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MPAA Rated PG-13 for strong violent and disturbing content, drug content, strong language, and some suggestive material

Sex & Nudity

  • We watch through binoculars as Selina Kyle removes her shirt and pants. She is wearing a white bra and panties before putting on her biking clothes. Her nipples are visible/poking through her white bra.
  • A man and a woman kiss 2 times. No sex scenes. The first one is rather passionate and the second one is brief.
  • A few rather quick kisses.
  • A photo is shown of the mayor in a compromising pose with a suggestively dressed woman who is not his wife, implying infidelity. Penguin makes a crude joke about this.
  • A naked (blurred) woman can be seen dancing in the bar.
  • A girl entres the penguin's club. The camera shows a lot of half naked women
  • Bruce Wayne is seen shirtless a few times.
  • After Bruce Wayne leaves the club, a poster of a naked woman can be seen on a wall near the train tracks. Visible in the background.

Violence & Gore

  • Several action sequences that include shootings, fistfights, electrocutions, and sequences in which people are repeatedly punched or bludgeoned. However most of this is off-screen or no blood is shown
  • Mutilated bodies are found at crime scenes, and there is repeated views of a severed thumb.
  • A man is hit with a metal tool while sitting in his car.
  • A mans get hits hard to the face with a bat.
  • Batman shoots a grapple hook through an attacker's leg and then hangs him from it. No blood and this scene is darkly lit, which makes it hard to see clearly
  • Intense action sequences throughout.
  • The first action scene takes place in a subway station. A gang of clowns want to assault a man but Batman comes in and takes all of them down with punches. He also electrocutes one man and slams him onto a wall before dropping him with rage
  • Batman is seen flying around the city. When he lands, he ends up hitting a truck and violently falling. The tone however, is slightly comedic rather than shocking.
  • A man is shot in the back of the neck by a sniper's bullet. Though the actual act is obscured and brief, a few drops of blood are shown on the man's face and glasses as he dies.


  • Casual swearing throughout the film.
  • "Goddamn" is used
  • Mild uses of "prick", "dick", "bastard", "son of a bitch", "shit", and "hell".
  • 1 use of the word "fuck," said early in the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Part of the plot revolves around a fictitious drug business; the drug consists of drops placed in people's eyes.
  • Addicts are called "dropheads". Much of the movie revolves around a drug ring.
  • Several scenes where characters drink.
  • A man under the influence of alcohol or drugs is overly talkative.
  • Towards the climax Batman injects what seems to be adrenaline to keep fighting
  • Multiple scenes take place in a club/bar

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Scenes include people in states of terror and distress after being placed in elaborate death traps. The tone is frequently dark and menacing, and includes scenes of gun threat and acts of terrorism.
  • The Riddler is a very frightening killer. His costume resembles The Zodiac Killer's. His presence is very menacing. He tends to act slightly psychotic as well, rapidly accelerating his pace of words and/or snapping at seemingly nothing, which can be unsettling at times.
  • The whole film is extremely intense.
  • Batman is intense in this movie.
  • The Riddler is a very scary character. He's a serial killer who goads Batman and the police, and publishes videos showing him killing his victims.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Batman fights a group of armed anarchy cultists and is shot in the torso with a shotgun at very close range, almost causing him to fall to his death. Selina rescues him but then she is attacked by the same assailant. Batman gives himself an adrenaline shot and goes rampant, beating the man offscreen. He is told to stop a few seconds later.
  • We see a glimpse of a photo of a corpse, but the trap itself is shown on several occasions.
  • A man is seen with a bomb which detonates. There is no blood but there is a big explosion.
  • Near the end, Batman is shot multiple times with a shotgun and is seen near dead. Later in the scene, we see Batman about to fall to his death and drown. He does fall, but he ends up surviving.
  • Bella Real, a political figure in Gotham is shot in the shoulder near the end of the movie. It may look as she would die but she survives in the end.
  • A man sneaks into another man's home and watches him from the shadows. Then he bludgeons him to death from behind and we find out later he cut off his thumb while he was still alive. Later we see the injured hand (not gory or close up but somewhat obvious a thumb is missing)
  • The first scene, where the Riddler kills the mayor, there is little amounts of blood splattered on the walls and he is bludgeoned to death

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Face of a dead woman is revealed suddenly.
  • The third act involves Gotham City becoming entirely flooded due to Riddler bombing the dams, the film shows the floods destroying streets and buildings as people become submerged in the water, this is very intense and the stakes are high.
  • We hear a conversation on a phone between two characters, the women is panicking and crying out of fear while is talking to a man. When the conversation ends it's quiet for a second, then the women lets out a blood-curdling scream for a a few seconds then stops, characters who're listening to this say she was strangled to death. The static along with the scream adds more to the horror and is unexpected.
  • A man is seen with a cage around his head, rats biting his hands and duct tape around his mouth. He is seen struggling and is heard squirming.
  • During a scene at the end. The Riddler begins singing Ava Marie in a very creepy and eerie manner.

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