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andrewchristianjr2 March 2022
Detective Batman at its peak! Great storyline. Just as dark a universe as we've come to expect from DC. The gloomy, gritty, dark tone of this film is exactly what I wanted. When you think the movie is over, there's more. Beautiful cinematography. Great score.
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Not For Everyone
slightlymad224 March 2022
I just got out of The Batman

This movie really won't be for everyone!! Easily the darkest Batman movie yet. It is gritty, depressing and not a fun movie at all.

This isn't your usual comic book movie, it's a detective movie, with more in common with Se7en, than previous Batman movies. The first two thirds of the movie are amazing, at one point I turned to my son and said "This is a masterpiece" everything works and is brilliant, I was 100% enthralled, but boy does it drop the ball in the final act.

Of the cast Pattinson is great, Collin Farrell is ok, Zoe Kravitz was fine too, but she has zero chemistry with Pattinson (Keaton and Pfeiffer they are not), Paul Dano though, was incredible, especially in the scene in Arkham, whilst Geoffrey Wright is as great as he always is.

On the downside, It does have some pacing issues, and is really too long (though I'm not sure what I'd cut), and I really wasn't keen on the ending (I don't know if it is a comic book storyline they did), as I think the final act really lets the movie down!! It's here, in the final act, that you feel the movies run time!!

I was surprised there were only 36 other people in my screening.
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Perhaps not the definitive version, but definitely a worthwhile take
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews5 March 2022
The Riddler(Paul Dano, spot-on. How did it take this long for him to get a role like this?) targets public officials, revealing their corruption, and killing them in gruesome fashion(how did this get away with a PG-13 again? Oh, right, as long as you don't show the details, then you can get away with almost anything, by now. Even a barely toned down Jigsaw). In order to stop him, it will be necessary for the Bat and the Cat(with amazing chemistry), together, to stop the rat. Thanks, Matt.

I really did not think that we needed yet another film dealing with Bruce Wayne's alter-ego. How about Nightwing? I know it's not likely, but part of me still holds out hope that Grayson will be turned into a feature(if you've never checked out the trailer on YouTube, you're missing out). But somehow, this managed to convince me. Fingers crossed for at least one sequel. Robert Pattinson is incredible here. Seriously, can we just stop freaking out every time the role is recast? The closest we've come to someone who shouldn't be doing it is George Clooney, and it's not like anybody came out of that flick looking good. He took that job after doing From Dusk till Dawn. There was good reason to think that he was going to be badass. Honestly, everyone here gives a strong performance.

Something that will definitely appeal to some more than others, is the genre and tone. This is essentially Se7en meets Zodiac. It is not paced like a typical massive blockbuster. While the action is great, especially the martial arts, not to mention that car chase, there's less of it and it is smaller scale than for example the Nolan trilogy(which also has far more escalation). Essentially, this just isn't focused that much on that aspect of the titular icon. And I think we can all agree that we've had some great entries that deliver that. This is more interested in conveying to the audience that there's a reason he's called the world's greatest detective. We've barely seen it outside of the animated ones before, so I'm very happy with that choice by them.

In addition to what I've already mentioned, this features some drugs, suggestive material and strong language. I recommend this to any fan of Batman. 9/10.
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The try-hard Batman movie
whatgift7 March 2022
Everything about this movie is trying too hard - the over dramatic score, the long shots on characters faces, the overacting, the complex crime story - it all feels like it's trying to get an Oscar in every moment.

It's overly long, drawn out, and the story feels like a generic crime saga that has the Batman universe shoehorned into it.

This movie is not a masterpiece, but it spends a lot of effort making you think it is!
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The Batman Is A Hell Of A Movie
HabibieHakim1232 March 2022
Matt Reeves The Batman is a hell of a movie, it is the darkest live action Batman movie ever made, and the longest one too, The Batman fills with a top notch action sequence that not only exciting, but it's cinematic too, the cinematography was just incredible, Michael Giacchino The Batman theme song has just become one of my favorite movie theme song ever, it's enduringly great, the action is perfect itself without the theme but they making it even more perfect with the theme in the background especially when Batman shows up, it really making me hyped more because of that, Colin Farrell transformation is as amazing as his performance as The Penguin, Paul Dano performance is giving me a Heath Ledger Joker vibes but not trying to be Heath Ledger Joker which is still great, Paul Dano The Riddler is still a terrifying and a very disturbing villain, Zoe Kravits performances as Catwoman was amazing though she is not as wild as Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns but boy did her gesture and look is as wild as Michelle Pfeiffer, and the Catwoman fighting sequence is definitely a win for Zoe and i did still like her a lot in here, and in the end we got The Batman himself, Robert Pattinson, all i can say about him as The Batman is that i hope everybody is starting to know him as the guy who play The Batman which is a really good movie and not the guy who play in the horrible Twilight film anymore because he is indeed an awesome Batman, now he was become my second favorite Batman next to Christian Bale in number one still, the story of The Batman itself is great, and my only problem with the movie is that there is quite a lot of particular scene that for me are just very slow or too slow, it's not boring but i feel like they can make it a little bit faster, if it's only one or two or three scene i probably still can forgive it but unfortunately it happens more than that, but at in the end The Batman is still a hell of a great movie, it's still amazing and it's still incredible, i was impress by most of the thing that happens, i was excited, i was hyped, i was stunt by all the amazing thing that they've done, The Batman is fire!!!.
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A good Batman movie
FeastMode3 March 2022
The headline can be taken two ways. If you remove any hype or expectations, saying it's a good movie is positive. But if you are hoping for an amazing new Batman iteration, good means it wasn't great, let alone amazing.

This review will come off as negative but I did enjoy it. I love the tone. It's super dark and grounded in reality, even more than the Nolan trilogy. And it feels true to the character. Zoe Kravitz and Jeffrey Wright are great casting choices. It's a mostly well-made film and a good addition to the franchise. And the Bat suit looks awesome.

At the same time, nothing about this movie wowed me. I did not connect with the characters, especially the villain. The relationships seem undeveloped and not organic. I was not nearly as emotionally invested in the story as I should have been. It mostly feels surface level.

If you're a huge Batman fan, I think you will really enjoy it. But as a movie, I don't think it fires on all cylinders. The Nolan trilogy still reigns supreme. (1 viewing, fan early screening 3/2/2022)
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The Disappointing Batman
AdrenalinDragon5 March 2022
Wasn't a fan of Emo Batman. Sorry Robert Pattinson. Film was just a bit bleh and felt like it was trying too hard to emulate Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. In the end, the mystery was a bit meh and not worth the three hours of what was mostly a run-of-the-mill Superhero film lacking much excitement or thrill. The Riddler was a bit lame too. Forgotten most of the movie and characters already. Underwhelming.

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The Emo Batman
Top_Dawg_Critic15 April 2022
I will say I liked the story, but the long dragged out and slowly paced near 3 hours was ridiculous. You could watch this at 1.5x speed and it would be more enjoyable. This needed at least 20 mins cut out and much faster storytelling. And the constant whisper dialogue in most of the film became annoying really fast.

I do like Pattinson as an actor, but not as Batman in this one. He wasn't convincing and his monotonic whispering dialogue and Emo demeanor was very lackluster to the point of cringeworthy. And that's him both as Batman and even more so as Bruce Wayne.

And what's with Colin Farrell being cast with all these prosthetics to play the Penguin? Was every other actor that naturally has that character's look unavailable? It's not like Farrell has a particular set of Penguin skills lol. Casting Farrell as Batman and Pattinson as Penguin, now that would've worked much better imo.

I'm also a big fan of Westworld's Jeffrey Wright, but here again, he was very unconvincing as Gordon, especially when he also had that monotonic whispering Emo demeanor. I get that director and joint writer Reeves was going for that dark lonely dreary theme, but instead, the characters looked bored and inexperienced actors with sore throats.

The only one that nailed their character perfectly was the lovely and beautiful Kravitz, who stole the entire show. I would've rather watched a 4+ hour movie with just her as Catwoman.

All the Affleck, Keaton, Bale, Kilmer and even Clooney Batman characters were much more convincing, as well as having more and better "keep you awake" action in said films.

Sadly, this one is a generous yet disappointing 6/10 from me.
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I like slow-burn. This was just dull.
shawthingproductions5 March 2022
I went in with ultra-low expectations because I think Robert Pattison is a god-awful actor and, this film took my expectations and made me promptly realise that, you can always go lower.

I'm actually angry I wasted 3 hours of my life (and trust me, every minute of that time was felt).

However, let's have some positives: cinematography is great and the music is fantastic. The opening scenes with The Batman made me think, I was going to have another Heath moment and be forced to eat my words because those opening scenes are indeed something special.

But then the film gets going. Part "Saw" rip-off and so desperately wants to be "Se7en" in its execution, the story dragged. You don't care about any of the characters and I found myself pining for Clooney and his bat-nipples and Mr. Freeze.

What I found really funny though is the producer of this utter mess got in touch with Nolan and warned him, "We're going to make a better Batman than you." No. Just no.

Like the last Lord of The Rings film, this has an ending that just keeps on coming. Something wraps up and you start to get ready to leave, the film continues. Something else is wrapped up and you think, "That's it..." and it keeps going.... Something else, and on and on and on...

I can see why the guy in the seat nearby racked up a massive line of coke and snorted it midway through (and no, I'm not joking... Welcome to Southampton).

With regards to the plank of wood.... Sorry... "Pattison". In the initial scenes I was genuinely excited. Never a fan of his costume before, seeing it here - suddenly I "got it". He proper beats down on someone in a vicious attack. They get back up... In fact, everyone he bat-punches gets back up and just attacks him from behind again. There's no real threat here. When Bale smacked someone down, they stayed dead. But then, when Bale stripped off (same as Affleck), they were built. Robert looked like me and I look like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. A skeletal mess with no beef there whatsoever. In fact, when Robert bent over in one topless scene, his bones stuck out and I thought wings were going to pop out. But then, why wouldn't they when he infamously said he refused to bulk up for the role (I would have sacked him there and then).

His time as Bruce is strictly limited - thank God - so you can't really judge him for that. As Bruce he just stands there and looks confused. As The Batman, by the end he became a parody. His Batman voice changed to the same sound as the joke Batman in the college humour videos (A is for Alfred = genius). When he was mad, it just look like he was pulling a cum-face. And don't even get me started on the Adrian Mole diary keeping that's going in with the voice-over narration.

Honestly, with the exception of the opening ten minutes or so, I have never hated a film so much as I did this and given I went in with low expectations, even I am surprised at how fuming I am at myself for wasting my time on it.
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Couldn't even finish this drivel...
tchitouniaram18 April 2022
Couldn't even finish this drivel... Firstly : Pattinson is a good actor but doesn't fit Batman's role ...Film is way too long and boring , action is underwhelming ...Overall a big disappointment... Can't recommend it at all...
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This is a magnificent addition to the super hero genre and an absolute must see for Batman fans
kevin_robbins2 March 2022
The Batman (2022) is a movie my wife and I caught an advanced screening of last night. The storyline follows Gotham shortly after "The Batman" has emerged and established himself in the streets. A serial killer known as The Riddler starts a killing spree of everyone influential within Gotham's hierarchy until Bruce Wayne in inevitably the target. How are all of these people tied together and can Batman tie the pieces together before Wayne is the next victim?

This movie is directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) and stars Robert Pattinson (Twilight), Zoë Kravitz (Kimi), Colin Farrell (Total Recall), Paul Dano (There Will be Blood), John Turturro (Do the Right Thing), Peter Sarsgaard (Garden State), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings), Jeffrey Wright (Shaft) and Barry Keoghan (Eternals).

The storyline, look and feel of this movie is an A+. The characters are perfectly cast and well executed. Farrell, Dano and Kravitz were a 10/10.

This movie does a fantastic job of depicting the Batman universe with the appropriate grit and feel and the lighting and cinematography is excellent. This also did a good job of creating various potential spinoffs with some subtle references within the storyline and at the end. This has a very good Jeph Loeb comics feel to it and does a good job delivering the "Detective" elements of Batman. The violence was also brilliant and very well done. I will say this did not need to be 3-hours and there are an abundance of scenes that could have been better edited. This film likely should have been a hair under 2 and a half hours.

Overall this is a magnificent addition to the super hero genre and an absolute must see for Batman fans. I would score this a 7.5- 8/10 and strongly recommend it.
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So much is wrong with this film
laragi14 March 2022
Robert P is a terrible Batman. Absolutely no Bat-charisma at all. The Riddler character is a complete bore! I hated all of this film. I certainly do not understand the good reviews. It's not close to the Dark Knight caliber. Please do not make a sequel.
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Reeves' even Darker Knight scores in all the right places.
george.schmidt4 March 2022
THE BATMAN (2022) *** Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, John Turturro, Andy Serkis, Peter Sarsgaard. Filmmaker Matt Reeves pulls out all the stops in this even darker adaptation of the Bob Kane comic book hero with Pattinson standing tall and brooding as Bruce Wayne employing vigilante style justice as The Caped Cursader while Gotham quakes under the siege of the homicidal Riddler (Dano affectively disturbing) and gaining an unlikely ally in Selina Kyle (ass-kicking Kravitz in pre-Catwoman mode). Arresting visuals thanks in large part to ace cinematography by Greig Fraser and James Chinlund's production design all aided by the foreboding score by Michael Giacchino full of bombast and dread. Farrell, under a ton of unrecognizable prosthetics, has a field day in getting in touch with his inner Robert De Niro as The Penguin. By all means see it in IMAX!
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What are these reviews? Cringey garbage.
skullhead73913 March 2022
To preface this review I will say when watching this in the cinemas, many people walked out. I was looking over my shoulder to see of anyone else was laughing at what cringe this movie delivers.

The actors in this were one of the highlights excluding the villain (the riddler) and the Batman. Penguin was by far the coolest and best actor. Honestly a good fellas type character. All other supporting actors were also quite good. I however think Robert pattinson a horrible pick for Batman. The whole time he seems like a really awkward and sad goth kid, I was half expecting him to say "gosh get outta my room". Absolutely trash acting The riddler was even worse! He was the major cringe factor in this movie with awful and dorky video calls where he is super non intimidating and laughable. His video calls reminded me of the horror films my 15 year old class mates had made in high school, their budgets were $0.

The relationship between the Batman and cat woman was my only other plus in this movie. The romance was quite sweet and had a lot of tension. They rode around In their awesome motorcycles just roaring through the town it was really cute.

The bat mobile was pretty awesome but definitely very weird for a Batman film. The old classic camaro was a little spine chilling not gonna lie.

Now to answer everyone's questions I do think Robert pattinson was a terrible choice for Batman for a few reasons. At first I had no qualms but watching the film made me believe he was a bad and cringey actor for the role, he just isn't a badass over masculine kinda guy, like at all. He seems awkward and it shows. His voice wasn't that great, his body was not very big nor muscular like many other batmans, heck even the joker is ripped in suicide squad. The guy is 6ft exactly but his frame is tiny and it shows next to bigger actors. The story was God awful without spoiling pretty much lots of people die, bombs go off and some personal people Batman knows get injured. Then Batman goes welp I can't be in 3 places at once I'm only human. And proceeds to get ko'd twice throughout the movie and punched lots during fights. He is by far the worst and weakest looking Batman with the worst actor to have played him. The cinematography was good and the horror feeling this brings is good but everything else was just so horrible. Did I mention this film is 3 hours long to have a crap middle and end? Well know I know!. Wow I couldn't wait for thr 3 hours to end and multiple people walked out before the film was half finished. Definitely wouldn't reccomend this garbage piece of cinema. 2/10 for me.
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The glorious return of the worlds greatest detective
pasaribuharisfadli1 March 2022
For better or worse (mostly better), The Batman is when he's detective first, superhero second. A bleak yet thrilling noir but also with a glimpse of exhilarating hope. It doesn't hurt really if we're having a new Batman film, especially if it took a riveting route like this. Pattinson and Kravitz were explosive together.
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Way too long, Pattinson Batman is brooding and sleepy
Hopedoesnotdie10 March 2022
I'll say it started pretty good and I liked the cinematography. But I thought it dragged on, and the social commentary on destroying "white privileged men" was ironic as that's what Batman is- a privileged white rich guy who can mascarade as a vigilante because he's rich and has all the free time to do so; and we feel for him because boo boo he's an orphan. This was a very obvious "woke" fest. I like the diversity but it's when they blatantly shove rhetoric down your throat that it starts to become cringey. Pattinson was so sleepy, like Joe Biden in a Batman suit sleepy. Joker is my favorite movie of all time and I feel like they tried to go for that but it just had too many missteps. I did like Farrell as the Penguin and the Riddler was basically Dexter the Anti-hero...
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Dynamic Garbage
galahad58-15 March 2022
I never thought that I would view a worse DC movie than Catwoman or the Harley Quinn movie. I was sorely mistaken. The Batman by far is the absolute biggest mistake in any comic book adaptation. The casting was wrong - there was not one cast member who had a good performance; the script was pitiful - it was too long and all over the place; the direction was terrible and the editing was questionable.

Nothing was a positive about this film except the end credits where you could escape the misery.
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The Batman we've always wanted to see!!
luismcmlxii1 March 2022
I got to watch this movie early because of a special screening, I was extremely excited my expectations were very high and still they were surpassed!

Robert as Batman is just awesome, majestic and scary and yet at the end, he also evokes that sense of hope Batman gives to the population.

Paul Dano as The Riddler is so creepy! Both Robert and Paul gave an oscar worthy acting.

The rest of the cast gives amazing performances too!

Beautifully shot and the score is thrilling.

It does feel a bit long but it is rewarding.
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Most visceral Batman detective movie
vishwatej2861 March 2022
3 Hours run time is totally worth it.

A well mature dark movie which Batman character deserves.

Robert Pattinson as Batman and Bruce Wayne is the best casting choice after Christian Bale.

It's so dark, gritty, visceral and god damn great.

Colin Farrell as Penguin was Fantastic. Couldn't recognise him.

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle and Cat woman was great. She was fantastic.

Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis were great too.

Casting was done greatly.

Batmobile was so f*ing great. When the engine revs, you will get the goosebumps.

Action scenes were absolutely f*ing great. Its loud, bombastic and visceral which will give goosebumps.

Fight sequence were absolutely gritty.

Cinematography done by Greig Fraser is another masterpiece from him.

Michael Giacchino music composition really great. It has that dark gritty grandeur theme music.

The dirty, criminality and madness in Gotham City, you will feel it. It's so dark and grey which Batman character needs.

Production Design is just brilliant.

Story wise this movie felt more to Detective Batman comic book and done outstandingly.

Detective Batman which is the original DC stands for.

I couldn't not find any error in the whole movie.

This is a well made brilliant movie by Matt Reeves.

Totally worth waiting for. Can't wait to see it again.

Direction: 10/10 Cinematography: 10/10 Acting: 10/10 Screenplay:10/10 Story:10/10 Music: 10/10.

This movie deserves 10/10.
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Long, yet interesting
gimgyurae1 March 2022
3 hours hero movie... It might be quite an adventure for those who expect action-packed movies like Avengers or The dark knight.

The batman is not an action movie. It's a noir detective film.. Just enjoy the dark, moisty mood this movie has.

If you enjoyed movies like Zodiac, Se7en i'm sure you'll love it Go to the theatre immediately.
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What's black and blue and dead all over???
iamianiman1 March 2022
What's the one thought you had when Warner Bros. Casted Robert Pattinson as the Batman? Mine was 'Nooooooo!!!'. I was bewildered on the decision, questioning if this the best they've got for Batman? I didn't hate him but I was concerned if he could take up a big role like this as he doesn't have the regular features embodied by the titular character.

And today's the day I witness myself that I was wrong, Pattinson is a great Batman. Hell, he slayed as Batman! Yes, his features don't really resemble the classic Batman, but he made it his own! This is one Batman that is better than Ben Affleck and George Clooney and audience would compare him to the likes of Christian Bale and Michael Keaton. Also, there's something about Pattinson's jawline that complements his looks everytime he's wearing the mask. He oozes his seemingly mysterious vibe that appears alluring enough for audience.

2022's The Batman runs for about 3 hours long and what's special about this one is it offers a journey that doesn't dive into its origin story, making it a different piece compared to others. It's not centred on 'my parents were killed in the back of an alley when I was a kid', but it takes on a different story, focusing more on Gotham city and its grim corruption happening within.

It's engaging throughout though it's not meant for some viewers because... the narrative isn't made for audience preferring commercial films. I would say the context and story are as rich as The Dark Knight and Joker. If you have a big issue with these two, I mean this as no offense but stick to Marvel.

Like one of those PS4 Batman games, the film offers a bleak and dreary look at Gotham, transporting the audience into a world of transparency and reality. It doesn't shy away from showing us the rawness of the city; the coal-coloured alleys and underground tunnels, the debris scattered on the floor and the hard-hitting fact that no one is safe therefore, audience has an easy time relating themselves with our world filled with arising problems and issues.

If you're wondering Zoe Kravitz did a good job as Catwoman, I would say yes. However, she's my least favourite compared to others who have held the same role like Michelle Pfeiffer & Anne Hathaway. She could've been better.

Kudos to the makeup department for putting on such a brilliant work for Mr Penguin. If I hadn't known that was Colin Farrell, I would not have recognized him even a bit. Farrell did an excellent job as Penguin but there were a few times that he reminded me of Jared Leto's in House of Gucci with the overused accent🤣. And his character was mostly missing in the second half which was a let-down for me.

What a brave decision when they did a 180° turn on The Riddler. They realized that Gotham is a dark place, they changed Riddler into someone darker than what the comic has offered. The Riddler is profoundly menacing and he will remind you of Heath's Joker in TDK once in a while. Paul Dano did a great job but... I felt they could have picked another actor. Prolly that's just me but hey, Dano is 👏👍.

One of the issues I have is the overused soundtrack. For all 3 hours long, rarely you will encounter a scene with no music background 🤣. It takes away a bit of the grounded experience and the suspense that comes from it. If only they restrained the music much more, I believe this film would be scarier. What's worse is the music that was playing sounded quite the same with the next, it comes to a point where I felt irritated by it.

Also, I wasn't impressed by the climax scene. It feels like they are not giving their best shot. It's just not 'ummphhh' enough as what has been hinted in the first two hours. Just when you thought it's the beginning of an exciting final battle scene is apparently almost the end of the movie.

The reason behind this might probably be because of the not-so-formidable villain. Let's take a recent example, The Riddler is somewhat similar to Rami Malek's Safin in No Time to Die in terms of his capabilities and abilities; they both ace in strategy and planning but weak in combating, resulting in an almost non-existent final battle.

Verdict: As if like a bleak painting canvas sold at a prestigious auction, The Batman exhibits an ambitious look into Gotham's gritty landscape all along strongly coloured with a frighteningly dour tone, illuminating what could possibly be the best movie of the year so far.
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Batman is back
goshamorrell2 March 2022
You've seen a million Batman movies, but you still need to steel yourself for the darkest Dark Knight yet. Starring Robert Pattinson as DC's Caped Crusader, 2022's new movie The Batman is an intense, apocalyptic cinematic experience. Following the famous murder of Bruce Waynes parents, Wayne is two years into his crusade against Gotham City street crime. As Batman unpicks the cryptic clues, the investigation peels away a greater conspiracy. But the real riddle is how the ranting killer's twisted motive ties back to Batman himself. He Batman (in theaters March 4) is barely a superhero movie, Christopher Nolan's criminal politics and Zack Snyder's operatic brutality, plus the standalone Joker movie's psychological backstory, vaguely timeless design and layers of dark irony. Most of all, The Batman is a straight up horror film. This new flick is PG-13, but it's on a whole other level from the relatively bloodless Dark Knight movies -- and on a different planet from any Marvel film -- immersing you in a nerve-shredding three hours of escalating dread and simmering pain garnished with some astonishingly nasty, and dark touches, and makes think what one man can go through because of loosing his parents. You absolutely 100% can't show The Batman to a child, it will give them nightmares, and bad thoughts. Robert Pattinson's batman is lank-haired mess, and is a world away from Christian Bales outstanding professional look. This darkest Dark Knight may not be for everyone (and certainly not kids), but it's a gripping and nerve-shredding Bat-thriller. The one thing that Matt Reeves explores that Christopher Nolan doesn't is how dark and how can he make it to the story, and comic, and even a horror movie. The Batman should have been rated R not PG-13 because how intense, Dark and scary it is. The soundtrack was done by Michael Giacchino, its very graceful incorporation of specific themes for Batman and Selina, as well as pre-existing music ranging from classical pieces to Nirvana, provides tonal variation to ensure that The Batman never becomes a punishing downer. Go watch The Batman on March 4, 2022 at your Regal theater.
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When you expect too much... you're let down easily.
jon_hsieh3 March 2022
Wonderfly shot. Love the serial killer type approach. Matt Reeves never disappoints with choice of color, tone and over all cinematography.

That being said, the story wasnt that interesting to be honest. Nothing was surprising or intriguing and because of that, the result was a poor nonthreatening antagonist

As for character casting, Zoe Kravitz is probably the worst Catwoman. Not one Catwoman characteristic was displayed. Might as well get anyone to play Catwoman. Jeffrey Wright was surprisingly a good Jim Gordan although i have no idea when Batman had a partner lol. John Turturro just looks too goofy to pull off as some crazy mob boss/supporting antagonist. Colin Farrell was amazing 👊

The greatest detective/tactician failed to do any real detective work. Solved a few riddles and off we go. Bale still #1

All in all great production, good acting (especially from Pattison and Farrell). Would I recommend watching it? Yea i guess. A second time... probably not.
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Nothing new here, pass.
pensman19 April 2022
Could not believe that was Colin Farell under the makeup as Oz. It's not so much this is a bad movie, it isn't, but it's not really a great movie. The sets, the atmosphere, the mood--all are Gotham the TV series. The Batman here is gritty and intense but brings nothing new or innovative to the audience. Basically a C- attempt.
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Neo-noir and Batman at their best.
jdesando4 March 2022
"It's a big city. I can't be everywhere." Batman (Rob Pattison) A more complete adaptation of the Batman comics presence there isn't, and no more gothic, spot-on condemnation of human frailty since the 50-year-old Godfather. Writer/director Matt Reeves' The Batman is arguably the definitive dark night of the American soul in its corruption and its salvation. As an achievement of robust American neo noir, it ranks somewhere behind Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver and Godfather.

Batman (Rob Pattinson) scowls as if he came from a Twilight frame of mind while he shows a soft side in his love for Selena Kyle/Cat Woman (Zoe Kravitz), the Bat and the Cat, working to save the city from the likes of Riddler (Paul Dano), Penguin (Colin Farrell), and crime lord Carmine Falcone (John Turturro). Besides offing a large number of corrupt city employees, they offer Bruce Wayne a chance to learn about his obsession with his parents' public and private lives and their untimely deaths. Although none of the bad boys eclipses the impact of Heath Ledger's multidimensional Joker, even in his humor, together they are a powerful cast of darkness.

Besides bringing together an ensemble of estimable actors in every role, Reeves gathers expert cinematographer Greig Fraser and production designer James Chinlund to create a darkness full of telling images while competing with the great film noir compositions of all time. Dark, yes, obscure, no. The darkness that envelopes each scene says more about the bleak side of humanity than any written treatise could.

Besides the corruption of city officials, The Batman casts a shadow over the virtue of vengeance, embodied in Wayne's longing to account for the death of his parents and bad-boys like Riddler to assuage the pain of his childhood by terrorizing the city. In his favor, Riddler is ridding the city of corrupt power while Batman is cleaning it of its petty criminals. His stalwart ally, Lt. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), realizes that the real crimes are housed in his police force and ultimately his supervisors.

The Batman is a hip and incisive representation of modern angst that not even a hero can relieve, at least not right now:

To the strains of Nirvana's baleful Something In The Way: "They think I'm hiding in the shadows, but I AM the shadows." Batman.
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