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pathetic character assassination
mcgrew4 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Social democrats never forgave Richard Nixon for being alive. He dared to be an anti- communist. He dared to run against their great hero, and nearly beat him. He dared not to go away and die after that. He dared to build a coalition that could beat the Johnson/Humphrey machine. He dared to crush their dream candidate in 1972 and rub in their noses in the inconvenient truth that they were not the vanguard of the new era they fancied themselves to be. He dared to not go away and die after they managed to depose him.

Them people will positively love this movie. Everything they have done though their lives to define themselves -- mostly hating Nixon, and thus feel good about themselves -- is brought out again (with an occasional "just like the Republicans now" to be 'relevant'.)

To others, this might seem like just the tiniest pathetic -- whipping on a dead Nixon (repeatedly calling him "tricky Dick" in the narration, for instance) -- is just the lost generation of social democrats of the 1960s (mostly lost because they ran away and hid from responsibility for 30 years and couldn't find their way back) trying to convince themselves that they still hold the moral high ground. Because they still hate Nixon.

So if you hate Richard Nixon, even if you don't know why, you'll love this movie. If you secretly wish you had lived in the 1960's (I did, you shouldn't), you will love this movie. If you have any actual understanding (or indeed remembrance) of history, or do not wish just hear a pleasant fable to make you wonder where that old American flag headband you bought in 1971 is -- don't bother.
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