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Sex & Nudity

  • One of the films in this movie is about a stripper, with several brief sequences of her dancing seductively in very skimpy clothes. Afterwards, she dances against her husband's lap and stretches out her crotch for him to put money into her skirt. She and her husband also have a very steamy make-out scene, in which he calls her breasts two different names. Terms like "tits" are also used.
  • In another film, the subjects of both a lesbian relationship and chlymidia are briefly mentioned.
  • During one scene, a husband and wife begin kissing and the husband opens her shirt, revealing her bare chest where her breasts were removed. The scene is intimate and somewhat startling.

Violence & Gore

  • In a bar setting, one man throws another man up against a wall and roughs him up in order to get money that his boss is owed.
  • Later in this same film, the two men encounter each other again, and one threatens to beat the other with a bat. Instead, he ends up bashing in a car and a fire extinguisher glass case.


  • Light swear words, plus the word "tits" used more than once and at one point, a man with a shaved head says he looks like a penis.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some family members are shown smoking outside a house. A woman with cancer also enjoys a cigarette at one point.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film discusses cancer and death very honestly, and its effects are clearly shown. We see a woman who's lost her hair and most of her body weight, a woman who's visibly worn lying in bed (it's been made clear that she's dying), and the chest of a woman who had a double mastectomy. While there's little that's frightening in the film, its subject matter is meant for a mature audience (though the film demonstrates that children should be made aware of what cancer is).

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