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Characters Collide in Official Trailer for Season 2 of Dirk Gently’S Holistic Detective Agency

"Somewhere Dirk is waiting for us to find him, and he'll know how to fix this." The dynamic duo of Dirk and Todd—along with a few friends and enemies—return in the season 2 trailer for Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, premiering October 14th on BBC America.

Watch the new trailer below, and in case you missed it, check here to watch a clip from season 2 and to read our roundtable interviews with the cast and crew at Comic-Con.

"Brand-new case, still no clue. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency returns October 14th at 9/8c, only on BBC America.

Every season is a dizzying, smart, dangerous, unexpected and (for us, not the people involved) fun adventure that explores a different genre. Season one was about time travel with body-swapping, and this season involves an injection of fantasy. The vast dangers lurking in the fantasy realm navigate a path to Earth, becoming a threat in reality,
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‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Season 2 Trailer and Photos Look More Bizarre Than Ever

‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Season 2 Trailer and Photos Look More Bizarre Than Ever
Everything is still connected when “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” returns, but there just happen to be more things to connect.

The Season 2 trailer, which BBC America released on Wednesday, reveals that Dirk (Samuel Barnett) and his pal Todd (Elijah Wood) will be reunited by the law. Meanwhile, Todd’s sister Amanda (Hannah Marks) appears to have figured out how things are connecting also. And it’s very quick, but we’re happy to see the corgi has returned as well as Bart (Fiona Dourif) looking a little bit sooty and the newly bearded Ken (Mpho Koaho). There’s also a prince with pink hair.

Read More:‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Season 2 Sneak Peek Is What Dreams Are Made Of

It’s all very confusing, so here’s the official BBC America description:

Every season is a dizzying, smart, dangerous, unexpected and (for us, not the people
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Comics Corner: Aliens: Dead Orbit #3, Monsters Unleashed #4, Z Nation #4, The X-Files #16

We're back with another Comics Corner, and this one is happening during Sdcc 2017! Kicking off today's feature, we have Aliens: Dead Orbit #3, the Monsters Unleashed series continues with issue #4, and we also have release details for Bill & Ted Save the Universe #2, Z Nation #4, The X-Files #16, Angel Season 11 #7, Buffy Season 11 #9, Moonstruck #1, Curse Words #6, and Kill the Minotaur #2.

Aliens: Dead Orbit #3: "Wascylewski survived the sudden breach in his ships hull but is in no better a situation: he comes to, cocooned tightly to the wall under the surveillance of the twin xenomorphs. With only two hours left on his countdown timer and nowhere to go, he will have to pull out his final tricks in order to stay alive.

Orc Stain creator James Stokoe pens a thrilling and claustrophobic Aliens story: Dead Orbit!


Writer: James Stokoe

Artist: James Stokoe

Cover Artist: James Stokoe

Genre: Horror, Action/Adventure

Publication Date: July 19, 2017

Format: Fc,
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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review - A Fun Ride That Buckles Under The Pressure Of The Slightest Scrutiny

In some ways, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise can be compared to the Transformers franchise. They’re big, bombastic visual effects extravaganzas that surprised many in their first entry, but have since disappointed on many levels. Yet despite said disappointments, they both still manage to make huge bucks at the box office.

When it comes to the Pirates movies, I tend to find myself in the minority. I enjoyed the first one okay, but really fell in love with the second entry, Dead Man’s Chest, which I thought successfully amped up the fun and scope of the original without going too far into the deep end. The third entry, At World’s End lost me completely with its overly-convoluted narrative, and by the time On Stranger Tides came around, I’d already had enough of my fill of Pirates, so I didn’t even bother.

With that in mind,
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John Wick Chapter 2 Review: Everything You Want and More

John Wick Chapter 2 Review: Everything You Want and More
It is no secret that Hollywood is a little sequel and franchise happy at the moment. Most studios are leaving no stone unturned in the search for their next franchise, and many are trying desperately to cobble together some kind of cinematic universe in order to really try and cash in. John Wick: Chapter 2 is the latest entry in what looks to be a budding and extremely promising franchise, but prior to 2014, nobody would have suspected a Keanu Reeves action flick to be such a hit. That is where we are, and perhaps not since Die Hard have we come across an action series so deserving of a continued storyline. John Wick: Chapter 2 is everything audiences loved about the first John Wick, but it never feels stale or recycled. It's damn near perfect.

Lionsgate's John Wick: Chapter 2 once again follows legendary hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves) as
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7 Ways Captain America Hydra Twist Crushes Any Marvel Movie

7 Ways Captain America Hydra Twist Crushes Any Marvel Movie
How does the saying go? 'Films are films, comics are comics and never the twain shall meet.' Well, nobody probably ever said that, but that doesn't mean that it isn't true. It just means that films and comic books are two different mediums, irrespective of the fact that oftentimes one (the comic) causes the creation of the other (the films). Even if the plots of the hardcopy are different than the celluloid.

On May 25, 2016, the Marvel comic book universe was rocked when it was revealed that since he was a young boy, Steve Rogers, the man you know as Captain America, is actually a double agent for Hydra. This wasn't just a massive plot twist in a comic that has been around for many decades, it's literally earth shattering. Steve Rogers is much more than a mere superhero. He represents humanity and if he's not on the level then,
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Review: Brooklyn

  • Comicmix
Every now and then, you see a film that transports to you another time and place that feels very familiar but is also alien in many respects. It weaves its magic in subtle and quiet ways so you don’t even realize how transported you have become.

Brooklyn is not flashy but it tells its immigrant story with heart and soul, allowing actors to work through scenes so you feel like you are gazing on the real borough during the 1950s. Based on Colm Tóibín’s novel, the film was adapted to the screen by novelist/screenwriter Nick Hornby and director John Crowley.

This is the Brooklyn where a generation of comic book writers and artists were raised and the one I visited to see my grandparents. It is where a city’s heart was broken when the beloved bums, the Dodgers will soon leave for California.

The sense of
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New The Choice Movie Received Mostly Bad Reviews From Major Critics

  • OnTheFlix
Lionsgate dropped their new romantic/drama movie, "The Choice," into theaters today, February 5th,2016, and all the major,top movie critics have delivered their review opinions, and it turns out they weren't very good opinions for this flick to say the least. They gave it only an overall 25 score out of a possible 100 across 14 reviews at the Metacritic.com site The film features: Alexandra Daddario, Benjamin Walker, Maggie Grace, Teresa Palmer and Tom Welling. We've posted comments from a couple of the critics, below. Richard Roeper at the Chicago Sun-Times, gave it a very less than stellar 50 grade, stating: "The Choice is classic Sparks, and by that I mean it’s a mediocre, well-photographed, undeniably heart-tugging, annoyingly manipulative and dramatically predictable star-crossed romance." David Lewis over at the San Francisco Chronicle, gave it an awful 25 grade, saying: "The Choice has a twist or two toward the end, and they’re
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New on Video: The Complete ‘Lady Snowblood’

Lady Snowblood/Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance

Written by Norio Osada

Directed by Toshiya Fujita

Japan, 1973/1974

Even the Criterion Collection’s own synopsis can’t help but mention that Lady Snowblood was a major influence on Kill Bill. Chances are, many who have seen this 1973 Japanese film within the past ten year or so, including myself, have done so only after having heard of its connection to Quentin Tarantino’s 2003-04 dual-volume feature. Make no mistake, though, released by Criterion along with its 1974 sequel, Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance, a lesser film in many regards, this is an exceptional movie in its own right, and a pleasant surprise from the estimable distribution company.

Beginning in a Tokyo prison circa 1874, a baby girl, Yuki, is born. Against the dazzling backdrop of a pelting snowstorm, she is delivered into a life of violence and unpleasantness, and is urged by her mother,
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‘No Escape’ worthy of ridicule, praise

No Escape

Written by John Erick Dowdle & Drew Dowdle

Directed by John Erick Dowdle

USA, 2015

How many foreign lives does it take to save a white American family? Thanks to the new chase-yarn, No Escape, we now have an answer. The guiltiest of guilty pleasures, director John Erick Dowdle has expertly crafted a taut action-thriller crammed with enough white privilege to make The Donald blush. Surprisingly, it’s the intense performance of Owen Wilson that might allow you to curb your conscience and go along for the ride. It’s undeniably fun… if you don’t think about it too much.

Watching No Escape is a decidedly schizophrenic experience. On the one hand, John Erick Dowdle and his brother, Drew, have written an earnest script that takes its peril very seriously. All of the primary characters (who just happen to be Westerners) are constructed with the utmost care; giving each
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True Detective Season 2 – 10 Reasons It’s A Huge Disappointment


Season one of True Detective was one of television’s highlights in 2014, with critics heaping praise on the show’s writing, acting, casting, tone, and visual style. First-time show creator, Nic Pizzolatto, delivered such a strong effort, expectations were understandably sky-high for an inevitable follow-up – a mindset that was only magnified when Pizzolatto declared season two would feature an all-new setting, characters, and obviously another incredibly in-depth, thought-provoking story.

Upon airing though, the first episode was received with a resounding “Meh” from both critics and fans alike.

Rather than a strong follow-up filled with deep and flawed characters involved in a methodically plotted and engrossing mystery, Pizzolatto seemed to have hit the dreaded sophomore slump. Not only were the criticisms from season one not addressed, but nearly every aspect that made the show great was gone and replaced by a poor imitation, still proclaiming itself to be a pseudo-intellectual prestige drama.
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'Orphan Black' Season 3 Finale Recap: Who's Running Leda and Castor?

  • BuddyTV
'Orphan Black' Season 3 Finale Recap: Who's Running Leda and Castor?
The Orphan Black season 3 finale, "History Yet to Be Written," is everything I love about this show. Just like nearly the entire series, it does not disappoint. Everything and everyone converges, and it all leads to yet another big answer: Who's a common enemy?

Sarah must make a couple of tough choices along the way, as the number one goal remains to keep any trace of the original out of Castor's hands. Meanwhile at Dyad, Delphine discovers what she has been kept in the dark about and is left with a decision of her own. Plus, Alison finds out the results of the school trustee election, and Donnie surprises Helena with a gift.
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Doctor Who Review: Dark Water – 7 Ways To Deal With The Devil


Warning! Spoilers: This post contains spoilers and speculation for the Doctor Who series eight episode “Dark Water”.

Death is banal. The act itself contains no mystery. We walk with it every single day. We forget to water the plant, casually crush the many-legged pest and ignore the mangled piece of fur lying in the roadway. Death is such an innate part of our existence that we pay no heed until it snatches away what we are desperate to hold close. Then we are lost. This is a cataclysmic event. Everything and everyone must stop and take notice of our loss. They never do. There’s nothing special about dying. It is the most common act of all.

Steven Moffat’s “Dark Water” is a subversive reimagining of an epic tragedy. The hero experiences no moment of heightened glory and dies without fanfare or redemption in the most ordinary way.
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“All Of My Friends Are Monsters, and My Heroes Are Survivors”: An Ode to The Grandmother of Scream Queens

Yesterday, we all found out that Marilyn Burns had passed away, and while it might not have affected some, it certainly did leave a mark on horror fans everywhere. It seems that a lot of people throw stories up about the passing of genre greats almost immediately, and for a good while today, I fought the urge to. Not because I wasn’t affected by it, or that I didn’t want to, but because it actually affected me in a very profound way. Last year, I wrote a very personal article regarding why and how the horror genre came my way as a child. I wasn’t attracted to horror because of the monsters initially, no, it was the survivors of the genre that really helped me tremendously. I found my voice through the journeys of characters like Andy Barclay, Laurie Strode and every other character that faced such
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Top 13 Total Horror Film Gross-Outs!

It’s Friday the 13th and a full moon tonight so we let the crazies loose and are bring back one of our favorite staff posts, The Thirteen! If you aren’t familiar with The Thirteen, it was initially conceived to be a Top 13 list of films about a certain topic. Sadly, we started it last September and it fell by the wayside. Read our past two posts:

13 Songs Used in Films That Take On a Haunting Feeling

13 Female Villains & Anti-Heroes in Film


contribution by Jeremy Jones

A young boy sees his dad abducted by some unseen force. Three years later a meteor hits in the middle of the woods and brings something icky. Written, directed and scored by Harry Bromley Davenport, Xtro is a demented labor of love. The first twenty minutes are the most chunk blowing worthy moments. Including perhaps the grossest thing ever, walking in on your parents having sex.
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Second Opinion - August: Osage County (2013)

August: Osage County, 2013.

Directed by John Wells.

Starring Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper. Ewan McGregor, Margo Martindale, Sam Shepard, Dermot Mulroney, Julianne Nicholson, Juliette Lewis, Abigail Breslin and Benedict Cumberbatch.


A look at the lives of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose paths have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Oklahoma house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them.

Sometimes a script comes together which functions solely to allow a star studied ensemble to chew scenery, shout, scream, and cry at each other and generally get the chance to show their acting range. Is there anything wrong with that? Not as far as I’m concerned, and that’s why August: Osage County is a rousing success.

Unlike the previous two film adaptions of Tracy Letts plays, Bug and Killer Joe, August: Osage County does not deliver
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Weekly roundup: cast news, festival screenings, videos & interviews

One long and chaotic round of updates coming up.

Alessandra Torresani will make an apperance in the next episode of Warehouse 13, called "Shadows." It airs on Monday, September 12 at 9 pm. (Husbands premieres a day later, on Sept. 13.) Spoiler TV has the promotional photos. Teaser and clip embedded at the end of the post.

Ron Moore and Matt Roberts have a new project in the works. From Deadline:

ABC has bought drama pitch Hangtown, from Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ron Moore and Caprica writer Matt Roberts. Sony Pictures TV, where Moore is under an overall deal, is producing. Described as a Western with a procedural overlay, Hangtown is set in the early 1900s in a frontier town that’s begun rapidly expanding with the coming of the railroad. It centers on three characters: the Marshal, a Matt Dillon/Clint Eastwood type who prefers to solve crimes by his
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