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[Walter has been beaten up by Billy because he owes him money, but he tells Gracie that he was mugged]

Gracie: How could you have got yourself into a mess like this?

Walter: Me? Look, I'm the victim here. Attacked from behind. It's getting rough round these parts. Where are you going?

Gracie: Where do you think? You *have* been paying Doctor Lloyd every month?

Walter: What do you think I am?

[Elizabeth comes in]

Elizabeth: Blood and sand!

Walter: Oh, don't start, woman.

Elizabeth: Oh, look at the state of that. You'll never get that clean. You're gonna lose that arm, I'm telling you now.

Gracie: Keep it clean till I get back.

Elizabeth: Gangrene. That'll be that. And if it gets hold, that's the end of him.

Gracie: He won't get gangrene. He might well die of starvation, though.

Walter: I'll be all right in a few days.

Gracie: You'll be lucky if you're back to work next month. Look at the state of you.

Elizabeth: If you don't end up deformed, I'll eat me hat.

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