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It's difficult to warm to 247°F
Siamois15 October 2012
Four friends gather for a weekend trip that turns into a nightmare when three of them end up stuck inside of a sauna.

There's not much to go on other than that for a synopsis but movies banking on a claustrophobic vibe have tackled even bigger challenges. One only has to think about Buried, featuring Ryan Reynolds all alone and six feet under. A good screenplay featuring rich characters and interesting conflicts could probably have carried 247°F but unfortunately, this wasn't the case here.

247°F features cookie-cutter protagonists who follow the usual formula but without much savvy and no heart. Of course, you've got the prototypical troubled girl as the main character. Her carefree hot female friend. The cynical jock who is the hottie's insensitive boyfriend and of course, the more down to earth dude who may or may not hook up with our heroin.

Georgia is a country that more and more international productions are turning to for cost-effective shooting, so I suppose they might as well turn to making their own movies. This one has the look and production values of a typical American straight-to-video. The problem here is the story, the screenplay. The movie begins by highlighting the past of Jenna, a now quiet girl who survived a car accident but lost her boyfriend. 247°F takes place three years later, as a medicated Jenna still struggles to get past that tragedy. Unfortunately, the screenplay and direction never make this gripping.

One could hope the story would finally take off once the three characters get stuck inside but this is not the case either. There is no character development, not much in the way of interesting conflicts. No smart thinking and not much drama unfolding other than the three of them successively losing their temper or arguing pointlessly. All of this intersecting with a few scenes featuring people on the outside going about their business. Will the three find a way out? Will someone on the outside help them? Those two questions are what 247°F is all about but unfortunately, the screenplay doesn't build much suspense. The audience is simply left waiting with very little sense of anticipation being built up.

Scout Taylor-Compton is adequate as Jenna. The other protagonists are played by standard B-movie actors probably picked because they are nice too look at. The music score is decent. There are no major faults as far as cinematography... but as a whole, this is below average film making with no heart, because such a story demands a much richer screenplay.

It should also be mentioned that despite this being listed in the horror genre, there is very little here that qualifies the movie as such. (I personally did not mind and I did not lower the rating for that, but think it deserves to be mentioned so that others won't be disappointed)
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Kids Trapped in a Sauna... No More, No Less
gavin694214 October 2012
Four friends travel to a lakeside cabin for a carefree weekend, the fun turns into a nightmare when 3 of them end up locked in a hot sauna. Every minute counts and every degree matters as they fight for their lives in the heat up to 247°F.

The most interesting thing about this movie is that it was filmed in Georgia (the country, not the state). I was not aware that people filmed movies in Georgia and used a Georgian crew, but I will assume this is a cost issue. But yeah, beyond that, not much going on here.

Tyler Mane has gained a horror following due to his part in Rob Zombie's "Halloween" and he does alright here in his limited role. Scout Taylor Compton has also been on the rise since "Halloween", even more than Mane. The reason is not entirely clear to me. She is a decent actress (I enjoyed her in "Wicked Little Things") and a growing icon, but of all the actresses, she seems to get the strongest following at the conventions... odd.

But seriously -- just kids trapped in a sauna. Is it scary to slowly cook to death? Certainly. But is it entertaining to watch for 90 minutes? Not really. This could have been 60 minutes or even 30 -- a good episode of a television show, but a bit too simple for a full-length film.
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Kids go on relaxing weekend at a cabin. Drunken argument leads to danger. Kids stuck in sauna...we watch them sweat..wow. I say C-
cosmo_tiger16 October 2012
"I want to go its hot. I want to get out of here." When a group of friends decide to get away for a weekend at an uncle's cabin they think they will have fun and relax. The night of a party the friends choose to sit in a sauna for a few minutes before leaving. A drunken argument turns dangerous and three of the friends are locked in the hot sauna with the odds of them getting out getting slimmer with every temperature change. I have to admit that the plot seemed a little weak to me going in but after watching ATM I decided to give it a chance. After watching this I have to say I should have stuck with my original theory. The movie had little development and when they got to the sauna it seemed to stop and is was about an hour of screaming, crying and repeating the same thing over and over. A few scenes at the end got a little cheesy but this movie is geared toward older teens and for that it does work. This is not my type of movie but I'm sure there are some that will love it. Overall, a very weak movie that seemed to have no point. I give it a C-.
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Uncreative, one-dimensional
dfranzen7018 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
247°F is as straightforward a horror movie as you'll ever see. It's uninventive and feels like a giant missed opportunity. In fact, as the movie wears on (and on) one starts to believe that there's Something behind our protagonists' troubles - but alas, if there is, it's trivial.

Most of the movie is set in a homemade sauna. Jenna, her friend Renee, Renee's boyfriend Michael, and Michael's friend Ian have zipped over to a remote island to stay in Ian's uncle's cabin for the weekend. Concurrently, it is the weekend of the May Day celebrations, apparently a big deal in the nearby towns, and Wade the uncle is involved with the setup of the festivities.

We learn a few things about our main characters right away. Jenna, meant to be the protagonist, is anxious, shy, withdrawn; flashbacks show us (in the first scenes) that her fiancé' was killed in an auto accident (with Jenna beside him), and she hasn't yet fully recovered. Friend Renee is outgoing, outspoken, caring about her pal and wanting to get her out of her self-imposed shell. Michael is the typical Type A frat boy - controlling, fun loving even at the expense of others. Ian, by contrast, is sedate, passionate, thoughtful, and well spoken; weird, because he looks like the lost Winklevoss twin.

The plan is for the foursome to go to this May Day pre-party, so while ol' Uncle Wade goes to set up, they head into his sauna. Then it gets too hot, so they jump in the lake. Then it's too cold, so back to the sauna. This goes on for a while. The entire time, Michael's drinking everything in sight, so you can see where this is headed. They go back to the sauna, he leaves to use the bathroom, and somehow the door gets stuck with the other three inside.

The point is to see how each will react to the extreme (and rising) heat, making it less a horror film and more of a psychological freak- out. Someone's going to crack - no surprise or spoiler that it's Renee, who's painted from the get-go as more selfish than most. Ian is determined to get them all out of there - he's played pretty well by Travis Van Winkle - and Jenna just tries to get by. They all assume Michael locked them in as a prank, but after a while the story switches to his passing out and just leaving them in there.

The movie could have gone in several directions. I kept expecting a twist; none came. This would have made for a predictable film, but since I naively kept thinking there was more to the story than met the eye, I didn't allow myself to become jaded.

The acting is acceptable. In addition to Van Winkle, we have the redoubtable Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween) as the high-strung Jenna turning in a wonderful performance. But they have little to work with. People do behave as you'd expect, only in the case of some (Renee, Michael), it's more of a case of melodrama than acting. Tears are shed, as is some blood.

Because the movie lacks so much in substance and creativity, it's not an easily recommendable film. You have to be prepared for a lot of nothing much happening. After all, there's only so much you can do in a sauna without getting into deep psychological trauma, and the movie - although it had the opportunity - barely scratched the surface of everyone's problems. We know Jenna has issues and why, but we're unclear on how she deals with it. Would have been nice to see better character development - what does she fear now? Same for Renee; even her love for Jenna seems self serving. They've been friends forever, and Renee has an extroverted, love-life personality. Does she have demons? And does Ian do anything other than say just the right thing and be just the nicest guy ever?

Who knows? Stories like this have been done to death in movies - trapped in an elevator, trapped in a mine shaft, trapped on a boat, and so on. They succeed because the plot involves you with the characters. Do we really care about the state of the relationship between Renee and Jenna? Not really, because the movie gives us no reason to do so. We like Jenna, we don't like Renee too much, and we're quite ambivalent over their long-time friendship.
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A movie to give your head some R and R but with a few problems
tomgib18 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is not really a bad flick, and I can recommend it to anyone whose brain is in a rut and in need of 90 minutes of R and R. It is a lot like the Open Water movies except it involves fire instead of water. Three people are trapped in a sauna in a remote cabin when their friend staggers away, drunk and high, and passes out without realizing that he has left a ladder wedged against the door. There follows various unsuccessful attempts to escape and to call for help. I usually like to guess what people in such a movie will try next, whether some such attempt will eventually work, and whether the attempts and results make any sense. This one did give me something to think about, but I do not think it passed the sense test.

The problem is they have broken a small window for air, not a bad idea. But the window is located near the sensor for the thermostat which interprets the incoming air as too low a temperature. So it cranks the heat up high enough to threaten them with heat stroke. Fooling a thermostat can be a problem. In an office building where I used to work, the thermostat in a naturally cool office once cranked the heat up enough to trip the fire alarm in another office on the same thermostat.

But I think this movie had problems. Why didn't they use the towels that they had to pick up one or more of the hot rocks in the heater and hang or hold it near the temperature sensor? That should have fooled the thermostat in the opposite direction and tended to shut down the heat. I'm not sure what equilibrium temperature the room would have reached, but it should have been a lot cooler with the heater shut down most of the time. Also I don't think it likely that incoming air would have cooled the sensor without reaching the rest of the room. In fact, it seems more likely that heat would have escaped through that broken window.

But this flick had compensations. Friends making such an earnest effort to understand, survive, and escape trouble can make a movie interesting. One character, Jenna, had been trapped before and was fighting the after effects while her friend, Renee, seemed at first to have it together. As the situation progresses, they switch roles as Renee comes apart while Jenna tries to get it together. Such things are hardly new in movies, but they can raise the interest level, and it was nicely done here. Also I am getting tired of movies (and here comes a major spoiler) that seem to exist just to gradually kill off the whole cast, one by one. This was a nice exception as it threatened that sort of ending right up to very late in the movie, when we find that …… well, you get the idea.
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Dud, dud, dud
Robert_duder19 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I'm just watching too many movies. This past week has been full of under-performing duds for me. I love horror flicks but I'm really struggling to find good ones lately. I thought 247 degrees actually at least looked like it had a low budget, decent story, interesting concept and some eye candy. All of that is true except the decent story part. It does have decent actors and the characters have some depth although the entire back story of the main girl feels forced and pointless. You know with the opening scene that its going to play a part in the story but it ultimately matters very little. They could have explained that arc in her story with just a few sentences of dialogue. Once they get everyone into the sauna and things could get interesting...it just doesn't. It almost completely falls apart. One reviewer stated that this could have been summed in a very interesting 30 minute episode of a TV show and that is exactly the truth. Instead it drags on with pointless sub characters and completely misses the mark of what it could have been.

Scout Taylor-Compton basically plays her "Laurie Strode" type character all over again. She's likely not a bad actress but even for being the innocent sweet girl she doesn't give much to the film. They give her this big introduction as to why her character is the way she is but it matters very little. Travis Van Winkle definitely gives the best performance in the film. Its not that he blows it away or anything but he's likable and gives the nice guy role a decent shot. Michael Copon is one of the useless characters unfortunately for him. He starts out as the stereotypical wise cracking horny "best pal" and then they basically write him out for any of the important scenes and you realize how useless his character is. Christina Ulloa is your eye candy girl. She's the confident, promiscuous friend and she actually does pretty good as well. Both her and Van Winkle fit their prospective roles and they do exactly what you expect from them and in a horror movie that's good enough for the most part. Tyler Mane is a completely disposable pointless character brought in strictly for Rob Zombie Halloween fans.

It is just disappointing for a huge horror fan like myself that has seen such countless films worthy of crap lately. Then I saw this and I hoped it would turn in at least a watchable experience. They have all their ducks in a row. Horror movies are not difficult. You can make them as typical and predictable as you like and fans will like them. The recipe is so easy. And they do use a lot of that recipe and then they forget to add the meat and potatoes and you're left with a very empty experience. The movie reads well, some of the aforementioned performances are decent enough but the story completely falls apart. This one unfortunately is a complete miss. It isn't the worst I have seen lately by any stretch of imagination but its also not worthy of wasting any time on it. 4/10
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OMG, what was that?
stef-graf17 October 2012
This was definitely one of the worst flicks i've ever seen since 'trailer park terror'. I don't have words to explain what this movie was all about, full of over acting, stupid dialogues, lots of booze and very funny background score. The best scene was the fire works one (lol) and the best acting was done by BULL the dog, at least he barked to tell the directors "what are you doing and why are you wasting your money' and as usual the director take his bark, just as another bark.... This is a very bad movie and normally I always appreciate any effort the movie makers do to entertain the audiences but this was really below average kind of flick, with really dragged on story and bad bad acting...Don't watch it even if this is the only movie available in town, rather take a shower for couple of hours..
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Damn good, judge for yourself
bl-telfair23 February 2014
This is the type of movie that you can easily decide whether or not it is worth your time. The plot says it all. Stuck in a sauna..why are they stuck and what will happen to the people? Nothing more, nothing less.

If this plot sounds cool to you (which it did to me as a fan of Open Water, Buried, Frozen, etc), then you will enjoy the movie. Period. Good acting, likable characters, etc.

If a movie can leave a lasting impression on me, it worked. I will always be reminded of this movie any time I see or go into a sauna. Not that I frequent saunas, but you get the idea. This doesn't mean it was a great movie. It wasn't. But it was definitely above average. Scout Taylor Compton is a legit face in horror now so I enjoyed seeing her. I give it an 7/10 (horror movie scale) but I'm bumping it to an 8 just to offset some negative reviews.
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Poorly written, unbelievable characters
RedFoxVertigo17 August 2019
The extra drama added by insufferable characters making unbelievable asinine decisions, ruins what could be a mediocre movie. Instead of mediocre it's just plain terrible. Unfortunately the amateurs involved in this train wreck of a film did not once attempt to establish some kind of character development, which may have helped slightly. Instead they're just crying and screaming lines of dialogue strung together that seem only to pass the time. Don't waste your time on this garbage, no matter how much you love the horror genre, no matter how high your tolerance for amateur movies... you will not enjoy this. It's simply not possible.
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Delivers much more than I thought. Full of suspense and eye candy.
levan-483-17939728 September 2012
I was very skeptical on how 90 minutes could develop in the sauna, but I was positively surprised. Even thou the story is contained in the sauna, there is a lot happening outside, that matters, and introduces the suspense. It clearly delivers more than the concept promises and definitely is worth watching.

What I liked about it was that feeling when it ended that "man this can so realistically happen to me as well". I recommend anyone enjoying the suspense/horror/thriller genre films, not because it is the best movie ever, but because it's a just an interesting ride, plus a lot of eye candy, that girl in pink is worth watching even more than 90 mins.
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Never picks up steam.
BA_Harrison15 June 2013
I had two questions on my mind when popping 247°F into the DVD player: 'How the hell are they going to make being stuck in a sauna engrossing for an entire film?', and 'Will Scout Taylor-Compton be as annoying as she was in Halloween II, April Fool's Day and Wicked Little Things?'. Well, the answers are 'They didn't' and 'Yes'.

The 'trapped in one place' scenario has proved effective in the past with films like Frozen and Adrift, wherein a small group of individuals find themselves unexpectedly caught in a hopeless situation with survival looking increasingly unlikely as times passes; but where those films featured a variety of perils—extreme weather conditions, ravenous animals, life-threatening injuries—247°F 's only threat is sweltering heat. While that is certainly something to be concerned about, it doesn't exactly make for great entertainment, and with such an unlikeable bunch of characters, it's hard for the viewer to care less what happens to them.

Taylor-Compton is as whiny and irritating as everything else I have seen her in; she does, however, seem to have her devoted fans, and I can imagine that it is only they who will find anything remotely of interest in this film, the sight of their favourite actress sweating away in her undies being something they can get all hot and bothered about again and again in the privacy of their own darkened rooms.

3.5 out of 10, rounded up to 4 for IMDb.
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Worst movie I have ever seen
wesmetcalf23 October 2012
Terrible acting, bad plot, lame/annoying characters, stupid ending.

I thought the movie would be a little cheap and might be kind of funny, but it was so much worse than I could have dreamed.

Any college student in a film course could have made this movie better.


Not sure why this review needs to be at least ten lines, I can sum up this movie with one word - TERRIBLE!!

Do not waste your time

Any other movie would be a better choice

I cant believe anyone could like this movie at all
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Not really all that bad!
raffle712 October 2014
I read the above reviews, then I watched it anyway -- just to judge for myself. I thought it was really pretty suspenseful and riveting. The only thing about it that really bothered me had nothing to do with quality of film-making, storyline, acting, etc... it was the existence, and stupidity, of people who, in real life, truly are as self-centered, insensitive, careless and oblivious to what's going on around them as are a couple of the characters in this movie. I spent half the movie wanting to reach into the screen and bitch-slap them to their senses!! (lol) (But then, if a movie DOESN'T evoke strong emotions in the viewer, THAT'S when it's not worth watching.)
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nogodnomasters18 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Jenna (Scout Taylor-Compton) whose boyfriend is killed in the confusing opening scene agrees to come "out of her comfort zone" (clever play on words) and go to a remote cabin owned by Uncle Wade (Tyler Mane) a man who loves the noble weed. Jenna goes with Renee (Christina "hot pink bikini" Ulloa) her idiot boyfriend Michael (Michael Copon) and Ian (Travis Van Winkle). It doesn't take long for the three of them (minus Michael) to get trapped in a sauna.

I had trouble attempting to figure out what the first killing had to do with the script or where "247" came into this thing as we don't get to see any indication of heat. The film is slow developing and once things start to happen, it is still slow and must be filled in with outside events and flashbacks. The acting wasn't particularly bad, but the script was downright awful.

If you want to see a better film that has 247 degrees in the title, try "247 Degrees North." If you want to see a better film about people locked in a sauna, try "The Steam Experiment." Or if you want to see a better movie where people have sex to classical music: "A Clockwork Orange."

I should have turned it off after I saw the confusing opening, "based on true events" and "3 years later."

Parental Guide: F-bomb, brief sex, no nudity.
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The trailer looked exciting, but the movie itself wasn't
cmovies-9967412 August 2017
PROS: The one and only thing that this movie had was great acting. I felt bad that such good actors were stuck with such bad roles. I can faithfully tell you that the actors in this movie made the movie bearable. They felt real, because they were able to act well in both the fun and giggly times, as well as the scary and dark times.

CONS: The big problem with this movie was the action part of the movie, or the lack there of. There was no point in the movie where I was engaged at all. I could text, watch a video, even make dinner and still not feel like I was missing anything important in the film. The film was dry from start to finish. Even the ending was bland. To put things in perspective, this movie had no meat to it at all. There was nothing holding the movie together, therefore it just fell apart. The hard part about this movie was that it wasn't horrific at all. I would have no problem showing this to a 3rd grader, thats how boring it was. It was just marketed so incorrectly. To conclude, this movie is pity full and please don't watch it.

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Too crap for a horror film, too good for a Bad film
windyphiladelphia10 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If you thought this film would be good for a laugh, you're mistaken. It's really bad, but it doesn't cross that threshold like Birdemic.

A lot of the stuff is professionally done. The acting is mixed, some good actors, some bad, but the bad is not enough to ruin the picture. The sound is fairly clear, the lighting is fine, there are no technical gaffes.

The dialogue has a strange feeling like it was written by someone who isn't a native speaker. The grammar is correct, but the usage is off. This is not saying that non- native English speakers can't write English dialogues, but natural sounding dialogues are no easy feat that even Hollywood hires dialogue specialists. There is another layer of strangeness in the dialogue in that it feels like it is influenced by TV and films rather than regular speech. It's not enough to be a deal-breaker, but it was noticeable enough for me.

No biggie, it was fine.

Which leaves us with the plot. It is so contrived to the point of being unbelievable.

Here comes the spoilers:

Four youths in a sauna. The drunk one leaves and drops some stuff outside the door. He didn't know where to put a portable staircase, so he decides to put it as a doorstopper for the sauna door. He then leaves and goes into a drug-induced deep sleep. Now the door is not completely jammed, so one of the 3 left in the sauna open the door a little and close it, for no reason (supposedly to allow one of the girls to leave to talk to her drunk boyfriend) - this action drops the stairs a little more. Then the girl, who insists that she doesn't want to leave, goes to the door, opens it and shakes it a little so that the stairs slide a little more and jam the door completely. Yes, she went to the door, opened it while saying that she doesn't want to go out.

There are too many ridiculous improbabilities that we have to accept and it goes beyond what is acceptable. The drunk wakes up and goes outside the sauna, but that's exactly when the uncle decides to launch fireworks.

So the movie is how they panic in the sauna and turn on each other. Unlike other films, there's no "let's not turn on each other" speech. A girl skips all that and smashes her friend with a rock to the head. What? Why?

There are random subplots that don't add anything to the story. The main girl takes prescription drugs for mental illness. That's a thread that goes nowhere.

They try all kinds of escape plans, firstly shaking the door, running shoulder barges, breaking the window's glass, shorting the fuse, screaming, etc. The guy in the sauna fights the steamer and causes an explosion. The force of the explosion, with some shaking, helps open the door. One girl escapes, she looks back to see her friend completely fried from the explosion, so she goes to drink water, gets her pills.... AND that was just her imagination.

She was just hallucinating. That didn't happen. Oh, but wait... the explosion really happened. What?

Yes, the explosion happened. Her friend really got fried. What she saw was in her hallucination was real. But she didn't actually go out.

It's such terrible editing that one of my friends thought she had gone out, got water and then came back for her friends, locking herself accidentally again.

The story is so contrived that this is not a bad guess. The reality is that someone hallucinated something, but 50% of the hallucination was real.

Ultimately, it's a horror-thriller, but it's not fun, scary nor thrilling. It's just a bunch of kids screaming in a sauna. They scream for help, then they yell at each other, then go back to screaming for help.

Being in a room watching this film simulates this experience very well, but no one will hear your screams.
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A decent movie
capelladewdrop21 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Not bad although I find it very hard to believe anyone could remain trapped in a sauna for anymore than an hour or so with the heat on.

Also when the heater is disabled they would not survive more than a few minutes of carbon monoxide poisoning so I would like to read the actual story and see how vaguely this movie is based on it.

It was pretty obvious from the start that the shy girl who passes up a drink and is frightened to have a little fun was going to survive right till the end as that is almost always what happens in a college age horror movie.

Overall I'd say it is a good movie worth watching if you're a fan of horror movies although it is a little serious for my liking. The only scene which is remotely gory is when one of the boys puts his hands and arms on the burning hot stove to try and disable it then it explodes in his face, and this again is kind of unbelievable as no-one would be able to shake a stove violently while their flesh is being cooked.
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Uninteresting movie
NemkeSRB18 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
From the beginning to the end totally uninteresting movie. I mean who goes 3 times in the sauna for 1 night? They go to sauna, then lake to "cool off", then again sauna to "wamp up", again lake to "cool off" and finally sauna again?! Come on... I believe most of the people who have seen it knew that Michael didn't trap them inside. Only thing that casted doubt is when Wade took shovel and started digging. I mean they start firework same second when Michael came to the house? Really? Classic... It may be based on a true story, but I really doubt firework and other things were also based on that. Another thing I don't understand is why do they have firework when party is inside the club? I give it rating 5. Almost average
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Sweating bullets.
nitzanhavoc7 April 2013
As a devout Horror fan, I watch many films of all kinds and sub-genres, and try to make a point of experiencing as many different types as possible. More often than not, I find myself disagreeing with IMDb's reviews and ratings. However, when it comes to this film, I can easily understand why your usual spectator would be unhappy.

Many Horror films fail to achieve the full effect of their potential on account of failing to suspend disbelief, or in other words – even if the acting is phenomenal and the characters are realistic, human and lovable, the presented scenario is too "far from home", esoteric and fantastic to make the audience really relate and imagine themselves in the same situation (for instance, any vampire/zombie/monster film, most torture-porn and even most killer/slasher films). 247°F, on the other hand, suffers from the exact opposite problem – it describes a situation which feels way too ordinary, therefore not scary. Also, if seems very weird and unrealistic for things to escalate so drastically. I mean really – a guy knocks into a ladder, the ladder falls and blocks the door to the sauna while it's on full steam? What's next? World epidemic starting because someone drank milk which was 5 hours past the expiration date?

In a way, the film felt like it was too long, sometimes to the point of boredom. Way too much time spent watching the sauna people sweat to death. However, in a way – it was also too short. Especially with the build-up from the beginning. Having given that much room to Jenna's story, I feel the dialogues between her and Renee were too short, with some drastic out-of-place escalations.

However – I do consider one thing in particular to be sort of an Easter egg for us Horror fan, and therefor a consolation prize. Throughout the film, we see many aspects of the Teen/Slasher sub-genre. The banal rolls of the characters (drunken/stoner jerk, good guy, good girl (troubled) and good girl's hot best friend who's dating jerk) all feel only too familiar, and many of the shots are simply screaming for "psycho-killer emerges from behind-bush hiding and slashes gut". And yet, 247°F is not at all a Slasher. More like a disaster film with some Slasher elements. Not exactly Horror.

Having said that about the screenplay and direction, I think the acting was all it'd meant to be. Same can be said for the cinematography. Also, nice attempts to make the film as close as possible to a single- location-shooting film. I only wish the story would've been better and scarier.

All in all, I can't say I didn't enjoy the film, but I also can't fully recommend it. If you're a devout Horror fan – watch it for the above- mentioned Easter egg. If not – I'd say watch it in order to give it a chance, but I personally won't be telling my friends to watch it.
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"247°F" takes interesting concept and drags it into tedium
ersinkdotcom29 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What looks to be a promising concept for a horror movie once again collapses under the weight of its running time. "247°F" would be a great short film, but as a full length feature becomes tedious and redundant. It feels like the writers were setting you up for something shocking or a big reveal at the end but fail to deliver on their assumed promise. It's the perfect case of not wanting what you think is going to happen actually not happen, but leaving disappointed because nothing better transpired.

Four friends head up to a lakeside cabin for a weekend of fun and fireworks. Their good times go south when three of them are accidentally locked in a sweltering sauna. They must find a way to escape before the temperature reaches the lethal 247°F limit the human body can withstand before shutting down.

Here's another perfect example of a movie being too clean and clear. It was obviously shot on an HD camera and it shows. The clarity of the picture does nothing to hide the fact that what should be an old cabin looks to have been just assembled by a set crew. The cinematography doesn't completely detract from the movie but it fails to keep the viewer immersed in what they're watching either.

"247°F" will no doubt pull in a horror / slasher audience just because of its two main actors from Rob Zombie's "Halloween" and "Halloween II." Scout Taylor-Compton (Laurie Strode) plays one of the trapped friends and Tyler Mane (Michael Myers himself) plays the suspicious owner of the cabin. Unfortunately, the two of them can't save this slow-burning and monotonous thriller from descending into obscurity.
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Real-life drama is a nail-biter
robertemerald23 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The obvious comparison for 247*F is Open Water 2: Adrift (2006). Adrift had a larger cast and was, of course, far less claustrophobic. Honestly, I thought I was to see a movie about an evil malcontent outside the sauna turning the heat up. Instead it's all just a very haphazard, unlikely and tragic accident. I understand why critics wouldn't like this movie. Where is the message? What are we revealing? In fairness the drama does display a fair amount of introspection, and courage thereafter. I guess that is the point. We can find something in ourselves. And certainly the drama had a credible ring about it, although at times that was definitely hard to watch. This is a movie that does stretch you. Mind you, it's well over 20 minutes before things start happening, and I docked a point for that. The actors do a reasonable job, and 247*F is certainly a tense nail-biter once it gets going, that's for sure. But it is also yet another 'something goes wrong at the cabin during the holidays' movie, complete with what I assume Hollywood believes is the obligatory juvenile joker. In 247*F, at least, I found my irritation with that 'obligation' to have some redemption. For that aspect, at least, I am glad I watched this movie.
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Flower8317 September 2019
"247 degrees Fahrenheit" impress me, although I love movies, the events in which take place in a closed space. The story of a group of young people who are not very different mind and endurance.
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It's Gettin' Hot In Here
Foutainoflife4 February 2019
Three years after losing her fiance in a car accident, our main character is asked to come along on a weekend trip with her friend, her friend's boyfriend and his best friend. They plan on attending a by invitation only party but after having a bit of food and some drinking, they have some time on their hands and decide to use the sauna. With the continued drinking an argument breaks out between the couple and inebriated boyfriend, stumbling around just outside of the sauna, knocks over a ladder, trapping his friend, girlfriend and our main character inside. It then becomes a fight for survival.

This isn't an unheard of plot. Having been done many times, you want to see something fresh brought out. This doesn't do that. Nothing new here. This is low budget but I thought it was decent. The acting was passable and the film quality has a halfway polished look to it. I wasn't impressed with the script and the problem solving attempts weren't very creative. The ending was extremely rushed considering how much time was spent on trying to escape and I didn't care for it.

So. It wasn't out right awful but it ain't great. I could easily see this being a Lifetime film. I personally think that some of those films are ok. So, if you like Lifetime, you may like this.
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A split second could land you in hot Water...
jandrika13 January 2019
Sometimes in life all it takes is a split second. A wrong turn here, a forgotten Key there, Forgetting a Phone and you are screwed. I guess on paper the plot sounds pretty trite. A scaled down survival film. But for me it did the job. The acting is what sold me. You feel the character's mild frustration, to utter desperation and hopelessness. I felt for these kids and wanted to see what would happen next. Instead of jumping straight to the drama we get to know them. For the most part they are just regular Joe's in a bad predicament pushed to the breaking point. It's no "Earthquake" or "The Towering Inferno". It's a simple plausible little movie. Having been in similar (tho not as dire) circumstances I wanted to reach through the screen and help them. Having just watched it again 2 years later the film still effected me.
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An OK Time Waster With A Simple Plot
sddavis6311 February 2018
Admittedly, the story here is a bit thin. It can be summed up in just a few rods: three young people get stuck in a very hot sauna and can't get out. Even with that, it seems to take a while for this to get going. A bunch of friends decide to spend some time in a cabin on a lake. The cabin has a sauna. For a half hour or so, they're in the lake and then the sauna. Then back to the lake, then back to the sauna and finally they get locked in. Basically, that's it. Not much else to it. The simple plot, mind you, doesn't make it a bad movie. It was decent enough. I kept watching - wondering who if any of them would be saved, and interested enough to see what ideas they would come up with to save themselves. If the plot was a bit thin, the same could be said for the cast. Scout Taylor-Compton was somewhat familiar to me. She's been a busy enough actress over the years - mostly guest spots in TV series. As Jenna, she seems to be the protagonist - a troubled young woman still coming to terms with the death of her boyfriend in a car accident three years before who accepts this invitation to come to this cabin with friends. The rest of the cast I was not familiar with.

This struck me as a fairly low budget movie. The sets were simple - generally wither in the cabin or in the sauna. Not much was spent on wardrobe. Since the bulk of the movie was watching the plight of the three in the sauna, it stands to reason that since they were in a sauna they didn't have much on - although, to the credit of those who made the movie, there's no nudity in this. It's called a horror movie. I'm not sure I'd agree with that. I wouldn't even really call it a thriller. Suspense perhaps.

This is essentially a time-waster. It's not something that's going to stay with you very long, but it's good enough to pass some time with. (5/10)
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