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Creative and impressive in the technical side, but as a narrative I was left unsatisfied and on the outside looking in
bob the moo3 April 2014
A punky young girl lives in a grey and slightly oppressive city. She queues at an administrative building to have her paperwork stamped by an old woman but gets distracted by a colourful bird at the window. This leads the old woman to stamp her hand impatiently – an event which later leads to significant changes for the girl and those around her.

I'm not sure why I do it with short films, but I do find myself sometimes praising the technical side of them even though generally it didn't work. I do it again in this case because we have a film with a modern urban fairytale where some sort of witch condemns a young girl to death by her own poison – that of color. This leads to some impressive and occasionally gruesome special effects and the film does indeed stand up well as a showcase for the imagination and technical skills of those that made it. However around this it feels unsatisfying; we never understand anything about the events and we never really do more than watch them unfold. Yes this at least offers spectacle (although being honest I had to look away for some of it) but by the end it feels hollow.

It isn't like the film feels like it has a bigger story to tell that it is building to, it just doesn't provide much around the edges to work from and it did leave me cold. Technically it works and the creativity in the concept is worthy, but ultimately I felt unsatisfied by it as a whole.
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a poem
Kirpianuscus9 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
provocative, idealistic, remembering commercials, full of a sort of strange perspective about revolution from ourselves changing the entire universe around us. a young woman. and an old one. a bird. and the gray hands becoming source of strange blood. touches. and the entire city change. a fragment from Central Europe. beautiful, provocative. but, against the noble message, not real convincing. and this is the basic fact who transforms it in a summer rain, short, refreshing but nothing more.
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United colors of… whatever!
mario_c4 March 2012
It seems it has some kind of political and idealistic message,

but I think it didn't work…

at least for me!

In fact I didn't find it that good

and the originality and creativity it clearly tries to have had an opposite feeling on me.

Originality and creativity turned into weirdness and incredibility.

The visual effect it's supposed to have is quite pointless too.

I didn't find it funny at all, because neither I get its message nor I have been amazed with its colorful bright…!

I score it 3/10!
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