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If Siskel & Ebert gave 2 thumbs down, I made a point to watch it
John4 November 2012
My first paying job was at a video store when I was 15, back in 1993. In those days, I found my taste in movies being polar opposite of what Siskel and Ebert stated theirs was. Nearly 20 year later, I'm reminded how polar opposite our takes were as I read this review of "A Life Less Ordinary." "A Life Less Ordinary" was arguably one of the greatest romantic drama/comedy movies of the past 20 years. I have a feeling S&E would agree today.

Now, I may not be a die hard fan of Cameron Diaz; on the contrary, she's had some hit-and-miss films. But, Ewan McGregor has made his mark in US film history with a string of jaw-dropping hits. And to Diaz's credit, if I remember correctly, this was her second major motion picture (after "The Mask"), and she slayed the role. Magnificent. Oh, did I mention Holly Hunter? Umm, Yeah.
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