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Season 2

8 Jan. 2013
Murder on the Plantation
Poole and the team investigate the baffling murder by machete of a former sugar plantation owner. Meanwhile, Camille contends with her mother's plan to set her up on a blind date.
15 Jan. 2013
An Unholy Death
Teen-aged postulate Therese is killed in a fire at the island convent,apparently caused by her smoking, the door to her room being locked from the inside. However, Poole suspects foul play when he finds that Therese has been sent a threatening note and clearly knew more than she should. Daryl Dexter,arranging public relations for the convent after the discovery of a holy well that cures the sick,is a prime suspect as Therese discovered he was bribing the 'sick' to claim they had been miraculously cured. Another suspect is Father John,guilty of an indiscretion many ...
22 Jan. 2013
Death In The Clinic
Valerie Dupree is found floating in the pool at Jeremy Cutting's cosmetic clinic. Dr Anna Jones claims she was suicidal after her divorce but Poole suspects she was poisoned by the cup of tea she left half drunk. Fellow patient Jayne Smythe believes Valerie was having an affair with the younger Paul Vincent but Dr Jones admits she was sleeping with him,giving him an alibi. It turns out that Valerie had made an urgent call to a lawyer in France and Poole suspects she was about to sue the clinic for botched surgery caused by Tipping's failing eye sight. But events take ...
29 Jan. 2013
A Deadly Curse
A team comes to the island looking for the fabled treasure of the pirate Leclerc. Group leader Daniel Morgan is injured in an explosion and another member Ian parks shot dead in Daniel's tent. Poole believes Daniel was the intended victim,especially when he survives another 'accident'. However,learning that Parks seemingly found the treasure and marked it with grid reference PD46 on a map Poole wonders if Daniel killed him and faking the attempts on his life. He changes that view after Daniel is murdered but finds the motive for the double slayings had nothing to do ...
5 Feb. 2013
Death Onboard
Camille's friend, singer Aimee, collapses and dies on a boat owned by local entrepreneur Stephen Morrison and his wife Eloise,also a vocalist. Aimee was poisoned and her flat has been ransacked. She was due to leave for a recording contract in Miami and had rowed with Stephen about it whilst Eloise,jealous that Aimee was a better singer,tried to sabotage but not kill her. Poole defies Patterson whose priority is the arrest of a local illegal drinks ring to comfort Camille and catch the murderer. Dwayne and Fidel use spaced out waiter R.J. to help locate the booze ...
12 Feb. 2013
A Dash of Sunshine
Wheelchair-bound June Anderson is strangled in the villa she is renting with husband Doug and sister Janice. Though Janice is her beneficiary and has no alibi Poole suspects Doug, a former colleague whom he knows to be corrupt and an alcoholic. Cleaning woman Estelle admits to stealing June's jewels but the net widens when Janice sees one of the two men who own the rental company from which they hired the villa running from the murder scene. An arrest is soon made but Poole suspects that June's murder may be linked to one in England some while earlier and solves the ...
19 Feb. 2013
A Deadly Storm
As the island prepares for a hurricane the corpse of Leo Downs, a researcher at the university's meteorological unit is found. Though favoured by department head Professor King,other colleagues saw him as a sycophant and a nerd though Amber Collins,ex-girlfriend of Leo's room-mate Damon,was in love with him. Yet all the suspects have alibis according to the time codes on their clocks. Poole discovers that King is advising an oil company planning to drill on the island . Leo's notes are nowhere to be found and a Skype message to his mother shows he was planning ...
26 Feb. 2013
A Deadly Party
A fraudster is murdered, but everyone has an alibi.

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