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Don't Waste your time with this "MOKKAI" Mapillai.
Yuvi7710 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After a critically acclaimed and commercially successful "AADUKALAM" ,Dhanush strikes again with this remake of yesteryear superhit "superstar's MAPILLAI".The plot of the movie is very old and there is nothing new and the screenplay is very poor.There is no lip sink in heroine Hansikha's dialogues,the music by Mani Sharma is just average,the comedy scenes are irritating , the climax scenes are worst.

The movie which is touted as an entertainer doesn't fulfill anything which it was supposed to, there a number logical errors and unwanted scenes in the movie, and also the movie on the whole is unwanted.Please do not ask for the story or plot of the movie,everything can be predicted.This is a great disappointment to all Dhanush fans,Dhanush please be careful while choosing scripts.

1* out of 10*
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Better you watch vijay TV lollu sabha
praveenking1018 April 2011
Watching this film is an utter waste of time. I dunno why these kind of films are released and discriminate the tamil film industry .After a good film like "Aadukalam" Dhanush must have been used his brain in selecting a film.

A lollu sabha would have a better plot and comedy than this film. This film makes the viewer to think as a fool when the hero tries to outsmart his mother in law.WORST .

We the viewer are a reason for the films like this to be released and waste our time and money . Its time to change the ideas of our public , please don't support a masala films like this , encourage good film maker with your support .
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Suraj Retarding Indian Cinema
Chrysanthepop5 September 2011
So-called director Suraj takes the viewer back to regressive cinema with this B-grade remake called 'Mappillai'. I'm surprised that such a horrendous film has been remade into an abysmal one. I'm more surprised that such movies are even being made today AND doing good business but I'm most surprised that an accomplished actress like Manisha Koirala actually starred in it.

'Mappillai' follows the same formula of many of those retarded 80s flicks which included a bunch of atrocious songs, dishum dishum action sequences, romance that makes one shriek, over the top forced comedy, over the top villains etc etc. While Dhanush is irritating, Hansika Potwani takes the spot of being one of the dullest most annoying actors to disgrace the screen.

Manisha Koirala is the only positive factor of 'Mappillai'. She looks alluring (although too young to play the mother of a college-going bimbo) and is very convincing as the no-nonsense tough contractor cougar. But in a film that has so much wrong going against it, there isn't much she could do to save it.

When will Indian cinema get rid of such viruses that are plaguing the industry?
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