference !!!!!
kimian7 October 2011
Tony (NTR) is a wily youngster who does illegal things for money. He falls in love with Niharika (Tamanna) during a freak incident. He keeps following her and proposing to her. But she is engaged to some other rich guy. Tony has a secret mission and he is in hot pursuit of somebody. The rest of the story is all about the love story between the lead pair and how Tony achieved his mission.

NTR has shown inclination and flair to venture into the path less travelled with the character of Tony. He is very good in entertainment episodes where his fear turns into nightmare for the others (credit should be given for writing team as well). His dialogues are different in this movie. He gave the much needed massy dialogue in the climax episode. His performance in the flashback episode is excellent.

Tamanna has done an important role in the movie. Her performance in the flashback with short haircut is superb. Prakash Raj has done the role of main villain who makes an entrance only in the second half.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is an asset. The best song of the movie in my opinion is Sri Anjaneyam that comes in the flashback. There is lot of force and emotion in that song. Cinematography by Rasool Ellore is slick. Dialogues by Koratala Shiva are good. Fights composed by Ram - Laxman are good. S Ravinder's art director is apt

First half of the film is nice with decent entertainment. The foundation of the story which comes in the second half should have been stronger. However, the Tamanna's story in the flashback episode is heart-touching and emotional. The climax should have been crisp. The plus points of the movie are NTR and different screenplay.

Overall,Its a different attempt from usual NTR Films !!!!!Great !!!!
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Great movie
murlimohanrao7 October 2011
I watched the movie today and last night one of my friends warned me against watching the movie as he said he heard extremely negative reviews. So, I started watching the movie with some skepticism and even then I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Jr NTR was amazing and the shades in his character amply justify the title (Oosaravelli - Chameleon).

Oosaravelli's theme revolves around revenge but it has been handled in an extremely gripping and entertaining manner. Twists and turns at different points of time always keep you on the edge of your seats. What was the most interesting was the shades of grey in Jr NTRs character.

Tamanna is the protagonist in the movie who has a mysterious past and is seeking revenge for something that happened in her life. Jr NTR keeps on bumping bad guys at the drop of a hat. How their paths cross and the love blossoms forms the essence of the story. I would not want to say anything more. Please watch in the big screens ... it is a movie meant for the big screen ... with its amazing locales, photography and special effects. Songs are a highlight for the film even though some of them were ill-placed in the movie. That was the only drawback in my opinion. The second half could have been shorter ...
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NTR Fans You Are Going To Fall In Love With This Movie...!!
kavetysandeep14 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I Went To This Movie With Very Low Expectations After Reading All The Reviews... But I Was Not At All Disappointed...in fact I was Impressed By The Movie...

NTR And Tamanna Did Extremely Well The Stand Out For The Movie Was Cinematography Each And Every Scene Looked Visually Awesome

Yes There Are Some Issues With The movie Like The Second Half Could Have Been Reduced By At least 10-15 Mins...

But Still Its Far Better Than Dhookudu...

Many May Nt Agree With Me But This Is what I Thought...

I Go With 8 out Of 10 For Surender Reddy's Oosaravelli... Worth Watch and Paisa Wasool
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quite different story from this hero
sravan kumar edara15 October 2011
performance wise hero and heroine are superb... direction excellent.. story is mixed up with some English films but it is very special for fans and other audience.. songs are plus for the film overall It is a very good film not like an routine film.... 1st half is full entertainment 2nd half carries whole story.. director succeeded in catching the audience attention.. it is very rare in films that hero and heroine having equal importance in film but this film did it... finally credit goes to hero who accepted this kind different story by keeping his image aside.. giving equal importance to heroine... director handled cleverly.....
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Oosaravelli Review: A different revenge story...
Prashast Singh22 April 2015
Movie: Oosaravelli Rating: 4/5

Surender Reddy is often known to make different movies. One such movie is his Oosaravelli, with Jr NTR as the hero, Prakash Raj as villain, and Tamannaah as the heroine. With this film, he has proved that his films never lack perfection.

The performance of Jr NTR is quite impressive. In fact, this is his first movie I have seen. Tamannaah is cute and beautiful as always. Her performance is great and worth praise. The storyline is gripping and the screenplay keeps you gripped from the beginning to the end. The action scenes are good. The emotional scenes are very good. The climax is quite impressive as well. In other words, the entire movie is impressive.

On the whole, Oosaravelli is an another Surender-Jr NTR brand entertainer that deserves a watch. Go for it!
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Nice story, excellent performance by Tamannah
BollyReview21 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Oosaravelli is a 2011 Telugu action film starring Jr. NTR and Tamannah. The film is a revenge story based on a Chinese-French thriller film called "Vengeance." It is about Tony (Jr. NTR), a goon, who falls in love with Niharika (Tamannah) and has to play games in order to win her over.

Honestly, I did not expect this film to be very good. But Oosaravelli turned out to be a nice surprise, possibly thanks to being a remake of a very successful Asian thriller. The script of the film is interesting. There is a very unexpected plot twist half way through. I cannot tell you too much of the story so as not to spoil the plot twist. But I can assure you that it is very unexpected and adds a whole new insight into the story.

The biggest downside to Oosaravelli is Jr. NTR. I have to admit that Jr. NTR looks quite awful in this film. His uncontrollable curly hair, chubby face and dirty beard didn't work for this role at all. He is looking better and better though. I found his looks much nicer in his 2013 film Ramayya Vasthavayya for example. But in Oosaravelli, Jr. NTR is not looking his best and that has an unfortunate negative effect on the film. He is just unconvincing as a hero appearance-wise, despite performing his role very well.

Tamannah, on the other hand, was fantastic in this film. Her character is very pivotal to the plot and ties all the threads of the story together from beginning to end. When she's given the scope to perform, Tamannah truly outdoes herself. She was given a great opportunity in this film and she did not disappoint.

I would also like to mention the excellent cinematography in Oosaravelli. I especially enjoyed the cinematography in the song "Brathakali." There is a great color play in that song. The background overall is dull and gray and the costumes of Jr. NTR and Tamannah have red accents creating a nice contrast and visual impact. The scenes where Tamannah is shown with a long red dress is breathtaking.

Although Jr. NTR may be a distraction with his awful hair and dress sense, Oosaravelli is worth watching for the gripping story and superb performance by Tamannah. I recommend giving this film a chance. I found myself taken into the story in the first few scenes and my attention did not drift at all throughout.
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